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 Dad is a quiet man. He’s only ever given me two pieces of advice. The first piece he’s ever given me is, “Hannah, anyone who makes a broad generalisation should be shot.”

The second piece of advice is he gave me when I was leaving home. He wanted to give me something to that’d help me cope with the world. And he chose this. He said, “Hannah, always peel the fat end of the carrot first.”

Now I always took this as a metaphor on how to live life. You know, tackle the big jobs first, and then the tapered jobs? But as I got older and got to know Dad as a person, I realised. Nope. No metaphor. Nah he just didn’t want to see me struggle with carrots. 

I’ve been gone for a long time and I’ve only followed SVU blogs since I’ve been back and I need some variety back on my dash… So please like this post if you’re involved with any of these fandoms and I’ll come check you out :)

  • The X Files
  • BBC Sherlock (I can’t handle the intense fandom but I miss the gifs dammit)
  • Mighty Boosh/Noel Fielding
  • Australian comedy scene
  • Doctor Who
  • Stranger Things
  • Hannibal
  • League of Gentlemen
  • Marvel (pls note, Hawkeye is my fav. pls let me know if you’re a Hawkeye fangirl)
  • Broadchurch
  • Sense8
  • 3%

I broke my feet going for a walk. I had to go and see a podiatrist. It’s a sad day when you find out you’re not very good at walking. I’d already accepted that I’d never be good at anything that involved speed or agility. You know running, jumping, being on top. Any of those things, whatever.

But walking. Walking! No. My podiatrist openly laughed at my feet. I said, well I’m glad you went into podiatry and not gynaecology.

He used the term ‘insufficient feet’. I said, I’m sorry?

He said, 'You’ve got insufficient feet.' I’ve got two.

And he said, ’You don’t have enough “fat pad”.’ I said, I’m sorry? 

'You don’t have enough fat pad.' That’s not something I’ve ever been accused of before. He said, 'No you don’t have enough squishy bits at the bottom of your feet to protect you from the world.' How mean is that?

Someone is putting my body together just going, 'pfft, pffft, pfft, pfft, pfft, oh I’ve run out. Let’s just give her slim feet. Skin and bones. Brilliant. 

Lano and Woodley’s The Island

Frank: Have you seen Lord of the Rings?
Colin: No.
Frank: That trilogy of films, that’s the most successful trilogy of films in all history and you know why?
Colin: Why?
Frank: It had a happy ending. It won 11 Oscars cause it had a happy ending. Cause Frodo gets the ring and he throws it into the volcano at the end, he destroys it. It’s a happy ending. He gets it back. Into the volcano with that big eye. I don’t know what that was all about. And he destroys it. It’s a happy ending. He goes through all those trials and tribulations but at the end he gets it back. He throws it in. It’s a happy ending. IT TOOK HIM NINE FUCKING HOURS! But he gets it back, he gets it in. It’s a happy ending. It’s happy. It’s a happy ending.
"Rostered On" - trailer

This is the trailer for an Australian comedy webseries called Rostered On, and it’s all about retail life. They had released a pilot episode last year, and now they’re releasing new episodes of the first season weekly. I think the audience here might appreciate how true to retail worker’s lives it is :)


Nash Edgerton’s hilariously sick 2007 short film “Spider” is a recognised classic of the genre, winning numerous awards and still serving as a frequent teaching tool at film schools around the world. When asked where idea for the film came from, Nash simply says:

“[It] was an idea that popped into my head that wouldn’t go away. it would constantly plague my thoughts and eventually started to drive me a little crazy, so I knew I had to get it out of my head and make it so I could make room for other ideas. And, yeah, it was based on a number things that happened growing up – fights with girls in cars; a toy rubber spider I used to scare my Mum with; an incident in a car with my brother and I and a real spider on the freeway; and my Mum (like a lot of Mums) saying, ‘It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.’”

If you haven’t yet seen “Spider” click on the following link and prepare to be shocked, horrified, and delighted.  :-)

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if you'd like, pls check out 'please like me'! (it's an australian comedy tv show about a gay person and his relationships, family, best friends and his dog!) suicide tw for S2E6 and S4E5 i think that they handle mental health really well despite this and other than the fact that most of the main characters are white - there's a thai character who is super badass and hilarious - it's a pretty great show. i was hooked!

I’m totally gonna check it out thank you!!

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Do you know any dramas/movies/shows where the protagonist(s) is East Asian?

Hi! Since you’ve made emphasis on the protagonist, I’m only listing films/shows where the narrative is told/shown mainly from the POV of East Asian character (i.e., save for couple of exceptions, not listing ensemble shows/films like TWD or Humans for example) -



  • Fresh off the Boat
  • Single by 30 [watch HERE | Original pilot]
  • Elementary
  • Dr. Ken - I know that it wasn’t received that well by the community but one thing I definitely respect a lot about this show is that they didn’t erase Suzy Nakamura’s ethnicity and that the Park family is canonically multiethnic - which they addressed in their Thanksgiving episode in season one. It’s quite rare to see that on screen. 
  • Andi Mack - an Disney Channel television series set to premiere on April 7, 2017. First episode is on demand here.
  • Make It Pop - Canadian–American musical teen sitcom. I haven’t seen it, but from what I’ve seen they have a multiethnic Asian cast – they have actors of Chinese, Korean, Filipinx, Vietnamese descent. Again, that’s very rare.
  • Blood and Water - Canadian detective drama centering around Chinese Diaspora [read more here]
  • The Family Law - Australian comedy series centering around Chinese family [read more here]
  • Kim’s Convenience  - Canadian sitcom centering around Korean family [read more here]
  • Second Jen - Canadian sitcom about two second-generation millennial women growing up with immigrant families. Watch HERE [read more here]
  • Ronny Chieng: International Student - upcoming Australian comedy series. Trailer
  • Selfie  (sadly, cancelled)
  • One Child - three part BBC miniseries
  • Maximum Choppage - Australian six part comedy (1 season).  Trailer
  • Into the Badland - ensemble show 
  • Agents of Shield - ensemble show
  • Marco Polo - ensemble show and technically, this one has a white protagonist, but (from those episodes I’ve watched) it seems that more emphasis of the narrative is on the Asian characters. 
  • Highland - upcoming show starring Margaret Cho (not yet released)

Web series:

Short films:

Obviously this is not a full list, just the ones off the top of my head at the moment. Will update it, if I remember some more.