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After mating, the female cassowary will lay three to six large, green eggs.  Once these eggs are laid, the female’s job is done, and she will wander off to find another male to mate with.  It is the father who constructs a nest of waterproof vegetation and incubates the eggs for the next fifty days.  A devoted parent, the male will not leave his eggs until they have hatched.  A broody male cassowary does not need to eat, drink, or even defecate for the entire period of incubation.

Cassowary chicks are small, beige in colour, with dark brown stripes.  The father will protect his new family with devotion, showing them what foods to eat and ferociously protecting them from predators.  The chicks will stay with their father for the next nine months.

It has also been noted in zoos that cassowary chicks will imprint readily on anyone who is present when they hatch, including humans.  These chicks are then extremely tame and will follow their adopted parent anywhere.  In some native villages in New Guinea, cassowary chicks are even kept as pets and left to wander loose through the village, like chickens.  However, even the tamest chick will turn savage and dangerous upon reaching adulthood.  


Yellow-eyed penguins make shallow, bowl-shaped nests of twigs, leaves, and grass and lay up to two eggs in them in early autumn.  The eggs take from 39 to 51 days to hatch, which is the most variable hatch time of any penguin.  Both parents take turns incubating the eggs, and later brooding the chicks, while the other goes out to sea to feed and bring home food for the young.  Come February, the chicks will be completely independent.

Shout out to the movie Rough Night for having a very sweet and realistic queer couple that wasn’t used as a joke(it’s a comedy but the fact that they were queer was never the joke) who were two completely normal girls who dated in college and broke up but were still chill with each other and ended up back together in a really sweet way.

Not to mention one of them was definitely bisexual as she married and had a kid with a man but then separated and in between getting back with her old gf has sex with a woman and talks about it like it was a beautiful thing and no one else in the movie is like ‘eww gross’ (it’s played a little for laughs because she had to sleep with a weird couple to get a security video, but the fact that it was gay is never the joke and the sex was consensual) like these two queer women were main characters and the fact that they are queer is just accepted and never played as weird or a joke and they end up happy and alive and like I was living in the cinema. 

Like it was so normalized and real that I didn’t even realised that ‘oh wow look at this top-notch queer rep until later because it didn’t even question it?? This is was good rep looks like people. 

On top of that it totally subverts all gender roles cause the main character is running for state senate and is clearly the ‘bread winner’ in her home and she and her friends(all girls) are the ones having a crazy, wild bachelorette party weekend in Miami while doing drugs and getting into trouble and the GUYS are have a wine-tasting and then play yahtzee at home and are decidedly more traditionally ‘feminine’ and emotional.

And sex work/stripping isn’t seen as like a weird/shameful career and the guy stripper is just a normal dude.

Not to mention that there is a lot of comedy about how broken the american judicial system is and Florida is the butt of a lot of jokes since Florida sucks? (They get a gun pulled on them for spoiler-y reasons and the Australian chick is like “Everyone in america really does have a gun!”)

And all of the girls have like character development and some of it is really heartfelt and sweet? 

Like this was honestly a good movie and I would def recommend it. 

February 21, 2017 - Mistletoebird, Australian Flowerpecker, Mistle Flowerpecker, Mistletoe Flowerpecker, Australian Flower Swallow, or Wallacean Flowerpecker (Dicaeum hirundinaceum)

The only flowerpecker species in Australia, these birds are found throughout most of the country, as well as in Papua New Guinea and eastern Indonesia. They can enter a state of torpor during cold weather, slowing down their metabolism to save energy. Specially adapted to a diet of mistletoe berries, they have simple digestive systems, which allow the sticky seeds to pass through quickly and be deposited onto branches. This helps spread the partially parasitic plants, maintaining the birds’ food supply. They also capture insects, mostly to feed to their chicks. Females build the pear-shaped hanging nests from plant down and spiderweb and incubate the eggs alone. Both parents feed the chicks.

Signs as Bob Dylan incidents

Aries: Bob having sex with Dana Gillespie in his hotel room & then taking off with her pants for 15 hours.

Taurus: Conducting a press conference with a puppet Bob purchased at a flea market.

Gemini: Mimi Farina pulling Bob Dylan’s hair at a restaurant because he kept making fun of her sister, Joan Baez.

Cancer: Getting The Beatles high for the first time at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Leo: Pulling a prank on Donovan with Halloween masks when they first met in England.

Virgo: Arguing with some drunk English dude about throwing glass on the street & almost getting in a fight with him.

Libra: Bob throwing up in a cab in England while John Lennon just stares at him and having a camera rolling.

Scorpio: Bob & Richard Manuel trying to bribe a blonde Swedish chick to sleep with them as a joke.

Sagittarius: Bob knocking out AJ Weberman, who was rummaging through Bob’s trash can in his yard.

Capricorn: Recording ‘Another Side Of Bob Dylan’ while getting drunk off of Beaujolais wine.

Aquarius: Getting rejected by Francoise Hardy in Bob’s hotel room in Paris.

Pices: Bob Dylan reading a poem to Marianne Faithfull & then tearing it afterwards when she told him that she was getting married.

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What are the chances we can get an orange flavored Olympic AU?

“Oh my god, Raven, it’s her!” Clarke squeals.

Actually squeals and throws the remote back down on the hotel bed in excitement.

Raven comes barreling out of the bathroom, clay mask only applied to half of her face.

“Who? What?”

“Her! That girl I saw when we were watching the Opening Ceremony, remember?”

“Yo, that Australian chick?”

“Yes! Look!” Clarke points at the screen and watches as Raven grimaces.

“Equestrian? Interesting.”

“Holy shit, she’s beautiful.” Clarke stares in awe at the proud rider on top of a strapping gray horse. They center themselves in the middle of the arena. The girl’s eyes are so focused they almost pierce through the screen.

Raven sits at the edge of the bed as the rider moves her horse through the dressage course. Clarke can’t take her eyes of the elegant lines of her, her long legs, her straight back. The way she looks completely at home on the beast beneath her.

“I’ll hand it to you, Griff. I’ve never seen you this interested in something so boring before.”

Raven screeches and ducks the pillow that flies at her face, retreating to the safety of the bathroom.

Clarke watches the scores pull up at the bottom of the screen, reading the name that belongs to them.

Alexandra Woodhouse.

Quite the name. Quite the attitude.

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Imagine this, FTWD season 3 vision right...

So The 100, unfortunately for the actors, doesn’t get renewed for a 5th season… Eliza Taylor is now looking for another job. Meanwhile ADC is doing great on FTWD which has gotten renewed for 2 more seasons… S3 of FTWD, Alicia and co. are out the desert in some random town that seems empty until boom! They meet some australian chick called Elyza Lex, played by… that’s right you guessed it, the incredibly talented and schedule free Eliza Taylor!!! And then well I’m guessing you know the rest… ;) ;) ;)

Are people really that upset? I mean I know it was a bit douche but I didn’t see a huge problem with it because it’s kinda true, most girls only look at Ash cause his fucking hot and not his drumming skills, guilty as charged now a days I’m more into how he drums but a few years back all I was focusing on was that cute little drummer having fun, also with the “chicks” comment, remember Ashton is Australian and “Chick(s)” is as a casual way to explain a girl/women in Australia 

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The bird with the biggest { mouth

Australian Pelican Chick (Pelecanus conspicillatus) by Chris

The Australian pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) is a large waterbird of the family Pelecanidae, widespread on the inland and coastal waters of Australia and New Guinea, also in Fiji, parts of Indonesia and as a vagrant in New Zealand. It is a predominantly white bird with black wings and a pink bill. It has been recorded as having the longest bill of any living bird. It mainly eats fish, but will also consume birds and scavenges for scraps. |x|