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I was just curious as to what shows your currently following / if you're thinking about expanding into any other fandoms any time soon.

I watch (and rewatch) not so much stuff these days, and way less than I used to. But at the moment I’m currently watching Steven Universe, Voltron (er, when it returns), Elementary, Yuri!!! on Ice, First Contact (Australian show), Brooklyn Nine Nine, Episodes, Halt and Catch Fire, Black Comedy (an Australian show), The Great British Bake Off, So You Think You Can Dance (US) and The Fall.

That doesn’t include any of the stuff I rewatch (currently Fringe and Parks & Rec.)

I love TV. And film. I mean I spent 5 years of my life at university majoring in it, and if I hadn’t gotten as ill as I did, I’d be lecturing it today and pursuing (or hopefully having already attained) a PhD in media. Media is like…a big deal to me.

However, my relationship to fandom is really…idk, eclectic, and it’s not always wholly positive. I’m in a lot of fandoms. You only need to go to my fandom blog @capillata to see everything from Pokemon and Pokemon Go, to ice skating and dance culture, to stuff regarding movies like Thor/Marvel (I am a massive content consumer of Marvel fandom, which is why my other AO3 name is ‘thespectaclesofthor’ lol), niche films like The Eagle, anime, video games like Dragon Age, Stardew Valley etc., other TV shows etc. It’s eclectic, and while it goes through intense phases, there is never a consistent theme, because I’m always floating around through what feels like a ton of different places at once.

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Spread this truth everywhere

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aussie appreciation  tim minchin

“‘But evolution is only a theory!’ — Which is true. I mean, it is only a theory, it’s good that they say that. I think, it gives you hope, doesn’t it? That… that maybe they feel the same way about the theory of gravity, and they might just float the fuck away.”

Lano and Woodley’s The Island

Frank: Have you seen Lord of the Rings?
Colin: No.
Frank: That trilogy of films, that’s the most successful trilogy of films in all history and you know why?
Colin: Why?
Frank: It had a happy ending. It won 11 Oscars cause it had a happy ending. Cause Frodo gets the ring and he throws it into the volcano at the end, he destroys it. It’s a happy ending. He gets it back. Into the volcano with that big eye. I don’t know what that was all about. And he destroys it. It’s a happy ending. He goes through all those trials and tribulations but at the end he gets it back. He throws it in. It’s a happy ending. IT TOOK HIM NINE FUCKING HOURS! But he gets it back, he gets it in. It’s a happy ending. It’s happy. It’s a happy ending.