australia plus size clothing

So you’re fat, live in Australia, shop at Target, and want a dress, huh? Enjoy your two options! Would you prefer the one that literally has a smaller dress printed on the front, or the weird tent with built-in sequined manacles?

submitted by ryttu3k

editor’s note: you’re so ungrateful. only $79 for a caftan with built in bracers that provide +20 dumpiness and +15 sass to your diva stats?!?

also, the dress on the right is perfect for my “sexy plus size sub-zero” halloween costume. 

External image

you’ll FINISH HIM in this sexy sub zero inspired ensemble! L-R:
- belle curve sophia bodycon dress, target AU
- polar fleece balaclava with requisite tumblr person clown makeup
- head with spine by horror props UK
- blue soccer knee socks
- black crocs for comfort
- ice cube trays by rubbermaid- oo, chilly
- blue thing i found by googling ‘blue mouthpiece’ and scrolling past all the cool blue reeds for brass instruments.