Let’s be honest, most of y'all are subconsciously in it because of how he looks, so I give you Joel Adams

Hows about you divert your attention to him bc:

1. Even though he has similar features to Nash, he still looks better
2. He’s not offensive
3. He’s talented
4. He’s Australian, come on


Mali: This is a demo I made roughly the other week. Nothing fancy, just a guitar and some basic layered vocals. Wanted to share it, even if it doesn’t end up a #BANGER. Exploring my sound and skills, and I really enjoyed the process of this one. Hope you enjoy x

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Everyone is in love with Ruby Rose. Yes, pretty much everyone. The Australian model, musician and “Orange Is the New Black” breakout star has not only grasped the sexual attention of gay women, but people across the spectrum of sexuality, including self-identified straight women and gay men. Within days, the actress has become a viral sensation as memes and tweets have spread across the corners of the Internet with people of all identities exclaiming how gorgeous they think Rose is – which is hard for anyone to dispute.

The universal sex appeal of Rose hasn’t exactly made everyone happy, though. A handful of think pieces have already been written about the many self-identified straight women who claim Rose has confused their sexuality and how problematic such statements can be to members of the LGBT community. 

But how does Rose, who identifies as gender-fluid – similar to her “OITNB” character Stella Carlin – feel about the viral praise?

Grandma's Hands
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So I think I’m going to start this song of the day shiz. (May end up just being song of the whenever I get the chance to post one)

This just happened to be the song I was listening to at the time I decided to do this.

But It’s a really good one. The original is by Bill Withers who is a prolific American singer songwriter. The performer of this cover, Meg Mac, is an extremely talented young Australian musician and I highly recommend checking out some of her original work as well.