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Wolf Spider - Coloured Eyes.

This is a photo I took in rural Australia, the time was mid evening, autumn17. It was a spare of the moment shot with a standard digital camera. Photo was taken and edited by O.V. The colour of the eyes were not artificially added or enhanced, but is likely the result of flash reflecting, the only edit to the photo was to correct the contrast as a whole.

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L/R - #48. :)

“Now hold on just a diddly darn minute!”

As one, all three simulants turned to regard Rimmer like they might an inconsequential fluffy bunny or perhaps an small, non-Australian insect. “WHAT,” the tallest and best-armed intoned. It wasn’t really an inquiry.

“It’s … it’s just - Well, it’s rude, is what it is. You don’t just saunter in here and start taking hostages like some smegging barrister collecting his bribes!”

One of the other two squinted at Rimmer, widened his eyes, then squinted again. “Black’n,” he addressed his leader.

“Yes, Dekk’r?”

“Does this hologram not remind you of the gold-suited warrior?”


“You know, sir. The one who dresses in shiny gold, with the floppy fair hair?”

The third simulant brightly supplied, “Rocky?” Lister (quite rightly, even Rimmer admitted) earned himself a good extra shake from his captor by snorting out a laugh.

Black’n shot his minion and captive both a shriveling look. “You must quit watching old human films, Kordliss.”

Dekk’r snapped his fingers - or would have, if he’d had any rhythm. Instead, his fingertips merely brushed together hard and clumsily. “Ace Rimmer, sir! He looks like that-”

“That insufferable twat!” Black’n’s pale countenance flushed lilac, then pressured toward purple as he took two long steps toward Rimmer. “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?”

“Bruce Lee.” He winced as he said it; damn Lister four ways for taking advantage of his good nature and making him watch that kung-fu marathon last night!

All three drew up at that. Something that might have been a smirk took over Dekk’r’s lips. “YOU are Master Lee?” He assumed a martial arts stance. “Show us your moves!” Then he lunged.

Rimmer, who had been trying to avoid a fight so Lister didn’t get hurt, absorbed much of the blow of Dekk’r’s charge with his hard-light form just by bracing for it. The simulant clearly wasn’t ready to absorb his own kinetic force, and crumpled to the ground. “I call that ‘Ironside,’” Rimmer dryly remarked.

Kordliss was not so unprepared, and while he rushed Rimmer, Black’n came at his other side. Rimmer was briefly overpowered, but managed to trip one long enough to turn his attention to the other. “Get ‘em, Kato!” Lister called, now free to run at the nearest wall for a blaster.

“Not helpful, Listy!” Rimmer grimaced, putting up with being briefly overpowered as he waited for both simulants to get a hold on his limbs and start pulling. When he gauged they had, he sent the electrical command to his bee to go soft-light, and pirouetted sideways out of their grips as they stumbled.

While Black’n was off-balance, Rimmer shifted back to solid form and grabbed one arm and leg, heaving him up. He swung the simulant at Dekk’r, knocking him off-balance, and used momentum to continue toward Kordliss, now on his feet and coming back for seconds. “And I think that’s called ‘Enter the Dragging!’” came a Scouse voice.

“LISTER!” he barked in warning, getting all three simulants in a position he could push all three over at once. He was about to tackle when he heard the whine of the blaster charging and a command of, “Step out, Ace.”

It was short work after they were subdued to chain them all together, fire a charge at their ship, and transport the three prisoners back to it to sit dead in space until they could amass enough energy to repair it. “Damn Hoagy for telling them where they could find us,” Lister muttered. “He’s not getting any of my Twinkies next time he drops in.”

Rimmer blinked, frowning. “Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?” he mocked.

“Oh, come on, Bruce. Lighten up.” Lister slid an arm around his waist and dropped his voice. “What say we go play Rocky and Brad?”


“Fine.” Lister shrugged and headed toward the lift. “Be Janet, dammit.”
Birds of prey are starting fires DELIBERATELY to smoke out mice
Scientists from Penn State University have compiled a study that suggests that fires have spread in the Australian bush due to birds dropping smouldering sticks and embers on wildlife below.

Birds of prey are suspected of deliberately starting fires to capture fleeing animals in the Australian Bush. No other animal apart from man has been recorded as starting a fire deliberately.

At least two birds of prey - black kites and the brown falcon - swoop on burning twigs and embers and carry them to unburnt parts of the bush where they are thought to deliberately start bushfires, according to witnesses…

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Pygmy gecko and Red-tailed boa

Ask me a question

Pygmy gecko: Do you like insects? What is your favourite kind of insect? 
By far, would totally be the Australian Spiny Leaf Insect. I had a little bunch of them about two years ago.

Red-tailed boa: Do you have pet peeves? What are they?
Probably the needlessly tiny roleplay text, and the way it goes up or down depending on the format. I am all for making responses pretty with an icon or some bold or italic, but when I can’t read what you are saying what is point? 

False Garden Mantid nymph, Pseudomantis albofimbriata.

Mantids have an in-complete, or gradual metamorphosis development lifecycle. Nymphs look similar to the adults for most of their growth, sometimes with wings developing externally.

Nymphs share the same habitat and food as adults and indeed are competition and prey sometimes even for the same species.

Cotter, Australian Capital Territory.


I met a beautiful Emperor Gum Moth while on a trip to the Coorong this week! I’ve always wanted to go down there, and it was gorgeous. 

As honored as we were to befriend her, we weren’t appropriate hosts for her babies so we had to send her on her way. I hope she found a nice leaf to put the rest of her eggs onto.

Look at the beautiful pink spots on the tips of her wings :3

#1242 - Elephantodeta sp. - Hump-backed Katydid

Found dead inside an old car tire, of all places. Hump-backed Katydids are most common in dry areas, near the ground.

There’s two described species in this genus, but there’s a number of undescribed species, including one exceptionally large one from inland WA - i.e. this very region. But there’s also another, completely undescribed genus that’s quite similar.

Basically, if you can find somebody to pay you, you’ll have a job for life describing Australian insects. 

This one is obviously a female, as you can tell from the large bladed ovipositor.

In Elephantodeta nobilis the males and females duet, with the female responding to the male’s long and complex four-part call. But the males then had the problem of satellite males, who would sneak in close and then interject their own call call 200 milleseconds before the alpha male’s Part D was due to start. This is apparently effective enough at distracting the females, and annoying enough, that the alpha males respond by repeating Part D repeatedly.

Cue, Western Australia

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