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From the Gold Medal to the Silver Ring (Swimmer!Luke)

summary: Luke may have won a shining medal, but he won’t be the only one leaving with something shiny that day.

word count: 1,387

a/n: this is really long, sorry! I got carried away lol

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Swimmer!Luke getting ready to dive into the water for the first time at the Olympics. About ten minutes ago, he joined the rest of the Australian swimming team and his coach in a talk right before each of them had to jump into the pool.

This being said, Luke hasn’t seen his lovely girlfriend in about three hours and it’s dragging him on. He tried to stare into the crowd and see your eyes piercing back at him, however there was just too many people sitting in the stands.

He knows you’re out there watching him and that’s enough to get him moving. “Five minutes till we dive Hemmo,” Ashton, his teammate, notes knocking Luke out of his imagination.

“Alright, thanks man.” Luke responds, taking a deep break and grabbing his cap and goggles. Walking out to the open stadium was thrilling. The screams became louder and the fans went crazy. It was all so new to Luke and from that moment he wanted to stand there forever, soaking in the energy.

All moments have to end, Luke drags his feet to in front of his corresponding number; his nerves start to kick in and the butterflies begin to flutter inside his stomach.

I can do this, take one home for Australia. Luke can almost hear your voice in the back of his mind reciting all the positive words you spoke to him prior to his departure. Oh, how he wishes he could run to you and have you whisper soothing words into his ear.

Taking his time, Luke removes his jacket and pants leaving him almost naked to the world in his black and blue competitive swim wear. Your voice rings inside his mind once again.

You look like a shark Luke, sharks take what they want.

You want the gold.

From the stands Y/N stare at her boyfriend of two years. She couldn’t believe he made it to this point. Of course she never doubted him, she’s so proud of him and how far he’s come.

“You can do it Luke, I believe in you.” Y/N whispers to herself, watching her boyfriend’s broad body as he strips of his jacket.

Luke’s blue eyes stare into the water, almost identical to the color of the pool. He’s once again interrupted by a loud beep signaling him to stand on his numbered platform, 5.

This was the moment Luke’s been training for, basically his whole life. The open water almost taunts him, calling out to Luke to dive in already. The other countries’ swimmers stand on their platforms, the United States and Brazil almost squishing Luke on either side of him. Scanning both of them, Luke’s nerves come back.

How was he supposed to beat Michael Phelps and João de Lucca at their own game?

Another beep makes Luke’s body automatically go into position, about .5 seconds until he gets to feel the water go through his hands. He stares out into the deep pool, imagining him at the front of the herd of swimmers.

He can do this.

Y/N stands in place biting on her fingernails, she’s probably more nervous than Luke at this moment. She knows he can do this, just needs a little more confidence. She can’t stop her mouth from moving.

“Go Luke! I believe in you!” Y/N’s voice breaks the silence in the room. She made her presence known and Luke definitely heard her voice vibrate through the arena.

Luke did hear her, although he didn’t get a chance to respond before the announcer’s voice boomed through saying the word Luke was not looking forward to.

His body naturally falls forward into the water just like the millions of times he’s done it at practice. His arms glide through the water propelling himself forward, just nanoseconds before the American to his right. However, Luke doesn’t focus on him. He pays attention to how his body moves and his arms slicing through the waves created by the other swimmers.

Luke makes it to the other side, quickly turns and kicks off the wall with as much force he can put into his long legs. His mind flashes blank; the only images coming into mind is her girlfriend and the ring he placed snug in his Australian swimming jacket just on a few feet away on the bench.

Luke feels his body react and the adrenaline pumps with his blood. He knows the Brazilian and American swimmers are right on his tail. Squeezing his body for the last ounce of energy he kicks his legs harder and swings his arms out. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the crowd and quickly sees his platform.

The end is in his sight, just a little more.

Luke continues to power his arms and legs. About 2 seconds later his fingertips brush a wall and Luke’s eyes bulge quickly under his goggles before he slams his palm onto the wall, keeping his place in the scoreboard.

Lifting his head out of the water, Luke clearly hears all the scream and shouts echoing through the arena. To his right the American, Michael, takes off his goggles and turns to Luke.

“Good job kid,” He smiles at Luke. What was he talking about?

“Hemmings, look at the score board.” Phelps voice announces.

Luke turns to the direction of the enormous scoreboard. He sucks in a breath and stares at it, hoping his eyes will focus and stop playing tricks on him.

1st Luke Hemmings, Australia – 46.62

All the air escapes Luke’s lungs and he slams his fist down on the water smiling and laughing. He won his first medal, and it was gold! Luke, like the nice guy he is, turns to the other swimmers beside him, shaking their hands and accepting the congrats they give him.

Luke feels on top of the world.

Ashton reaches his hand down to Luke’s level and pulls him up, “Luke, you got the gold!” His teammates voice cracking to let out some giggles and smiles. He pulls him in for a hug, obviously not caring Luke is soaking wet.

A high pitched voice calls out to Luke, steadily increasing until another body jumps and wraps around his torso. Luke just barely catching himself to prevent them from jumping into the water.

“Luke, I’m so proud of you. I knew you could do it-“ Y/N doesn’t finish her praise because Luke pushes his wet lips onto her dry ones. Luke slowly places Y/N onto her own two feet, backing out of the kiss and looking her in the eyes.

Luke smiles at her and wraps his arm around Y/N’s shoulders, just grabbing his jacket before they’re both stopped by an interviewer.

“Luke, how does it feel to win your first Olympic medal and it being gold?” The lady smiles and points her microphone towards Luke.

“Well, it feels great. I just turned 20 and I would never believe 5 years ago I’d win my first gold Olympic medal at this age. The other swimmers were just as fast and gave me some competition.” He responds, his accent coming out a bit stronger than usual

“And Y/N, you’re American; how did you pick between cheering on Australia or America?” The interviewer laughs, giving the microphone to Y/N.

“I must admit, it was kind of tough to decide, but here I am.” Y/N snuggles further into Luke’s lean frame, him smiling down at her.

“M’am, if I may.” Luke reaches for the microphone and grabs it out of the lady’s hand.

“Y/N, this is kind of an unusual place to do what I’m about to do, however it can’t wait.” Luke digs around in his jacket pocket and pulls out a black velvet box.

“Don’t worry, I’m not proposing YET.” Luke slowly opens the box to reveal a silver shining band. A promise ring.

“I want to be with you, I know I want you to be mine. And I want to see you at every and any swimming event I go to. Whether it be the Olympics or something so small as swimming in the pool with my little cousins. Will you accept this ring and promise to be with me and see what the future has in store with us?”

Needless to say, Luke and Y/N both walking out with shining jewelry equally matching their vibrant smiles.

Sweet baby Jesus why are people so stupid.  Cupping has been used in China since 1550BC. The Australian swimming team has been using it for the last 10 years, I have been using it for 25 years and apparently it’s a trend or worse still its being called expensive love bites. The ignorance of white people in the world in exploring other cultures is fucking mind boggling.

[five times rin wakes haruka up]

“there was literally no reason for rin and haru to share a bed.  it was a fanfiction trope.  it was nothing but a shameless fanfiction trope.” - everyone who watched that episode probably


Rin wakes up, and the bed is too small.

He’s used to sleeping stretched out, letting his limbs splay out in every direction – he likes having his hands and feet dangling off the edges, likes how it feels almost as though he’s floating on a calm lake in the middle of summer.  But now, the mattress is too hard, and the blankets are too tight, and there is something – there is a weight on his chest, pushing him down and smothering him.

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and now for something completely different

Today was my last day working for the little country newspaper I have been at for quite some time.  I cant be bothered going in to details about that, but lets just say that I am a rare breed of journalist who, now wait for it, is actually ethical- oh my! who would of thought hey? that ol’ chestnut- ethics!

I believe ethics, accountability and basic journalistic integrity are important and what should constitute EVERY journalist’s role and the company I was working for saw things a bit differently.

Instead of trying to push a rather large turd up a very big conservative hill of crap, I decided to leave… nuff said.

I have other things in the pipeline and until then, there is this other big event happening at the moment- a little sporting event in the Mother land called the olympics and if one was to watch the Australian free to air coverage of the games on Channel nine, well, one would think all that we give a toss about is black line fever!

Until my new things in the pipeline eventuate, Im waiting for seek to post the job of body waxer for the Australian men’s swim team.

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Somebody has to do it, right? and I think it may as well be me!

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