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Reasons to watch Cleverman
  • Australian scifi
  • Australian Aboriginal scifi with a predominantly Aboriginal cast
  • filmed in and around Sydney
  • does not hold back on the metaphor for race relations AT ALL
  • the Aboriginal men are intelligent, sexual, caring and not in the least emasculated
  • the Aboriginal women I am waiting to see another side to aside from wife and victim
  • it’s airing simultaneously on Aussie ABC as well as on the Sundance channel
  • second season has already been commissioned

  • the white people are the least interesting in this story and so they bloody well should be 
  • did I mention how completely unapologetic it is about depicting the vile conditions Aboriginal people have and still face, how it totally depicts the struggle the Aboriginal person has between cultures?
  • Aboriginal superheroes … already one guy and I am really hoping for a girl awakening to her potential in the second ep

Not my gif, made by @clevermanabc.


What a difference 27 years makes Contrasting pics of Nissan R32 GT-R “Godzilla”, 1990 and  Nismo Nissan Altima Supercar, 2017. Nissan Australia has revealed their new race car which reprises the livery of the famous 1990s Calsonic R32 race cars that dominated the Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC) with 29 victories from 29 starts, as well as winning Australia’s Bathurst 1000, twice in both 1991 and 1992