Palestinian activist's Australian visa cancelled on eve of speaking tour
Government says there is a risk people may react adversely to Bassem Tamimi’s presence, and his views on the Middle East
By Christopher Knaus

ATTENTION: The Australian government has outrageously CANCELLED Bassem Tamimi’s visa on the grounds that ‘there is a risk that members of the public will react adversely to your (Tamimi’s) presence in Australia regarding your views of the ongoing political tensions in the Middle East’. This is an absolute disgrace. Please help us fight this decision by signing and sharing!
New South Wales hate speech laws to clamp down on ‘violent extremists’
NSW attorney general Gabrielle Upton says words are dangerous weapons and change is needed to safeguard the community from ‘race hate preachers’
By Bridie Jabour

“Make no mistake, words are dangerous weapons for race hate preachers and violent extremists. Change is needed to disarm them and to safeguard our inclusive, pluralist and harmonious community.”

Imagine if women’s rights and black rights could have been shut down because they disrupted their “harmonious community”?

anonymous asked:

Do you know any dramas/movies/shows where the protagonist(s) is East Asian?

Hi! Since you’ve made emphasis on the protagonist, I’m only listing films/shows where the narrative is told/shown mainly from the POV of East Asian character (i.e., save for couple of exceptions, not listing ensemble shows/films like TWD or Humans for example) -



  • Fresh off the Boat
  • Single by 30 [watch HERE | Original pilot]
  • Elementary
  • Dr. Ken - I know that it wasn’t received that well by the community but one thing I definitely respect a lot about this show is that they didn’t erase Suzy Nakamura’s ethnicity and that the Park family is canonically multiethnic - which they addressed in their Thanksgiving episode in season one. It’s quite rare to see that on screen. 
  • Andi Mack - an Disney Channel television series set to premiere on April 7, 2017. First episode is on demand here.
  • Make It Pop - Canadian–American musical teen sitcom. I haven’t seen it, but from what I’ve seen they have a multiethnic Asian cast – they have actors of Chinese, Korean, Filipinx, Vietnamese descent. Again, that’s very rare.
  • Blood and Water - Canadian detective drama centering around Chinese Diaspora [read more here]
  • The Family Law - Australian comedy series centering around Chinese family [read more here]
  • Kim’s Convenience  - Canadian sitcom centering around Korean family [read more here]
  • Selfie  (sadly, cancelled)
  • One Child - three part BBC miniseries
  • Into the Badland - ensemble show 
  • Agents of Shield - ensemble show
  • Marco Polo - ensemble show and technically, this one has a white protagonist, but (from those episodes I’ve watched) it seems that more emphasis of the narrative is on the Asian characters. 
  • Highland - upcoming show starring Margaret Cho (not yet released)

Web series:

Short films:

Obviously this is not a full list, just the ones off the top of my head at the moment. Will update it, if I remember some more.

Once again, I am not campaigning that Labor is a completely fit and perfect political party, however they are stepping up and have great things planned for our community. 

The Liberal Party definitely has not promised this. Their plan for our community is quite unknown, a part from their costly marriage plebiscite. 

LGBTQ+ rights are more than marriage, this is the important part that needs to be realised. There’s so much more to be done and we need a party that will see this through. 

my friends think I’m super intelligent because I know about guns and poisons and anticoagulants and opium and cocaine and vintage planes and vintage cars and Australian laws in the 1920s and in general about 1920s Melbourne

actually it’s just because a certain gorgeous lady detective and her fabulous lesbian doctor friend have completely taken over my life 

Survivor Cambodia Contestants and Their Original Pictures


Kelly Wiglesworth: Season 1 - Borneo

Kimmi Kappenberg: Season 2 - The Australian Outback

Peih-Gee Law: Season 15 - China

Monica Padilla: Season 19 - Samoa

Abi-Maria Gomes: Season 25 - Phillipines

Ciera Eastin: Season 27 - Blood vs. Water

Kass McQuillen: Season 28 - Cagayan

Tasha Fox: Season 18 - Cagayan

Kelley Wentworth: Season 29 - San Juan del Sur

Shirin Oskooi: Season 30 - Worlds Apart


Jeff Varner: Season 2 - The Australian Outback

Andrew Savage: Season 7 - Pearl Islands

Terry Deitz: Season 12 - Panama

Stephen Fishbach: Season 18 - Tocantis

Vytas Baskauskas: Season 27 - Blood vs. Water

Spencer Bledsoe: Season 28 - Cagayan

Woo Hwang: Season 28 - Cagayan

Jeremy Collins: Season 29 - San Juan del Sur

Keith Nale: Season 29 - San Juan del Sur

Joe Anglim: Season 30 - Worlds Apart

Who would be with me in establishing homosexuality as a religion so that under commonwealth law gay marriage must be legalised due to Ch 5, § 116 of the constitution of Australia;

“The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion”. 

If homosexuality is a religion then the prohibition of gay marriage is prohibiting the free exercise of my religion

After I'm done with my Contracts II notes, I might put them up somewhere.

It’s basically a quick step-by-step guide to answering hypotheticals on breach, termination and remedies. I’m doing Australian law and they’re not, by any means, fool-proof, especially on remedies. Statutory remedies confuse me.

Still, you know, might help. I might add in case citations too but that’ll have to wait after my exams.

It looks something like this:

I’ve no idea if anybody would find it useful - but god, I would’ve, if somebody had been offering. Contact me if you’re interested!