australia penny

one of my fave things about australian politics is that it’s almost entirely made up of old white men who have no idea what they’re doing, no-one trusts them, they’re all racist fools who put us in debt, every single one of them has been thoroughly humiliated on tv at least once

and then there’s penny wong, a left-wing malaysian lesbian who is quite literally the only australian politician i know of never to have made a fool of herself. she’s never lost a debate. she is five feet of rage, climate change action, and whoop-ass. everyone i know wants her to be prime minister but she’s literally said she doesn’t think australia could handle it. i love her


Sleepless Sunday’s…

6.30am on a sunday! you got to be kidding me!? I’ve not slept a single wink all night, now to some people this would be crazy talk but I’ve rather enjoyed staying up all night as it’s meant the streets and roads are mine for the morning.

Being able to cruise on the road’s where any other given time traffic would be a pain to skate through, the road’s are dead quite and an absolute joy to skate on. Carving and cruising around my local area (more than likely waking a few neighbour’s) at 6.30am has to be one of my favourite time’s to go for a skate and highly recommend for other people to try out.

I’ll no doubt crash hard later on but I’m ready for what the day has in store. Meeting up with the one and only Zoe later on to help her train more for her Tough Mudder, no doubt be another excuse to get the board out again, but until then cup of tea and some breakfast…

I seemed to have forgotten what a good selfie was during this day….eeeka ^~^ super proud of the cosplay though because I made it!!! With the help of the gorgeous Angel @x-leola-x

Character: Emerald Sustrai
Anime: RWBY