australian zine distro


Distro update! Finally got my hot little hands on Ramsey’s first comic book, “Year One”. It’s 130 pages of her first year living in a new city (Philadelphia). Ramsey has written List zine for years and it was awesome to finally read her book - if you like diary style comics, you’ll love this one. It’s all about crushes, love, open relationships, friendship and her finding her place in the world (and Philly). 

I also have Brainscan 20, 21, 24 & 25 by Alex Wrekk. Although these are back issues, if you haven’t read them, they’re always interesting and relevant. There’s more on the way in the next few weeks so I’ll let you know when they arrive too (maybe you wanna wait to catch up on a bunch of Alex all at once?!). 

I also have Coffee Spoons by Megan Kirby - a cute little diary style doodle zine. Super sweet and a reminder that there’s lighter things in life and even though spilt milk smells like death, it’s incredibly cute (and funny) in comic form.