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On this day in music history: August 23, 1982 - “Upstairs At Eric’s”, the debut album by Yazoo is released (UK release is on August 20, 1982). Produced by E.C. Radcliffe and Yazoo, it is recorded at Blackwing Studios in London from February - June 1982. Quickly growing weary of touring and having musical differences with his band mates, Depeche Mode founding member and keyboardist Vince Clarke leaves the band in November of 1981 as they are having their initial success throughout Europe. Soon after, Clarke responds to an advertisement in the music trade paper the Melody Maker. The ad is placed by a singer named Alison Moyet, also from Clarke’s hometown of Basildon. Hitting it off immediately, the pair begins working on music together. Calling themselves Yazoo, they record “Only You”, penned by Clarke while he’s still a member of Depeche Mode. Playing the finished track for Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, at first he isn’t impressed. After playing it for Clarke’s music publisher, Miller re-evaluates the song and decides to release it. Issued in the UK on March 15, 1982, “Only You” (#2 UK, #67 US Pop) is an immediate smash, hitting the top five in England and making the charts in several other European countries and Australia. The record label requests that Yazoo quickly follow it up with a full album. Clarke and Moyet record at Blackwing Studios, owned by recording engineer Eric Radcliffe, who also co-produces it with them. The album’s title is also named after Radcliffe. Their second single “Don’t Go” (#3 UK, #1 US Club Play) is released in the UK in July of 1982, it too becomes a hit. In the US, Sire Records opts to release the track “Situation” (#1 US Club Play, #73 Pop) instead. Quickly written by Clarke and Moyet, the song is originally issued in the UK as the B-side of “Only You”. Featuring Alison Moyet’s powerful blue eyed soul inflected vocals front and center, it creates an instant sensation on American dance floors, shooting to the top of the US dance chart. “Situation” is added to the US release, removing the track “Tuesday”. Just after that single is released, Sire shortens their name to Yaz to avoid legal trouble from the American blues label Yazoo Records. The full album follows in August of 1982, selling more than 300,000 copies in the UK, also becoming a major hit internationally, and spinning off a total of three singles including “The Other Side Of Love” (#13 UK). Originally released on CD in 1986, it is remastered and reissued in 2008. Out of print on vinyl since the early 90’s, the album is remastered and reissued by US audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2012, as part of their “Silver Label Series”. “Upstairs At Eric’s” peaks at number two on the UK album chart, number thirty seven on the Billboard R&B album chart, number ninety two on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the UK by the BPI, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Hey, this is a problem

For those of you who aren’t Australian, and for many Australians, the above image may not be too shocking to you. Coming from a place who’s popular culture is so heavily influenced by American culture, it can be easy to celebrate Australia Day in the same way that American celebrate ‘American (Independence) Day’. But the reality is not this way at all. In simple terms, Australia Day is the Australian equivalent of Thanks giving. It celebrates the landing of the First Fleet at Port Jackson, and as a result, the beginning of the colonisation of Australia. 

However, as is the case with Thanksgiving, there is political baggage that comes with it. This day is more than just the day that Australia was discovered, because it was absolutely discovered before. It is, instead, the day that colonies began to form, and was the first step in a long line of actions that systematically steal from, destroy land of, and hurt the First Nation people of Australia. By seeing this day as the be all to end all event to reflect on good Australian history, and our various accomplishments, we undermine the awful things we’ve done. Even to simply say that people should reflect on the bad, won’t change the history of celebration the day brings.

But here’s also the thing. Australia does have an independence day. Which, in reality, would be a way better day to celebrate the accomplishments of us as a people. The British Colonies of Australia form a Federation on January 1st 1901, and truly I think if we were to celebrate in accordance with America, we should be more inclined to do it then. But, this is not the only proposed option

May 8 has been proposed by many, many people as the day to celebrate. And why not? It sounds like the word Mate. It’s as good and arbitrary a reason as any to celebrate. And in this life of truly meaningless events, why not just choose the day that literally sounds the best. Honestly.

But ultimately, it’s something that needs to change. We, as a nation, have done many great things, but with that needs to come an understanding of the bad. We can understand the reflect on both, but to undermine the bad purely for the sake of the good will solve nothing. By changing Australia Day, we can show that we are capable of look at ourselves, and our history and admitting the sins of our fathers and that we are willing to make good of them. That progress can be made.

I recognise that many people won’t see this as a huge issue, but I implore you to share ti regardless. The fact that Australia Day is falsely labelled as Australian Independence Day and have been dubbed ‘Invasion’ or ‘Survival Day’ shows a serious backlash against these celebrations. I also recognise that Australia Day means a lot to a lot of Australians. There is nostalgia that comes with it, and to take that away, or pass it aside can hurt. But we need to recognise that in changing the day we celebrate and realising the reality of Australian History, we don’t take away those moments. They still happened, and they still can be enjoyed, but they are no reason to keep hurting so many people. 

3 Band Indie Indonesia yang Paling Mencuri Perhatian

Setelah maraknya Boyband dan Pop Melayu di blantika musik Indonesia, belakangan ini trend musik Indonesia sedang flashback ke jaman dimana genre Dangdut merajalela. Banyak program televisi di Indonesia lebih sering menyiarkan musik Dangdut. Hal ini yang membuat band-band Pop Melayu dan Boyband kurang mendapatkan tempat di dunia pertelevisian indonesia.

Namun bagi para musisi dan band ranah Indie, hal itu tidak begitu berpengaruh. Mereka mampu membuktikan eksistensi mereka melalui off-air gis yang terbilang padat. Baik di event pentas seni sekolah, pagelaran musik, maupun di venue-venue seperti cafe atau pub. Band dan musisi independent tetap mendapatkan tempat di hati para kaum anti-mainstream dikarenakan mereka mampu membentuk crowd mereka sendiri dengan cara yang lebih bebas dan tak terikat.

1. The S.I.G.I.T. (The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent)

Band yang pernah merilis album di bawah naungan label rekaman Australia ini, terbilang sangat mencuri perhatian kaum pencinta musik Garage Rock. Musik mereka yang selalu inovatif, penuh kebebasan berekspresi dan penuh aksi panggung mampu menjadikan band asal Bandung ini patut diacungi 2 jempol. Sebut saja lagu Clove Doper yang sempat populer di kalangan kawula muda.

2. Payung Teduh

Ditengah minimnya musikalitas nan puitis di negeri kita, Payung Teduh muncul dengan keteduhan musiknya. Ketika mereka ditanya soal aliran musik, mereka cukup menjawab “aliran kami ya payung teduh itu sendiri”. Tak ada pembatasan dari genre mereka namun nuansa folk pop cukup kental pada Payung Teduh. lagu mereka yang cukup booming adalah Resah dan Berdua Saja.

3. Endah'n'Rhesa

Duo pasangan suami istri ini mengusung aliran Ballads yang penuh dengan cerita. Endah Widiastuti bertindak sebagai Gitar dan vokal, sementara sang suami Rhesa Aditya sebagai pendentum Bass. Salahsatu keunggulan mereka adalah kemampuan mereka meracik lirik dan musik Ballads yang notabene penuh kesedihan menjadi ragam cerita menarik yang tidak menyedihkan. Lagu terbaik mereka yang cukup ear-catchy adalah Silence Island yang bercerita tentang pergolakan seorang individu dengan imajinasinya.



Australia as labelled by an Aussie. These are pretty accurate but don’t go using them for any assessments or homework lol

To be fair I’ve lived in the same house in NSW my whole life, only other places in Australia I’ve actually visited are Canberra on school trips and a mini holiday and The Gold Coast for Schoolies and a mini holiday



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Name: Raff
Year you were born: 1988
Where you live: Australia
Any labels (gender/sexuality): Bi
Single/taken: Single
Tumblr: @franklycats
IG: franklycats

Food: Broccoli
Color: Blue
Holiday: Halloween probably
Song: Praying by Kesha
Animal: Cats (big and small)
Book: Rena’s Promise
Clothing brand: RM Williams
Game: none atm
Topic you can talk about forever: vet med

Other questions -
What do you think is the most beautiful thing in your life right now?
The way I overcome my break up earlier this year (my mental health is getting so much better!!)

What’s a big change you’ve gone through recently?
Breaking up with my gf of 7 years

If money was irrelevant what job would you want?
A vet (and that’s what I’m working toward)

What traits of a person do you find attractive?
Intelligence, compassion, sense of humour

What topic do you feel passionate about?
Vet med. Racism. 

Describe your aesthetic.  
I don’t really have one lol

If you could have one wish, what would it be?
To pass all of my classes!

h42el  asked:

What do you look for when searching for a quality commercial kibble? Any ingredients that are red flags? We're on the hunt again. (1yo 8.6kg sighthound, in case it matters)

The only ingredient that’s a red flag for me is garlic.

We know garlic and allium species like onions are toxic to dogs. This is actually a fact. Garlic is not as toxic as onions but it can still cause haemolytic anaemias when fed either in a single massive dose, or long term low doses. Anyone who decided they ‘know better’ and added it into a dog food ‘for vitamins’ is a bit suss.

There are certain words that are red flags though. 'Organic’ means absolutely nothing on dog food, 'natural’ likewise means nothing and is most likely a marketing ploy.

Grain Free is a marketing ploy on the back of the trend in human diets to suddenly avoid gluten. I do think there is a benefit to having gluten free pets if you yourself must be gluten free, because they share our space so intimately (sleeping in beds, licking fur and rubbing against us or licking faces), but for most dogs and cats the whole anti-grain/wheat/corn thing means nothing. Some Irish Setters, some Border Terriers and IBD or food allergy dogs may be the exception, but most of the time I just can’t be bothered arguing about it. If the pet’s on grain free and doing fine, so be it.

A adult dog needs the following macro nutrients by dry matter: protein 20-25% fat 5-10% and maximum of 65% carbohydrates, which included non-digestible fibre for stool bulk. A young dog may cope with higher protein levels, as may a dog in a lot of work, but they’re not always necessary.

In terms of micro-nutrients, you’re going to have a lot of work if you want to analyse all of them. Getting the calcium:phosphorus ratio right is critical in growing animals. Vitamin D changes how these minerals are optimised. There are dozens of micronutrients that matter, and I’m not going into all of them.

“Complete and Balanced” on a pet food label in Australia means that these micronutrients are all present (Complete) and in the correct ratios (Balanced). This is a useful shortcut. Look in the supermarket for how many pet foods or treats are complete, but not balanced.

There’s a huge amount of work you can do to compare, if you chose to. Myself, I did a bunch of comparisons years ago and go with brands I trust as shortcuts (and nothing that says dogs are really wolves, paints my profession as evil or appeals to emotion over science). Life stage and size specificity is a big plus, as long as there is actually a nutritional difference between the foods. The cheapest dog food brand in the supermarket when I last checked had zero nutritional difference between 'adult’ and 'puppy’, which is less than useless.

Also helpful if it’s manufactured in your country, as less likely to be supply issues.

Short version:
Complete and Balanced
Lifestage and size appropriate

Oh, and vitamin C means nothing nutritionally for dogs and cats. They make their own. It is used as a natural preservative though, so anything advertised as 'lots of vitamin C’ is appealing to the human, not the pet.


Name: Sophie
Year you where born: 1999
Where you live: Australia
Any labels (gender/sexuality): bisexual
Single/taken: single
Tumblr: spacealienbabyelf
Snap: spaceelf666
IG: s4tanherself6

Food: mangoes
Colour: black
Season: winter
Band: I love too many to have a favourite but Marilyn Manson, mcr or the cure
Animal: cat
Tv series: stranger things or black mirror
Vacation spot: NZ
Sport to watch in the olympics: honestly don’t really watch
Topic you can talk about forever: bands, pointless stuff, conspiracy theories.

-The last
Book you read: The Devine comedy
Song you listened too: the real snake white by the cure
Tv series you binged: stranger things
Movie that made you cry: I don’t even remember

Where do you work: a grocery store
What’s the weather like: stormy
What is you’re background pick: real witchy shit
Celeb you want to meet: Marilyn Manson
Goal your working towards: mindfulness

Smoked weed: yes
Smoked cigarettes: yes
Drank alcohol: yes
Had you’re heart broken: yes
Been to prom: yes
Had surgery: yes
Got a tattoo: yes

One last random fact about you: bass player and painter