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Alrighty here is a (quite frankly awful) intro to the aihl v2! 

I deleted the first version as I made it at 2am in the morning and it was seriously bad (and long), So yeah if anyone has some feedback or updated information on the teams I don’t know much about just send me a message. 

I would also like to make shorter and waaaay less biased versions of this for each team so if you’d like to help out with those feel free to once again send me a message :)


I made a video about why Nathan Walker is a fantastic new addition to the NHL


Probably the strangest thing about hockey in Australia is hearing commentators saying hockey things in Australian accents.


The good people the at AIHL have now decided to make this weekends lifestreams free! You can find all the links below

Semi-Final 1: Melbourne Ice v Melbourne Mustangs

Semi-Final 2: Perth Thunder v CBR Brave

AIHL Grand Final


30.4.2017 - Melbourne Ice vs Adelaide Adrenaline 

anonymous asked:

Hey! So what's the hockey scene like in Australia?? Fun fact, I actually first got into hockey while I was living in Sydney as an exchange student, which had less to do with the location and more to do with having Canadian friends who wanted to watch the Sochi olympics 😅 I vaguely knew who Sid was before that, but they put me on the path of obsessiveness..

oh that’s cool! everyone has their own weird way of falling into hockey. mine has to do with tumblr for the NHL and weird family connections for AIHL.

The Australian hockey scene is small but super fanatic? like, so many people are super surprised to find out it even exists as a thing here? but if you have a team YOU HAVE A TEAM. (like, there’s eight of them, it’s not as hard to choose as the NHL) 

the main league, the AIHL, is only semi-pro, but we take this shit as seriously as the NHL. If you ever get the chance to watch a game; do it. there’s weekly live streams where possible, and an archive of them on Youtube. Foxtel also shows a game a week, but it’s fucking annoying because they don’t air it until the thursday after, and what is even the point?

The biggest rivalries tend to be the ones from the same cities? i can’t say much for the other teams, but i know the Mustangs and the Ice fucking hate each other in the ice. they share a rink for games, both teams’ Goodall Cup wins hang in the arena, and they steal players from each other (players will change teams if a different team is offering better ice time- it’s why the Mustangs ended up with Mitch Humphries this season)

I can’t speak for other teams, but the Mustangs are more like family than anything else? you see the same people at every game, go to the pub after- win or lose-for drinks and to see the players (who get fed for cheap, because the James Hotel is a sponsor), and it honestly feels more like you’re supporting your brother’s local team than a national league team. like for some people the players are actually family, and it’s fucking great. and the guys are so lovely and down to earth.

In short, the scene is small but great, and always looking for new fans.

#100Days100Women Day 38, Nova Peris

Nova Peris became the first Aboriginal Australian woman to win a Gold Medal as part of the Australian Field Hockey Team, and later the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to Australia’s Federal Parliament.


May I present, the Minister for Women, our Prime Minister, winking as a 67 year old grandmother pensioner says she needs to work on a sex phone line to make ends meet while battling life-threatening illnesses. 

I haven’t seen enough people talking about this, so I want to reiterate: the budget is cutting 534 million dollars from Indigenous support programs. Being slashed is:

  • 150 Indigenous programs will be reduced to 5
  • Approximately $160 million from Indigenous Healthy Services
  • Funding for Indigenous languages is being cut by 10 million
  • Funding for The National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples (the national representative body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders run BY Indigenous persons) is being cut

This from a people already plagued by systemic racism and poverty. A people living with diseases caused by poor living conditions, diseases that every other developed country and many others poorer than ours have long since eradicated. A people for whom the stolen generation isn’t only a thing of the past, but a continuing horror. A people whose life expectancy, median age, literacy and employability are significant lower than white Australians. A people who are 14 times more likely to be imprisoned. A people whose land and culture and language is still being taken from them.

This on top of everything else the rest of us have to deal with. Many Indigenous people already struggling with health issues the rest of us don’t have to will be crippled by the cost to visit a GP and obtain prescription medication. And with Indigenous life expectancy being 69 for men and 74 for women [and as low as 37 in the poorest communities], many won’t even reach the new pension age requirement of 70. 

The self-proclaimed Minister of Indigenous Affairs Tony Abbott has thrown the First Australians under the figurative bus more so than any other demographic. 

But don’t worry. The Abbott government is investing something into the Indigenous community: 54 million dollars on more police and police stations in indigenous communities

I’m so angry I can’t breathe. 

Australian ice hockey commentators are like 939482034982093842 times funnier than EVERYONE ELSE

a player started tobleed profusely from the nose and the commentators…

“he’s a strong boy”

“one of rhonda rouseys victims”

“a good time to clear the sinuses”

“I just want to assure his parents that he’s perfectly alright”

“get two plugs up there and he’ll be ready to go”