australia food

Laksa Hebat: organic Japanese udon noodles, spinach, mushrooms, bean sprouts in a ginger flower and lemongrass coconut stock. Topped with fried tempeh, tofu and seitan.

Carlton - Melbourne - Australia

Little Melbourne Things
  • frantically topping up your myki so you get to your train on time
  • the disgusting toilets at flinders st
  • the macca’s on swanston street
  • the giant pocket watch clock at melbourne central
  • all the coffee is great
  • having to walk a million kilometers to get to a vline platform
  • “it looks like it’s gunna be hot today i’ll wear cooler clothes…well fuck it’s raining now”
  • the ptv mates
  • wondering wtf occupies 90% of the flinders st building because it all looks abandoned af
  • theres always somethin goin on at fed square
  • taking a tram instead of walking for 10 minutes because youre just too lazy
  • dont even think about taking the train between 4 and 6, you will SUFFER
  • the tram noise
  • flying half way across the tram because it’s suddenly stopped
  • the really weird mix of old and modern architecture ??
  • the giant chess board out the front of the state library
  • HSPs…!!!!
  • the dread in your heart when you hear your myki get declined
  • getting horribly lost like mate you better know where you’re going bc i am sick of walking

Soy chicken, mushroom bacon, avocado, beetroot kraut and beetroot hummus in a matcha bun 🍔

Matcha Mylkbar
St Kilda - Melbourne - Australia


These guys are incredible. Direct action group, Anonymous for the Voiceless, show local standard-practice footage of what “food” animals experience every day. They operate weekly in Melbourne, Australia and hope to eventually gain a global presence. We’re starting a group in Edmonton, Alberta. Consider starting a one in your city!