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July 4th Headcanons

Plot: Celebrating the fourth of July with Sam, Tony, Bucky, and Steve headcanons.

A/N: I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to write about, so I chose all four.

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD and fireworks/firecrackers.

Word Count Total: 987

Short Imagine #126

Title: July 4th Headcanons

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Ordinary fluff 1.3

Summary: You had been friends with Chanyeol for 12 years. You had loved him for almost all of them. But you had truly fell in love with him at the wrong time. And going on a road trip with him to gather the power to confess turns into a rollercoaster for both of you. Will you be able to make the right choice?

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol 

Word count: 4021

Warnings/genre: angst, fluff

A/N: This was inspired by the song “Hug me”, sung by Chanyeol, and I’ve also listened to it while writting it. Also, without really wanting Chanyeol and the relationhip between them was inspired by the friendship between me and my bff. enjoy :)

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You felt his warm breath trail on your neck and linger on your collarbones, before he finally kissed you on the sensitive skin of your ear. He gently bit down on your earlobe and gave it a tentative lick followed by another bite. His lips moved to your cheeks and his hair was tingling your face. He sucked your flesh and you lightly gasped for air and grabbed his back to stabilize yourself.

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If you are wondering:

My dog Aiko, (here a beautiful pic of her)

Is a mix of two pure blood breeds. An Australian Sheppard and a Cocker. The Australian Sheppard is basically identical to the Border Collie but different colors. Basically she is a tiny version of Nuri.

She is so smart, she learned her name in two hours when she was 1 month old and started to learn tricks when she was 2 months old. Now she is almost 2 years old and I can’t be more proud (check out the new videos I’ve posted of her). But what I want to say is:

Aiko comes from the shelter, the family of the mother of the puppies didn’t want not pure blood dogs and since she is a mix, as soon as the puppies started to eat alone the owner throwed them away. I was doing volunteering back then when Aiko and her brothers (she was the only girl) came in, Aiko climbed into my lap beacause she was scared. Once I decided to adopt her and bring her home I was told this:

“She is half Australian Sheppard, is very common that she will be smart. Smart dogs NEEDS training. Otherwise they can suffer mentally. Try to see how quickly she learns tricks. If she is fast, keep training her, making her doing tricks everyday and she will be mentally healthy.”

So, moral of this long ass story: if you want to adopt a dog (no matter the breed but mostly Border Collies or Australian Shapperd) check how quickly the puppy learn his name, how fast he learns simple commands like “come here”. If the dog is quick, please think to train it. It’s for his health and actually can make it happier. I didn’t pay someone, I trained Aiko myself so everyone can do it. So please really. Pay attention to your dog and if it’s smart, train them to a better mental health.

newsbians hcs let’s go :)

-they met one day while sarah was with jack and dave

-they immediately get along

-you know the thing where two people meet and they just imidietly get along

-it was like that

-they never go to big parties or anything, they just stay home and make cookies stuff

-their dates consist of staying home and watching a movie with ice cream

-or singing cheesey musical love songs making them gay

-they love musicals

-a l o t

-they also have a cactus/ succulent family

-whenever they have an excuse to get a new plant they do

-winter holidays? perfect gift!

-bad day? great way to make it better!!

-columbus day? fuck christopher columbus plants are better

-they have somanyplants

-they also have a dog named albo

-he’s an australian sheppard

-sarah found him one day on her way back from the shops

-well she didn’t find him

-he followed her home and she didn’t notice

-just imagine sarah in her cute sundress with a little puppy plopping along behind her

-when kath sees her her heart just m e l t s

-bc her sarah is there all cute and smiley with a puppy following her

-they take him to the vet and such and they decided to keep him!

-he sleeps in bed with them and its adorable

-sarah is one of those people who just can’t function in the mornings

-katherine is the exact opposite

-early in the morning their conversations consist of

-hey babe did you make dinner

-babe its six in the morning

-we need the e g g s

-sometimes when kath is up late writing and sarah wants her to go to sleep shell just walks behind her and just l i f t s her up and caries her to bed

-not like bridal style

-like hug

-speaking of this

-sarah is surprisingly strong

-no one knows why

-i think this is enough

selizia  asked:

So, I had an idea for some fluff and I'm not sure if you've done something like this before but how about the RFA adopting a pet from the animal shelter with MC?


- at first, he wants to go to a breeder

- you explain that if you adopt from a shelter, you’re saving the animal’s life, which gets him to agree

-he’s torn between another cat because on one hand, he’s definitely not getting any other kind of animal, but on the other hand he doesn’t want Elizabeth 3rd feeling jealous

- “Jumin, we can get a cat, she’ll have a friend.”

- once there, he ignores all the other animals and goes straight to the cats

- you two spend a long time looking at all the cats, holding most of them and trying to decide

- in the end, you can’t choose just one

- so, you get a brown tabby kitten that’s the runt of the litter

- and an older, all black tom cat

- Jumin makes certain that the black cat is neutered

- Elizabeth is slightly upset about having two new cats around, but they eventually all get along


- he’s allergic to cats so obviously not a cat

- you suggest a dog and he really likes that idea

- off you two go to the local pound

- there are so many dogs, he has no idea which one is the best

- you are all a good boy

- there’s an Australian Sheppard that is very friendly though

- her tail hasn’t been docked and she’s super fluffy

- Zen likes that her eyes different colors

- “Why don’t we get her?”

- “But look at all the other dogs…”

- “You’ve been playing with her for the past ten minutes.”

- you two decide on the Australian Sheppard

- Zen walks her to his work and goes on runs with her so she gets enough exercise

- you like inviting her onto the couch so she can lay in your lap

- Zen totally isn’t jealous


- you guys were planning on another cat so Lisa would have a friend

- but when you see a Flemish Giant that was left in a box on the highway you can’t say no

- Yoosung is slightly nervous that Lisa will try to eat the rabbit

- but he’s almost as big as her so you doubt it’ll be a problem

- the two actually get along very well

- lots of cuddling and grooming each other

- Yoosung likes to bring them both to his work


- absolutely no cats

- or any other animal that sheds a lot

- she also doesn’t want an animal that people are commonly allergic to

- “Why not a parrot?”

- they’re pretty and the kids who come to the store would enjoy trying to talk to it

- she thinks it’s a good idea so you two check the local shelter to see if they have one

- you’re surprised to find that they do

- the previous owner had died but none of the other family members wanted the bird

- he’s about 50 and the employees say the only things he seems to know how to say is “hello,” and “go for a walk.”

- you get the parrot and set him up next to a window in the cafe

- he usually says hello whenever someone comes in and learns how to say the names of different drinks along with the names of your regular customers


- cats

- that’s all he wants

- you’re slightly skeptical about how safe the cat will be

- but okay, cats are cute

- at the shelter, Seven keeps trying to play with all the animals

- it takes a while before you two can decide

- you end up adopting a calico cat with dark grey spots

- “We’re not naming her Elizabeth 1st.”

- “You’re right, Jumin would get jealous.”

- she likes to sit in Seven’s lap while he works

- though any other time she avoids him or hides by you

Dangan Ronpa cast as dogs

Because it’s 3:28 am, and i want to (Even the characters i don’t like)


Makoto Naegi-Shiba Inu

Kiyotaka Ishimaru-Labrador Retriever

Byakuya Togami-Newfie/Golden Retriever mix

Mondo Owada-German Sheppard

Leon Kuwata-Jack Russel Terrier

Hifumi Yamada-French Bulldog

Yasuhiro Hagakure-Deerhound

Kyoko Kirigiri-Australian Sheppard/Collie mix (Blue merle)

Sayaka Maizono-King Charles Springer Spaniel

Aoi Asahina-Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever

Toko Fukawa/Genocider Syo-Belgain Malinois (Long furred)

Sakura Ogami-Tibetan Mastiff

Celestia Ludenberg-Afghan Hound

Mukuro Ikusaba-Working Cocker Spaniel

Chihiro Fujisaki-Pomeranian


Hajime Hinata-Cocker Spaniel

Izuru Kamakura-Cocker Spaniel after being left ungroomed for too long

Nagito Komaeda-Samoyed

Gundam Tanaka-Alaskin Malamute (He thinks he’s a wolf)

Kazuichi Souda-Doberman

Fuyukiho Kuzuryu-Chinese Crested

Teruteru Hanamura-Beagle

Nekomaru Nidai-Bullmastiff

Twogami-Newfie/Golden Retriever mix

Akane Owari-Unknown Retriever mix

Sonia Nevermind-Saluki

Chiaki Nanami-Pekinese

Mikan Tsumiki-Flat Coated Retriever

Hiyoko Saionji-Chihuahua

Peko Pekoyama-Borzoi

Mahiru Koizumi-Akita Inu

Ibuki Mioda-Chow Chow

Despair Girls

Komaru Naegi-Shiba Inu

Yuta Asahina-Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever

Hiroko Hagakure-Elkhound

Taichi and Chiyoko Fujisaki-Pomeranians

Haiji Towa-Alaskan Malamute/Husky Mix

Aloysius Pennyworth-Deerhound

Kenshiro-Newfoundland dog/ Newfie

Fujiko Yamada-French Bulldog

Taakaki Ishimaru-Labrador Retriever

Takemichi Yukimaru-Rottweiler

Kanon Nakajima-Red Setter

Ayaka Haneyama-Puggle

Fuhito Kirigiri-Autralian Sheppard

Grand Bois Cheri Ludenberg-He’s a cat

Kameko-She’s a bug

Masaru Daimon-Boxer

Jataro Kemuri-Mutt

Kotoko Utsugi-Toy Poodle

Nagisa Shingetsu-Collie

Monaka-Alaskin Malamute/Husky/German Sheppard mix


Kyoske Munakata-Husky

Juzo Sakakura-Newfoundland dog/ Newfie

Ryota Mitarai-Norfolk Terior

Tengan Kazuou-Brussels Griffon

Izayoi Sonosuke-Labrador Retriever

Great Gozu-Pitbull

Daisaku Bandai-Great Dane

Koiichi Kizakura-Sheltie

Chisa Yukizome-Welsh Springer Spaniel

Seiko Kimura-Golden Retriver (Almost white-furred)

Miaya Gekkougahara-Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Ruruka Andou-Standard Poodle


Kaede Akamasu- Golden Retriever

Suichi Saihara-Australian Cattle Dog

Rantaru Amami-Chinese Crested

Ryouma Hoshi-Boston Terrior

Kirumi Toujo-Great Pyrenees

Tenko Chabashira-Greyhound

Korekiyo Shinguuji-Standard Poodle

Angie Yonaga-Wirehaired Jack Russel Terrior

Miu Iruma-Papillon

Kokichi Ouma-Chihuahua

Gonta Gakuhara-Wolfdog

Kaito Momota-Belgain Malinois

Maki Harukawa-Saluki

Himiko Yumeno-Pekingese

Tsumugi Shirogane-Toy Poodle

Kiibo-An iDog Japanese Spitz


Sato-Alaskin Malamute

Jin Kirigiri-Border Collie

Junko Enoshima-Cocker Spaniel

This is my Jake. He is an Australian sheppard mix. We rescued him. He was found as a puppy wandering a beach in Mexico. He was brought back to Vancouver and we brought home, home the next day.