australian illustration


Obscured Portraiture, Monica Rohan

Using space as a striking pictorial device, 25-year-old Australian artist Monica Rohan positions her female subjects in adventurous settings, endlessly floating or falling, climbing or reclining, hunting or hiding. 

She describes the way she works as “a completely selfish absorption into the painting itself – meditative but also infuriating. It’s about feeling too much, or feeling like I feel too much, when even the most insignificant and ordinary moments flourish into an external struggle.



I can’t stop drawing plants?????? They’re so interesting????????

For real though, Australia has some pretty amazing plants and I feel like they don’t get enough attention. Our nature isn’t all yellowed grass and eucalyptus trees. Hey, I was surprised too. I’ve been complaining about how I haven’t been able to find any vintage plant books to draw from but I’m grateful I hadn’t because I found some amazing books on Australian plants at my library that I’m going to keep painting from.