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Who are your top 5 favorite soccer players?

Oh gosh, why would you ever ask that. There are so many strong, courageous, and wonderful footballers that I look up to and admire that I don’t think I could ever pick. I will try to satisfy your curiosity with some of my current favorite players, not just because of their playing style but also their personalities. 

So without further ado, in no particular order:

Tobin Heath: I love Tobin. She is an adorable human being. I love her playing style, she never ceases to impress me with her cool tricks. She is by far the most technical player in the NWSL. Also she’s so adorable and her smile fucks. me. up. 

Alyssa Naeher: I’d marry her in a heartbeat, definitely a keeper. (Lame I know) I love how calm and collected she usually remains on the field but this calmness can instantly turn into hard, unwavering determination. I love going to matches live and listening to her yell. 

Sam Kerr: No explanation necessary. 

Lina Hurtig: Lina never gives two fucks and I love it. There’s something about serious, determined footballers that gets me. She’s also been absolutely killing it for both club and country lately. She’s a really smart player who makes the most out of every opportunity. 

Christen Press: Sweet, sweet Press. There is no one as good and kind and wonderful as Christen Press. Bless her fucking heart. She’s an amazing footballer, smart as hell, and is just fucking radiant. 

Rebecca Quinn: Mainly I love Quinny for the work she does at Duke to create a more inclusive and safe space in sports. I love how involved she is in the LGBTQ+ community at Duke. She’s also a damn good player. 

And finally… @dont-fvck-up No list of my favorite soccer players is complete without this loser. 

Let’s take a second to recognize that this team. This 28th ranked team makes a LOT more than the women’s team. The women are currently ranked #1, even after our horrific loss in the Olympics. Even after our poor playing/coaching this year. Maybe with the men out of the World Cup American’s will pay more attention to the women. USWNT, NWSL, and women’s soccer everywhere is still suffering and in need of a change financially, ethically, and main stream media wise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a USMNT fan but this is more of a disappointment to me that our women aren’t deserving enough then the fact that we aren’t in the World Cup. Reflect. 

Also, just look at what the Brazil women’s national team is going through now. What the Australian women national team went through…. The list can go on. 

We can’t have a world of peace until we have equality. I think it takes sacrifice to change what’s going on in sport and in the world. After I got fired, shortly there-after the Republic of Ireland took on their federation and said ‘you know what, we just want our basic rights, pay us, give us doctors so that when we get injured on the field we have proper care.’ The Republic of Ireland went on strike and stood up to their federation. After they did, the women from the Australian national team stood up to their federation. Just yesterday, eight of the best players from the Brazilian national team quit. They said we will no longer wear our country’s colors and play the game that we love, and in the World Cup and Olympics, because we have endured decades of unfair treatment. Just today, the Norwegian federation just announced that they’re going to pay their women equally to the men. It is the first nation in the world to pay their women footballers equally to the men. We have started something incredible. US Soccer better be listening because it is happening. And it is happening slowly but people are sacrificing, they’re standing up, and they’re doing it for the next generation. It’s started and it’s going to continue to grow. It’s coming - equality is coming.
—  Hope Solo - One Young World, Bogotá