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What's the difference between American, English & Australian Budgies

When you’re a new budgie owner its sometimes confusing to here these different names of budgies flying around and you might not be sure what your budgie is. Here I will explain the difference between American, English & Australian Budgies!

American Budgies- are probably the most common budgies found in pet stores and at breeders, they come in a variety of colours. While they are slightly bigger than Australian budgies they are smaller than English budgies.

English budgies- are also known as Show budgies, they are bigger in size and have much fluffier heads, bred only in captivity. English budgies can range in size depending on how they were bred, the boy in the picture is a English budgie, but he does not have a huge fluffy head as some others might have if they were bred to be a show budgie.

Here is a picture of him next to an American Budgie. As you can see he is bigger & has a fluffier head.

Lastly Australian Budgies.

Australian budgies only come in one colour variation. Their faces are yellow, bodies are green and wings are black with yellow markings to help them camouflage in the wild. They are smaller than American budgies.

These budgies are found in the wild, and occasionally are bred and can be bought in pet stores- but this is only likely in Australia. If you have a yellow and green budgie it is still likely to be an American budgie as they also come in yellow and green.

here is a picture of Australian Budgies I took in a sanctuary.

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