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Bushranger (Outlaw) AU | Shingeki no Kyojin (SNK) | JeanMarco
By Organization for Transformative Works

A commission for the wonderful @lifeisaponderland, who entrusted me to write a Bushranger AU.

Pairing: JeanMarco [ Jean Kirschtein / Marco Bodt ]

AU: 1860s bushranger / Australian outlaw AU


‘Gentleman Jean’, a kind and rugged bushranger, seeks justice for the actions of the police and finds himself curious of a strange man that stands up to him.

Jean had always found it easier to understand horses than men.


“I am not working with you,” Marco retorts, drawing his eyebrows into a line behind his glasses. He adjusts them and frowns at the honesty he sees on my face. He is not impressed with my answer and I cannot blame him for his misgivings. I am an outlaw, bearded and dirty, dressed like a man about to steal a town’s fortune. He has every reason to distrust me, but yet I find myself wanting him to. He is still here, sitting and waiting for me to speak. I am not deserving of such patience.

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Australians may have fewer guns, but they seem to compensate by using other dangerous weapons - the boomerangs and crossbows in Mad Max and the knife in Crocodile Dundee (although I haven’t actually been to Australia and I concede the film representation may not be totally realistic).
—  Reading an article on American gun laws and stumbled across this gem.

Streaming giant Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to “Tyke Elephant Outlaw,” an Australian-made documentary about an escaped circus elephant.

The film focuses on an animal which in 1994 broke away from captivity in Honolulu and killed her trainer. In doing so, it sparked a debate about the use of animals as entertainment, which recently resulted in a change in the law in Hawaii.

The film last week had three performances at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

“Tyke” was directed and produced by leading Australian documentary filmmakers Susan Lambert and Stefan Moore, and co-produced by Megan McMurchy. It was produced with financial assistance from Screen Australia, Screen NSW and Voiceless. It is distributed by ABC Commercial and documentary specialist Dogwoof.

“Like the classic animal rebellion film ‘King Kong,’ Tyke is the central protagonist in a tragic but redemptive drama that combines trauma, outrage, insight and compassion,” said Lambert.

The film has been broadcast on the BBC Storyville strand, CBCs The Passionate Eye in Canada and will be screened by DRTV in Denmark.

Netflix will give it a U.S. airing in December.
Worldwide release will be in August, 2016.