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13.8.17 (32/52 weeks of productivity)

Feeling a bit bogged down by my engineering project right now! We took apart an air compressor and then have to write a report on some of the materials used in it and I’ve done a bit about the crank/counterweight. 🛠🔩
Have a lovely week! 💕

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How does one find internships? Unfortunately, many of my peers are having trouble finding science-related internships, mainly ones relating to lab work, and I myself don't know where to start.

Google is your friend. Get intimate with it. There are a lot of databases/lists of internships floating around, but you usually have to dig a bit to find them.

Here’s an incomplete list of ones I’ve personally taken note of. Most are in the US or the UK, and they’re mostly available to international students. There are MANY more programs open to US and EU citizens; you guys have a lot more options.

LISTS of STEM internships/programs in all fields:

Specific STEM fields:

Astronomy and Physics

Environmental Science

Australian Programs

LISTS of Science Writing Internships:

Specific Science Writing Internships

Basically, do your research, because this is a hugely incomplete list, but hopefully this gets you started.

Spread this around! My extensive Googling skills have to be good for something.


Holden Hurricane Concept, 1969. I’ve posted about the Hurricane before but what the hell, it’s Australia Day and I found some new (old) pics. The Hurricane was a mid-engined prototype designed to house and promote Holden’s then new Australian-made V8 engine (their first, and the first locally manufactured V8). The original concept car was restored by Holden’s engineers and represented in 2011