AU where Rhea likes Lena so much that she straight up disowns Mon El and decides to genuinely help Lena and basically adopt her and take her vengance on Kara by making her new daughter more successful then Supergirl. So they do change the world and Rhea is just standing there in the background for the entire next season being passive aggressively bitchy to Kara

“Oh Supergirl saved a burning building? How quaint. Did you know that L Corp’s technology helped to stop the Australian bush fires?”

“I see Supergirl beat up some poor people who were desperate enough to resort to stealing to survive. Did you know that L Corp’s new program helped over ten thousand low income families find a job and helped sponsor their kids education?”

“Oh nice article Kara. I hear you got almost ten thousand views on it. Did you know that the new L Corp communication satellite that the Daxam fleet helped to install will provide free communication for over half a billion people?

And Lena just stands there awkwardly not really understanding why her best friend and her new mom figure can’t get along and constantly tries to distract them: