australian accent

America has been an experience. One that I’m thankful for, one that had difficult moments and one that opened my eyes. I gained new people to call family, people that spoke into my life in moments that I needed, people that hugged me and leant me a shoulder to cry on when I needed. I also had moments of great joy- moments of experiencing snow like I never had and many many moments of loving and laughing at the novelty of my Australian accent to many American retail workers. I’m also coming saying words/phrases such as ‘ya’ll, sidewalk, caw-fee, parking lot, soda’ I’ve only had two coffees with milk over here, it’s not really done that way otherwise. I’ve loved sitting by the fire every day, chopping wood, walking through the snow, falling in the snow, wearing jumpers. I’ve seen the way that greater plans come together in front of my eyes when I least expect it (Isaiah 55:9). I’ve tried new food and new soda.
I’m so thankful for the past two weeks that I’ve had. Overall I absolutely loved it. I’m so blessed. ❄️☀️

Something I don’t really get is how Bravat expected to go into the Phantomhive Music Hall without being noticed.

Did he just think “oh I’ll change my clothes and take the stars off my hair and walk in” and think it was going to work??

And he was surprised when they spotted him in the crowd?


I love it how when I speak in another language people tell me that I “have an accent”
Like, yeah, I have an accent in my first language, why are you surprised by this?

  • accent challenge

ive gotten a lot of asks recently about my voice/accent so i decided to do the tumblr accent challenge :0
i do also intend on doing something like this in german at some point soon but i dont think the german accent tag that already exists is actually appropriate for me because its technically for people who speak german natively and i.. dont. anyway i hope this gives u an ok idea of what my accent/voice sounds like :’)