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Australian English vocab/slang

Aussie - Australian (noun and adjective)
Brizzie - Brisbane, capital city of Queensland
Chrissy - Christmas
G-string - thong
Kiwi - someone from New Zealand
Maccas - McDonald’s
mate - buddy/friend/pal (also used as exclamation)
Salvos - Salvation Army
Tazzie - Tasmania, that little tiny triangular island that nobody knows is actually part of Australia
Vee Dub (VW) - Volkswagen
Vinnies - St Vincent de Paul
Woop Woop - invented name to refer to any small unimportant town the middle of nowhere
across the ditch - (in) New Zealand (also used in New Zealand to refer to Australia)
arvo - afternoon/afternoon detention
avo - avocado
backyard - yard
barbie - barbecue (noun only)
beaut/beauty - great/fantastic
billabong - oxbow lake
(rubbish) bin - trash can
biscuit/bikkie - cookie/cracker
bitzer - mongrel dog (bits of this, bits of that)
bloke - man/guy
bloody - very
blowie - blow fly
bogan - uncouth person, is often drunk
bonzer - great
boomer - large male kangaroo
bottle-o/bottle shop - liquor store
brickie - bricklayer
bunyip - invisible mythical creature that lives in the outback and drowns people in the billabong
bush - scrub/gumtree forest/uninhabited area
canteen - the shop at school where you can buy your lunch
chips - crisps
(hot) chips - chips/fries
(corn) chips - Doritos/cheezles
chokkie - chocolate
chook - chicken
chopper - helicopter
cockie - cockatoo (type of bird)
coldie - glass of beer
cookie - cookie
cozzie - swimming costume (bathing suit)
cracker - biscuit
cracker - something surprisingly good
cranky - angry/upset
cuppa - cup of tea
dag - someone who is scruffy and or badly dressed
damper - bread made from flour and water
dero - hobo
dill - idiot/fool
doco - documentary
drongo - dope/stupid person
dropkik - loser/idiot/useless person
dunny - toilet
dux - top of the class/school year
esky - portable insulated box for keeping food/drinks cold
fairy floss - candy floss/cotton candy
footy - Australian rules football (also refers to the ball)
fruit loop - fool
grog - alcohol
holiday - vacation
holidays - vacation period (from school/work)
hospo - hospitality (school subject)
icy pole/ice block - popsicle/ice lolly
joey - baby kangaroo
jumbuck - sheep
kelpie - breed of dog
kindy (kindergarten) - the first year of primary school
lippy - lipstick
lollies - candy/sweets
mob - crowd/group of people
moolah - money
mozzie - mosquito
outback - central Australia
pavlova - merengue topped with whipped cream and fruit and passionfruit pulp
(mobile) phone - (cell) phone
polly - politician
pom/pommy - Englishman
prawn - shrimp
pressie - present/gift
rego - (car) registration
ripper - something great
roo - kangaroo
rubber - eraser
sanga - (sausage) sandwich
servo - service station/petrol station (gas station)
shit house - poor quality
smoko - smoking break
snag - sausage
sook - wuss/crybaby
spag bol - spaghetti bolognese
sprung - caught doing something wrong
squizz - look (noun and verb)
stoked - very pleased/excited
sunnies - sunglasses
texta - felt tip marker
thongs - flip flops
tinny - can of beer
tinny - small aluminium boat
cark it - die/stop working
chuck a sickie - take the day off work when you aren’t sick
give sb a fair go - give sb a chance
gone walkabout - gone/missing/lost
reckon - think
wag - play truant/skip class
tomato sauce - ketchup
torch - flashlight
tracky daks - tracksuit pants
tradie - tradesperson
(shopping) trolley - shopping cart
truckie - truck driver
tucker - food
turps - turpentine
ute - utility vehicle/pickup truck
veggies - vegetables
Woolies - Woolworths (supermarket)
wuss - coward/sissy
yakka - work
year - grade (I’m in year 10 = I’m in the 10th grade)
yobbo - uncouth person


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Tf2 and sports

-Engie and Scout are both baseball fans and they often argue about Red Sox and Rangers.

-Soldier prefers American football, because it “represents the spirit of America”

-To which answer Demo and Medic “this is not even real football, football has a round ball and looks nothing like this thing”

-Sniper doesn’t like Australian rules football, he prefers cricket because he can sleep during the match.

-Heavy don’t like baby sport, he likes box and used to be a boxer when he was young.

-Spy: “Le rugby est le seul vrai sport. Violence et esprit d'équipe.” (Ask google translate)

-Pyro likes horse ridding (their favorite horse being Heavy who is nice enough to let them ride him like he did with his sisters when they were young) and ballet.

- Sometimes all of the mercs are gathering in the backyard of the base and play dodgeball because everyone like this game and the rules are simple. Sometimes they play it with Demo’s bombs.

Bonus: -Miss Pauling watches baseball with Engie and Scout and will support whoever is winning.

-The administrator and Saxton Hale play golf with australium clubs.


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