match-maker (t.h)

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pairing ; tom holland x reader

words ; 1.4k

warnings ; swearing

summary ; when jacob lands the movie deal of a lifetime, he has to share at least one of the benefits with his best mate although tom’s never met an australian woman before and he’s about to have one hell of a time.

a/n: this is really shitting but idc and there is a time jump, so instead of 21 both tom and (y/n) are 24 years old :-)


7 years ago

Tom’s parents were sitting wide-eyed on the couch as they watched countless actresses and actors pass by in the most expensive gowning they could get their hands on. They had been sitting in the same position for the past hour watching continuously.

Tom had passed by her on his way to his room when he stopped in his tracks as he saw his mum and dad, now his three other brothers sitting around the t.v throwing popcorn in their mothers as the anxiously watched the screen like a hawk.

“Am I missing out on a family activity ?” Tom asked as he lifted an eyebrow at his family.

“We are watching The Oscars,” His mother replied without looking at him.

“You guys hardly watch award shows,” Tom exclaimed softly as he now rerouted his course to place himself beside his dad on the couch.

“Oh yes we know, but mum wanted to see if this girl won,” Sam spoke up as he peered towards his older brother.

“Thomas, she is simply perfect, her acting was flawless she deserves that bloody Oscar,” Nikki roared as she threw her hands into her lap and leaned in closer to the bright screen.

“What’s her name?” Tom asked again as he got comfortable against the navy lounge.

“(y/n) (y/l/n),” his dad said as he threw a piece of popcorn into his mouth.

“ The best part about it Tommy is that’s she’s your age,” Nikki squealed at the mere thought of her son dating the mysterious actress.

“No way, she can’t be,” Tom exclaimed wildly, feeling a small blush creep up onto his cheeks.

“100%, she was simply gorgeous in her movie, she deserves the win,” Nikki sighed, it seemed as if she was in love with this 17-year-old’s acting. Tom leaned further into the couch letting a loud breath leave his mouth when his mother slapped his arm harshly. “Look that’s her!” she almost screamed and Tom got up only to feel like he was going to fall back again.

(y/n) was wearing a long nude gown the went to the red carpet beneath her feet, trimming the inner body and sleeves were a navy lace that hugged her mature body. Her (h/c) hair had been pulled back in a slick ponytail and her (e/c) were adorned with glamorous make-up that made them pop. The one thing Tom noticed first was her Australian accent, it sent butterflies to his stomach. He’s heard a lot about Australian women, that they are extremely bubbly and extroverted and it looked like she was fitting in with that.

Tom had immediately felt his entire world crush in front of him as soon as he saw her on the t.v if he ever met her in person he was collapse into a pile of goo and stay there until someone else cleaned him up.

“Isn’t she pretty Tom?” his mum asked him but Tom’s eyes were still glued to her as she continued to talk about her nomination to a reporter. His Mum waved her feminine hand over tom’s adoring glare to towards the screen.

“Seems like he’s agreeing with you mum,” Sam chucked with a smirk as he peered up towards his older brother. His parents glanced at each other and warmly smiled before turning back to the awards ceremony.

Towards the later of the night, the family enjoyed some laughs and some heartbreaks as some of the rooting actors lost and some won. Finally, it came to the category the infamous (y/n) (y/l/n) was in.

The whole family sat in awe as the other names were read out by another famous actor. The massive stadium went silent as the waited for the winner to be called out. Tom was almost falling off his place on the couch and onto Paddy below him.

After the longest 20 seconds, her name was spoken through the microphone and the whole crowd went wild along with the family watching her.

(y/n) gripped her mother tightly before she started to click her way up to the podium, hugging some other actors on her way up. As she faced the crowd her make-up was slightly running down her soft face.

Tom had felt butterflies erupt in his stomach as soon as her perfect lips open to thank her parents, the director and her agent. He watched in awe as (y/n)continued to thank everyone while she was hiccuping through small tears. Tom couldn’t help his own lips to curve up into a smile.

He knows he will never forget that girl for as long as he lives.


present day

Tom’s hair ruffled through the familiar cold winds of England during winter. He sat on one of the even colder metal chairs on his hotel balcony which has a spectacular view of the countryside.

His blonde-haired best friend sat just across from him. Harrison had his nose stuck in a book Tom had never heard of, every time he asks Harrison about why he bought the stupid thing he just replies with ‘saleswomen are scary,.’

Tom, on the other hand, was doing one of his favourite activities ever, checking his phone. He uses the word checking quite loosely, the time period more consists of him playing pointless video games until he gave up.

They were in the country as Jacob had just landed a movie deal that he says will boost his career, aside from Spiderman and asked his friends to come with him to the English set. Both happily complied as it gave them a chance to see their families earlier and Tom had no movies he had to do at that time.

Both boys were enjoying the serenity of their surroundings when Harrison’s phone erupted in loud ringing noises. Quickly He placed the phone up to his ear and started the conversation. Tom sat there looking up to his assistant waiting for the problem Jacob was having. When out of now where Harrison placed the phone on the small table and tapped the speaker button.

“Okay, you’re on speaker,” Harrison spoke shortly.

“Okay, okay” Jacob sounded out of breath and excited at the same time. “So you know that actress that won when she was like 17 or something,” as soon that sentence left Jacob lips Tom’s interest peaked and he quickly threw his phone on the table on leaned into the device. “(y/n) (y/l/n) it is,” and that’s what sent off the butterflies in his stomach.

“Yeah what about her,” Harrison asked as his eyebrow perked up.

“You guys just need to get down on set stat,” Jacob spoke harshly before hanging up immediately. Tom and Harrison peered up at each other, and not a split second later Tom and Harrison raced out of their hotel building and down the street to the set Jacob was working.

They passed a lot of people, set designer, stunt choreographers and even producers were running around.

Jacob was waving his arms frantically to catch their attention, finally, they both caught onto their friend looking like an insane person.

“That was quick,” Jacob huffed, Tom noticed that his mate was wearing quite tight clothing, in his mind, it looked like he had just left a rave or massive drug party. Harrison caught onto it as well as he started to giggle softly. “I have to wear it, shut up,” Jacob spoke harshly giving the blonde a cold stare

“Why are we here Jacob, you should be working,” Tom exclaimed softly as he gazed around the set.

“Almost forgot, thanks, Tommy,” Jacob winked at him, “You might want to readjust right now Tom,” Jacob turned to face him again as his brown eyes travelled down to his area. Tom threw it off as he stood his ground as Jacob started to search the crowd.

“(y/n)!” Jacob shouted out, and with that Tom was frozen in shock.

There she was in all her glory as she slowly strutted towards the trio.

'Fuck, I’m in deep shit,’ was all Tom could think.


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The Tower and the Star are done!

The Tower is a card of chaos and change, usually negative in a reading, so I wanted a rather forlorn looking figure for this one, on her knees in desperation. I based the wings on the Australian Painted Lady Butterfly, mainly for the color contrast. The card is generally dark, with a flash of bright lightning, so I did the colors in a similar manner here.

The Star is a card of hope, so I wanted a joyful, starry looking figure with a serene smile on her face. The Starry Night Cracker Butterfly was the obvious choice for her.

The Kickstarter will be starting soon enough, keep watching out for updates!! 🌙⭐️


Monday Puppy Cuteness   —   Aussie Shepherd Takes on THE MONARCH!

#1154 - Tellervo zoilus - Cairns Hamadryad

Photo by Graham Possingham at Mount Hypipamee Crater, in the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. The crater is a diatreme, with vertical sides close to 100 meters high, made when molten magma forced its way towards the surface, reached shallow underground water, and blew out the overlying rock in a gigantic steam explosion. The crater was discovered by Europeans in 1879, when they almost fell into it.

As for the butterfly - Despite appearances, it’s not one of the Whites (Pieridae), it’s a Nymphalid. Standing on four legs is a clue to IDing butterflies in that family.  When a caterpillar, this one feeds on Parsonsia -  woody vines of the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. It’s native to Papua New Guinea, adjacent islands, and part of Queensland.


Painted Wings

These were both painted with acrylics, scanned and edited in photoshop.

The last insect. This moth symbolises the ‘product of their union’.  I believe that whatever came of their ‘relationship’, however long that is for, would not be a good thing.  

By making the metaphor of this a moth, a ‘less beautiful’ version of the butterfly, and by having it fly at the camera and land on the glass, making it look as ‘insect-like’ as possible, I hope to startle the audience.  The moth has the colours of the Academic and the Brother (red and white), which appear nowhere else in the film, to indicate it is a mixture of them both.  The markings on its wings hint at drops of blood.

The blue butterfly - this is the butterfly the bride plucks from the box and places in her hair in delight.  It is a Blue Ulysses, a native Australian butterfly - very striking and gorgeous.  I tried hard to capture the luminosity of its wings.  A final frame in the film.

The Blue Ulysses flaps as it is held.  When viewing reference footage on youtube I was struck at the contrast of the luminous blue upper-side and the dark, dull brown underside.  When the butterfly flew or flapped quickly, it looked almost like flashes, quick oscillations between boring and beautiful.  

I painted in acrylics the underside brown, as it occurs naturally, and edited it in photoshop.  However when animated, it didn’t seem to fit the film well enough, and simply looked kinda bad.  I went back and desaturated the underside slightly, which helped, but I was still unhappy.  

I decided a purple sheen would tie it into the blue upper-side better, and help it assimilate with the rest of the film. I did this and am very happy with the results! 

The butterflies in the box are a mix of real Australian butterflies, and ones from my imagination.