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Cipher Hunt 2: The Sequel

Codemageddon, as we know of it, appears to be starting this summer! The summer of 2017! Who’s ready for the hype? This post is a summary of what we know.

Rumor has it that Jason Ritter is on the project, but Alex Hirsch isn’t.

There are several twitters linked to the project, that seem to be important: official, Ford, Stan, Dipper, Mabel

The twitters have produced some gems like this,

and this

So it’s worth a follow. We do not know what role they will be playing in the hunt.

There will be clues outside of the United States, in the British Isles and Australia.

The event is being called Codemageddon.

That’s all I know for now, folks! Keep your eyes peeled for more!


Sunday Tonday
12 March 2017

I LOVED the Vineyards 101 Ride in the Naturaliste region today with my DFL teamies. It was hard work with lots of hills. I got dropped by my team on the hills as usual, and had the ambos on my tail for a while as the temporary 101km lanterne rouge, but I soon caught up and overtook 80km riders, so perspective! Time-wise, I actually wasn’t far behind the DFLs, so we got team shots at the refreshment stations. It was a great course - the climbs came with picturesque views; the event was well-run; and all the field got back safely. I had to make a ‘nature stop’ in Eagle Bay - the public dunny featured hill mosaics so had to take time to snap a #baaw - but caught up with a lone guy and we completed the last big climb together (with selfie at the top), then sprinted the final downhill leg to the finish whooping all the way! No participation medals - boo-hoo! - but at least I have my Strava March Gran Fondo virtual badge!

No rest after the ride though. I ducked down to the beach for some icy cold water therapy - it was so good, packed up the car, showered and got pretty, then drove to Eagle Bay Brewery for a grilled trout lunch and a mid-strength beer! After lunch I drove the 100km back to Bunbury to collect The Husb and he took over the wheel for the 200km journey home. I thought I’d fall asleep but I talked the whole way home - talk about hyped! We went straight to my nephew’s birthday celebration and I somehow managed to stay up until almost mid-night.

laura.henshaw: Isn’t it just incredible when someone you look up to turns out to be even more inspirational in real life ❤ Today I am so grateful to have been able to spend some time with @karliekloss thanks to @adidasau. She was humble, sweet and had the most INCREDIBLE outlook on health and life. We were so lucky to be able to interview Karlie for our @keepitcleaner YouTube channel - I cannot wait to share her outlook on health with you all. It should be up by the end of the week ❤ #NEVERDONE


The Rainbow Crosswalks Of Sydney, Australia

A popular rainbow crosswalk has been suddenly removed from Sydney, Australia’s gay and lesbian district because the city claimed it was a traffic hazard. The crosswalk was created to honor the 35th anniversary of the gay and lesbian carnival, and supporters want to keep the crosswalk because they say it serves as a symbol of the city’s tolerance.

In response to the city removing the crosswalk, people have started creating their own rainbow crosswalks.

He knew i was too shy to go and talk to them and knowing that i had flown from Australia for the event he organises this photo within seconds. I don’t rightly know how i can thank you for this Phillip ‘Skinny Sisk’ Barantini.
One of my most beloved memories thanks to you

P.S. Rick Gomez, Ross McCall and James Madio all stood on chairs for this


vogueaustralia: A short message from @karliekloss who is in Melbourne for @adidasau. #neverdone #workoutwithkarlie


Canberra, Australia

anonymous asked:

When Melissa told Holly and Jess straight up not to come to those private events in Australia because she doesn't want drama and they are not invited, lol! And Jill wants all the children to be a part of Nia's performance? Yet she doesn't say anything about Nia and Jojo being excluded. And the moms whining for Nia's performance. Of course Holly will look for opportunities for her daughter when Abby doesn't include Nia in the dance.

Yeah Melissa acts like she’s not drama hahaha. I had heard that when Maddie performed on So You Think You Can Dance with Brynn and Jaycee Wilkins, Melissa went backstage and pitched a fit trying to make sure Maddie’s costume was a different color so she’d be featured. I dunno how true it is but it’s interesting lol.
And I will never understand why the mothers and their kids, who excluded Nia for years, suddenly wanna be involved now that Nia is going places. Very jealous of her starpower lol.