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Helllllllloooo I have a prompt for the captive prince series, and I thought this would be cute. How about an AU where Damen runs a bakery and every morning at 5am, when he opens and preps for the shop, he comes across Laurent passing by to go into the convenience store a few blocks down. One day he was the courage to stop him. Hopefully curiosity doesn't kill the cat.

It’s the first chilly Monday after Anzac Day when the most attractive person that Damen has ever seen crosses his path at 4:55am on the dot. Damen actually walks past the door to his own bakery, has to retrace his steps, and takes three tries to fit the key in the lock, he’s so distracted by the memory of the flawless face and the shock of neat blond hair.

The next day, the man is there again. Damen manages to open the door on the second try, this time.

It becomes routine. Like clockwork. Damen walking one way down the street to open the bakery and turn on the ovens; the man walking the other way, a leather messenger bag slung over his shoulder, never making more than peremptory eye contact. The street traffic is thin, at that hour, and foot traffic even thinner. There’s not much in the way of natural dawn light, as the days get shorter, though the street is well-lit, orange streetlights spilling down an artificial glow.

Damen develops a furious curiosity about who the man is. He looks young; younger than Damen, early twenties at the very most. Is he a suicidally dedicated finance intern, on his way into the CBD? A shift worker? An early-morning gym goer?  (“A vampire?” says Nikandros sarcastically, not looking up from the plait of yellow brioche taking shape under his hands.)

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Me: *thinking about Ancient Greek and Roman history and how Damen and his culture was based off the history and culture which had owned slaves both for manual and sexual labor but antis forget that not everything is centralized around United States history and that the United States was not the only country and culture to own slaves*

How they filmed it………..!??!?!?!

So sometimes, my brain starts meandering upon the technicalities of filming and I was watching that shot where Robert Carlyle walks into frame (Belle’s POV) with the mirror almost directly in front of the camera. And I started thinking about all the ways it could have been done to have “Evil Belle” in the mirror before he comes in. There’s a number of tricks you can use really but for some reason the idea of Emilie standing on the other side of a pane of glass while Bobby sticking his face in the camera lens cracked me up and well….this happened.

Bonus panel of Derpface, Hipcant and Put-upon camera man.