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UF US and SF bros react to a s/o who has an Australian accent/ uses Australian slang?

Mild headcanons on accents Underground: They do have them in some cases, inherited from Surface ancestors (The brothers both have a mild Brooklyn accent, although the energetic brother will always repress it more, that has been passed down in their family for a while, the goat family have an edge of british, and the Undynes all have the slightest hint of Russian). But in general they’ve all lived together so long that unless your family was pretty determined to hang onto it the accents all settled into a pretty homogenous sound. The different regions (Waterfall, Hotland, etc) all develop slightly different intonations (think the difference between Northwest and Midwestern America) but in general no one has a particularly different accent from each other.

UF!Sans: Accent’s cool enough (if a little unintelligible) but the slang is….what? What the hell is an “arvo”? He doesn’t know what a “slab” is but why do you keep asking if he wants to pick one up. It frustrates him a bit but once he gets a handle on it it’s fine. You humans pick weird regional terms, though. Big shock, he likes the terms with a more dirty edge. “Dry as a nun’s nasty” is a personal favorite.

UF!Papyrus: SPEAK ENGLISH, DAMN IT! He is convinced you are confusing him on purpose and is perpetually frustrated, both by the accent and the slang. Sans, on the other hand, finds his frustration hilarious and so starts having you teach him terms so he can harass him

US!Sans: He really likes the accent but he thinks you’re making up words. Normally he doesn’t mind but if he’s frustrated or just in a weird mood he might pout a bit. “IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SPEAK REAL WORDS THEN I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!” Once he figures it out just a little bit though he kind of likes it, and may use them himself. Although its a bit odd to hear him saying “MWEHEHE! JAPED AGAIN BY MY PUZZLES, HUMAN? BUT OF COURSE! THE MAGNIFICENT SANS IS AS CUNNING AS A DUNNY RAT!”

US!Papyrus: Neutral on the accent but he LOVES the slang, its just so bizarre and colorful. I assume you use slang the normal amount, only when appropriate, but he starts googling everyone he can find and jackhammers them into every sentence he can. It annoys the hell out of everyone at Muffet’s and that pleases him immensely.

SF!Sans: Like Boss, it annoys him, but he also has a really bad accent mimic going, and so while he’s yelling at you to articulate your words more he’s slowly devolving into an accent himself. The two of you arguing is hilarious becaause you both get increasingly more Aussie as it goes on.

SF!Papyrus: While you run into a similar issue with Sans’ accent mimic, he actually adores the accent. He loves the sound of it, and also how laid back it sounds. The slang is interesting but he doesn’t really go one way or another on it. May pick up a few terms through osmosis, and every now and then he has to laugh at the weirder ones. 

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