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Yooo big Deltora Quest fan here (also Australian). There's 3 series, but the first one - which anyone who has heard of DQ is most familiar with - chronicles these three (brilliant) characters in their quest (ho hum) to restore the Belt of Deltora, which on the waist of the true heir can rid the land of a fascist dictator imaginatively dubbed the Shadow Lord. Third series has dragons. 10/10 would recommend

here u go anon, it has lots of fans

I love it how when I speak in another language people tell me that I “have an accent”
Like, yeah, I have an accent in my first language, why are you surprised by this?


I’ve been asked to compile a list of appropriate terms/words when referring to Indigenous Australians.. So here goes!

As a little bit of back-ground info on us.. Indigenous people in Australia have the longest continuing culture/s in the world. With many different language groups, culture groups, similarities with cultures in certain parts of Africa, Indonesia and nearby countries/nations, Aboriginal Australia is indeed diverse, to say the least.


Terms/words that are appropriate:

  • Indigenous Australian/s
  • Indigenous 
  • Aboriginal 
  • Aboriginal people/s
  • Torres Straight Islander person/s
  • Torres Straight Islander people/s
  • Native (though it’s not used as much here and more often heard to describe the Indigenous people of America, some will use the word)
  • Black (yes, we ARE Black.. the white settlers used the term “Blacks” which reduced us down to our skin color.. we’ve reclaimed that word and is often used like “Black-fella”)
  • ATSI - Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander/s (umbrella term for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island people’s or for shorthand)

Terms/words that are NOT appropriate:

  • Aborigine/Aborigines (a big no-no and sadly many still use these terms today)
  • The Aborigines
  • The Aboriginal people
  • The Torres Straight Islanders
  • Blacks
  • Colored
  • The n word (pretty obvious, really)
  • Half-caste 
  • Full-blood 

Appropriate area-specific terms:

  • Murri - Qld, north west NSW
  • Nyoongah - WA
  • Koori – NSW
  • Goori - north coast NSW
  • Koorie - Vic
  • Yolngu - Arnhem Land
  • Anangu - Central Australia
  • Palawa - Tasmania
  • Ngarrindjeri – SA - River Murray, Lakes, Coorong people
  • Torres Strait Island Peoples
  • Murray Island Peoples
  • Mer Island Peoples

Also, words that are used to describe us as “less-advanced” when compared to European societies, are not acceptable. We are not less-advanced, or less-modern or a “primitive” people - we are just different. As is everyone. 

Please direct any further questions to black-australia.


to quote the inimitable chira:

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captive prince is a fantasy-historical romance novel trilogy by australian author c. s. pacat! i actually think it’s a little cheaper on the play store than amazon; i only paid $20 aud for it in total. there are also 4 short stories set in the universe, 3 of which have currently been released: green but for a season (a midquel), the summer palace, and the adventures of charls (both sequels).

i’ve always described it as a thoughtful, sweet political romance with a trashy gay porno aesthetic; you have to like one of these things, and at minimum tolerate the other, in order to enjoy it. i personally love it very much but it’s not the sort of thing i would recommend to everyone; there’s a dearth of female characters, some disturbing content, and the premise can definitely be alienating, especially to usa audiences.

some big content and trigger warnings: slavery, rape, abuse, CSA, corporal punishment, animal death, and just general corruption and treachery. it’s not gratuitous; for a point of reference, if you made it through the game of thrones TV show, i reckon you’ll be fine here. but bad things do happen, ceaselessly, throughout book 1, though nothing is fetishized, things improve immediately in book 2, and the series does a good job of resolving all that conflict and drama in a believable way so when the characters finally fall in love, you are right there with them.

i can’t lie, it does take a lot of Dealing With Things to get through the series – i only barely made it through book 1. but i do really think it’s worth it! it’s a very rich, dense narrative, but the writing is clever and unadorned enough to lead you through without it becoming frustrating or boring. the series is a mess of trauma and betrayal, but the ending is wholly and unambiguously happy. it’s written by a queer australian, like me! and the romance is. oh my god, it is so good. it is so good. the happy ending is so bone-deep satisfying, because you come to admire the characters so much, and their joy is just utterly gratifying to see.

if anyone needs more detailed content warnings, could you please send me an ask off anon, or PM me! and be safe; if you’re not sure you’ll be able to enjoy the series, just skip it. the only important info you need to retain is that damen and laurent are in love.

So, I received some good news...

My writing has been selected to be published in the Australian Poetry Journal’s SKIN Anthology. I just signed the contract! I’m nervous, but excited 😊

Richard Harmon Supanova Panel

So today it was my pleasure and privilege to meet the incredibly sweet and funny Richard Harmon at Supanova Expo in Perth and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! Here are a few highlights from his panel this afternoon (ie what I managed to jot down on my phone as people were firing questions at him):

• He came out dressed in a West Coast Eagles uniform (for anyone who doesn’t know, they’re one of Perth’s two Australian Rules Football teams) complete with blue foam hands and a beanie with blue and yellow dreadlocks

• He’s been an Eagles fan for about four years now and he’s going to his first live game tonight

• He apparently enjoys being covered in blood when he has to film scenes where Murphy gets beaten up (go figure…)

• He originally auditioned for Bellamy (although he said he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get it)

• Murphy (who was originally to be known as “John no. 1”) was supposed to be killed off in 1X02, but after seeing Richard’s incredible performance while filming the pilot episode, Jason went back and did a major rewrite to give Murphy’s character a bigger role

• Richard’s favourite scene to film was the scene at the start of 3X01 where Murphy is locked in the bunker and in his words, “going crazy”

• His least favourite scenes to film are scenes where he doesn’t get to do anything because he gets super bored just standing around

• When asked where he sees Murphy’s character after the time jump, he said that he would like to see him in more of a leadership role because he thinks Murphy would make a great leader

• He also thinks that Murphy will no longer be so much of an outsider after having spent six years with the Space Squad

• Bellamy and Jaha are his favourite characters on The 100…apart from Murphy

• His dream role would be Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol because he reminds him a lot of Murphy

• His Hogwarts house, according to Pottermore, is Hufflepuff, but he sees himself as more of a Slytherin

• On that note, his favourite Harry Potter character is Remus Lupin because he loves wolves

• Bob is his favourite scene partner because they really push each other and are very competitive with each other when they’re filming together

• The most emotional scene that he has had to shoot was the scene in 4X08 where Emori is taken away so that they can test nightblood on her

• If he wasn’t an actor he’d want to be a food critic because he loves food

• When asked about his “guilty pleasures”, he responded that he doesn’t have any because he stands behind his choices

• If he could be a dinosaur he’d want to be a raptor (even though they’re small)

• If he could be a superhero, he’d want to have powers like Nightcrawler from X Men

• If he could be a Disney character, he’d want to be Scar from The Lion King

this is my newest background for my desktop - hopefully these adorable dorks will inspire me not to fail all of my assessment this term

“What was that love?” (Tom Holland)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is staying a few days with Tom’s family and Tom and his brothers have decided to take it upon themselves to make fun of her Australian accent

Word Count: 830

Warning(s): None

Requested by: @dr-tardis-who

A/N: Sorry if my Australian slang is horrible, I tried my best.

(Also my requests are open)

“Hey cutie.” Tom’s arms wrapped around at me as I cut carrots for dinner.

“Hi.” I smiled as he lightly kissed the back of my head.

“It smells good.” He smiled.

“Tom!” Nicki frowned coming into the Holland kitchen. “I told you boys out until dinner.” She walked toward her son who dropped his arms from around my waist.

“Mum, I can help—”

“The last time you helped you burned the roast.” She frowned. “Out. Now.”

“But my girlfriends here.” He frowned.

“She told you out Tom.” I grinned at him. He glanced at me pouting.

“‘She told you out Tom.’” He mocked in a horrible Australian accent.

“Hey!” I blushed.

“Tom.” Nicki said sternly. He backed away winking at me before leaving the kitchen. I turned back to the carrots on the cutting board.

“I don’t know why I date him.” I frowned. Nicki laughed.

“Well I am glad you are.” She smiled. “He’s lucky to have you.” I blushed as we continued to make dinner.

“Hey Y/N!” I heard Harry’s voice. I turned to see him smiling in the doorway.


“How’s the roast?” He asked.

“Good.” I said turning around getting suspicious. “Why are you—”

“Now!” I heard Sam shout before Paddy and Tom ran into the room spraying me with silly string. My mouth fell open silly string fell on me.

“Boys!” Nicki scolded though I could tell she was laughing. I glared at Tom.

“Really?” I asked. He smiled shooting me a wink. The boys laughed as I rolled my eyes. “Rack off.” I mumbled.

“What was that love?” Tom smirked as I glared at him.

“Oh come on Tom.” Harry said. “Just rack off.” I huffed shaking my head tearing the silly string off my face.

“I hate you all.” I glared at them.

“Are you mad Y/N?” Tom asked a smile still on face.

“Yeah I am.” I glared at him. “I’m as mad as a—” I stopped as Tom’s smirk grew wider. He knew what I was going to say. “Stop!” I glared at him. “Stop making fun of my accent.”

“‘Stop making fun of my accent!’” Tom grinned mocking me horribly.

“Okay you two.” Nicki said pushing us all out. “Take this out of the kitchen. Y/N you are excused.” I glared at Tom as we walked out of the kitchen.

“I poisoned your food.” I hissed at him. He laughed.

“Aw come on mate.” He grinned.

“Hey you say that word too.” I frowned at him.

“Not as weird as you do.” He laughed as I shoved him. He grinned at me throwing his arm around my shoulder.

“You realize how much of a jerk you are right?” I mumbled as Tom laughed.


I grinned setting my cards down on the table as the rest of the family groaned.

“You’ve got buckley’s chance of winning Sam.” I grinned at Tom’s brother as he groaned.

“What does that mean?” Paddy asked as Tom chuckled.

“Yeah Y/N what does that mean?” Harry asked. I glared at the boys. For hours they have taken after Tom and decided to make fun of my accent and my terminology.

“It means that you have very little chance.” I mumbled as Tom laughed grinning at his brothers.

“You boys are horrible.” Nicki shook her head.

“It’s all in good fun.” Dominic grinned. “Or going off?” He asked me a smile on his face. I closed my eyes as the boys burst into laughter.

“I’m gonna remind you that I am winning.” I said.

“Not anymore.” Sam grinned placing his cards on his table. “You’ve got buckley’s chance of winning Y/N.” He smirked. I groaned sitting back on the couch as the family laughed again.


“Where are you going?” Tom asked as I took my pillow off his bed.

“The living room.” I mumbled.

“Wait what?” He laughed.

“I’m mad at you.”

“Why?” He asked stepping in front of me.

“Because you were making fun of me!” I glared at him. He grinned.

“It was all in good fun love.” He laughed.

“Well.” I crossed my arms. “I am going to the couch and you can have fun by yourself.” Tom raised his eyebrows a smirk on his face.

“Not like that!” I blushed hitting him with the pillow. “Pervert.” I mumbled trying to get passed him.

“Hey!” He grabbed my arm. “That wasn’t nice.”

“You were making fun of my accent.” I glared at him.

“You know I love you accent.” Tom grinned pulling me closer. I rolled my eyes.

“You love making fun of my accent.” I glared at him.

“Sorry.” He shrugged. “You get so cute when you are mad, you huff and your nose gets all scrunched up. It’s adorable love.” I blushed..

“Jerk.” I mumbled as he pulled me closer wrapping his arms around me.

“Only to you babe.” He grinned down at me pressing his lips on mine kissing me softly before pulling away. “Man.” He smiled pulling away from me. He looked down at me a smile getting bigger on his face. “What a beaut.” I groaned pulling away from him as he laughed.