australia women's soccer

- USA v. Australia -

Post-game commentary: “Tobin Heath was a game changer. Putting her in the midfield was the reason the US won that game.”

- USA v. Sweden -

Jill Ellis: *doesn’t start Tobin Heath*

Jill Ellis: *wait that’s odd the midfield is looking shitty as fuck*

Jill Ellis: *um why is the team is unable to create chances for the forwards*

Jill Ellis: * okay I’m just gonna have tobin warm up during the entire second half and never sub her in*

Jill Ellis: *because the obvious solution must be to sub in forwards as midfielders and throw players into positions at random*

Post-game Jill Ellis: *my lineup and subs were such smart decisions i really dont understand what went wrong….*
Australia women's soccer team faces unfair global backlash after loss to boys' team -
The U.S. women's national team would be foolish to dismiss the Matildas after a 7-0 friendly loss to the Newcastle Jets U-15 side.

The first problem Australia’s national women’s soccer team encountered in a practice match against a team of teenaged boys Wednesday was this: the inability to field the full women’s national team.

The second problem the team nicknamed the “Matildas” encountered in that practice match was this: treating it like a practice match.

Then they got thrashed, 7-0, and it became a story. And that is the biggest problem of all.