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Do you ever have moments on the set where you crack up over something? Do you ever get that sort of release or is it always very serious?

“It happens all the time… Both David and I have mischievous streaks in us and we're constantly up to no good. There was one night this season when there was a fire extinguisher in the corner on the wall and David and I spent the whole evening soaking down the crew as they walked by. When we mess up lines, unless it’s a serious situation, something that is dead ends up being very funny - you just laugh and you can’t stop laughing.”

Australian Rolling Stone, July 1996

Gillian Anderson on David Duchovny: Interview Edition

From an interview in a foreign country, late 90′s (the veracity of which is still in question).  This is not mine.  It was translated and sent to another blog:

From her interview with Martin Short in 2000 when she stated that “everybody has sexual tension with David”:


“…And you know I’ve gotten used to David and what he looks like so I’m not constantly walking by and going Oh My God, is he gorgeous…
EXTRA: Now is he the comedian? Does he have everybody in stitches on the set?
GILLIAN: He is very funny. He’s got a wonderful sense of humor and it’s a very intelligent sense of humor and he can be very funny”
from Extra, 1994

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