australian sheppards

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So, I had an idea for some fluff and I'm not sure if you've done something like this before but how about the RFA adopting a pet from the animal shelter with MC?


- at first, he wants to go to a breeder

- you explain that if you adopt from a shelter, you’re saving the animal’s life, which gets him to agree

-he’s torn between another cat because on one hand, he’s definitely not getting any other kind of animal, but on the other hand he doesn’t want Elizabeth 3rd feeling jealous

- “Jumin, we can get a cat, she’ll have a friend.”

- once there, he ignores all the other animals and goes straight to the cats

- you two spend a long time looking at all the cats, holding most of them and trying to decide

- in the end, you can’t choose just one

- so, you get a brown tabby kitten that’s the runt of the litter

- and an older, all black tom cat

- Jumin makes certain that the black cat is neutered

- Elizabeth is slightly upset about having two new cats around, but they eventually all get along


- he’s allergic to cats so obviously not a cat

- you suggest a dog and he really likes that idea

- off you two go to the local pound

- there are so many dogs, he has no idea which one is the best

- you are all a good boy

- there’s an Australian Sheppard that is very friendly though

- her tail hasn’t been docked and she’s super fluffy

- Zen likes that her eyes different colors

- “Why don’t we get her?”

- “But look at all the other dogs…”

- “You’ve been playing with her for the past ten minutes.”

- you two decide on the Australian Sheppard

- Zen walks her to his work and goes on runs with her so she gets enough exercise

- you like inviting her onto the couch so she can lay in your lap

- Zen totally isn’t jealous


- you guys were planning on another cat so Lisa would have a friend

- but when you see a Flemish Giant that was left in a box on the highway you can’t say no

- Yoosung is slightly nervous that Lisa will try to eat the rabbit

- but he’s almost as big as her so you doubt it’ll be a problem

- the two actually get along very well

- lots of cuddling and grooming each other

- Yoosung likes to bring them both to his work


- absolutely no cats

- or any other animal that sheds a lot

- she also doesn’t want an animal that people are commonly allergic to

- “Why not a parrot?”

- they’re pretty and the kids who come to the store would enjoy trying to talk to it

- she thinks it’s a good idea so you two check the local shelter to see if they have one

- you’re surprised to find that they do

- the previous owner had died but none of the other family members wanted the bird

- he’s about 50 and the employees say the only things he seems to know how to say is “hello,” and “go for a walk.”

- you get the parrot and set him up next to a window in the cafe

- he usually says hello whenever someone comes in and learns how to say the names of different drinks along with the names of your regular customers


- cats

- that’s all he wants

- you’re slightly skeptical about how safe the cat will be

- but okay, cats are cute

- at the shelter, Seven keeps trying to play with all the animals

- it takes a while before you two can decide

- you end up adopting a calico cat with dark grey spots

- “We’re not naming her Elizabeth 1st.”

- “You’re right, Jumin would get jealous.”

- she likes to sit in Seven’s lap while he works

- though any other time she avoids him or hides by you

This is my Jake. He is an Australian sheppard mix. We rescued him. He was found as a puppy wandering a beach in Mexico. He was brought back to Vancouver and we brought home, home the next day.

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What kind of dog do you have? These bitches on here talkin bout cats like they're the shit but dogs man. Dogs are fuckin A like when I grow up I don't want to get married like no way I'm just gonna have 10 puppies and when I come home they are all gonna greet me at the same time and we are gonna cuddle and shit DOGS ARE THE BOMB. COM

haha he’s a husky and australian sheppard mix :)))

isn’t he a beaut

This is my aunt’s dog Roscoe. He is an Australian Sheppard dog and a butt

Oh he looks like an Australian Cattle Dog to me! Maybe? Either way, he’s so cute! Dogs like to be butts, they’re lucky they’re so adorable to make up for it ;]

Thank you for sharing! :]

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What is your favorite dog breed?

i love medium-big dogs haha but appearance-wise i think shiba inus and huskies look sick

my dog is husky+australian sheppard and he looks rad