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oh. oh.

14//09 I moved my study space today because I felt so overwhelmed studying in my bedroom. 

Anyways I’m compiling my business notes a bit earlier to redeem myself from doing so bad in my maths test on Wednesday. It was just a bad and unfortunate day and I’m still feeling so miserable over it :(

i see y’all posting your sympathies for iggy azalea over what happened to her and y’all are coddling her and shit and that’s cute and all but i distinctly remember that about a year ago Ciara was going through almost the exact same thing and y’all were so busy making jokes and memes about her and her new  man and “fucking up commas” but it’s whatever i guess…

The Countries With The Most Students For Each School Computer [Infographic]

Does your child have regular access to a computer at school? Around the world, some countries, such as Australia and the United States, boast at least two computers for every pupil at school. In other countries such as Turkey and Tunisia, there are 45 and 53 students for every school computer respectively. Read more >