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Name: Elly
Age: 21
Country: Australia

I mean hey! I’m Elly. 21 and from NSW Australia. A pen pal? Yeah!!! I’ve always wanted one, those movies as a kid always made me curious about writing letters to someone I’ve never actually met…. so here I am.

What’s there to tell?
Well I’m a bit of an old soul but love just about everything. I have a love for just about everything spiritual and unique. Obsessed with a good book, baking, crystals, etc.
I guess telling everything here would defeat the purpose of getting to know me via becoming a pen pal?

But if you do want to know more you now know how to find me 😊

Preferences: Preferably around my age (21) and female but am happy to talk to anyone open minded, about any topic.

tenzen  asked:

"chucks a wobbly" what strange Australian language is this

Mate, make yourself a cuppa and I’ll explain it to you.

To ‘chuck a wobbly’ is a colloquial phrase used to imply that the individual doing the chucking of the wobby is being very angry in an undignified manner. Similar turns of phrase, with increasing severity and dramatics, include:

  • To have a tanty (tantrum)
  • To lose one’s banana (Alternatively, to flip one’s banana or ‘nana)
  • To chuck a wobbly
  • To pitch a major piss fit.

I hope that has helped!


Gillian:  I didn’t really base her on anybody.  Um…but she’s British so, uh, she has a British accent.

Interviewer:  Now we see, we’ve actually seen you on the red carpet in the UK and you actually had the British accent.  Are you like a chameleon, whenever you go around to different countries you just take on the….?  

Gillian:  No, I would but then I’d be talking in an Australian accent right now.  You know people are obsessed with this.  This is a really fascinating thing I’m finding cause people are completely obsessed with uh, what accent I have at any particular time.  And there is a reallyclear answer for it which is that I grew up in England and that was my first language, so to speak, and I live there now, and um….when I’m in the UK it’s really hard for me not to fall into the rhythm of that accent.  


ID #17529

Name: Meg
Age: 18
Country: Australia

Hey there!
I’m Meg and I’m an 18 year old girl from Australia. While I struggle to connect with people face to face, I love to chat and have deep conversations about anything and everything.

I love any genre of books and writing, but I am particularly partial to historical novels and classics. I adore history and I am going to study it in University along with education so that I can become a history teacher. I love learning about different cultures and their belief systems and i adore mythology. I am constantly surrounded by music, whether I’m constantly listening to music or playing it myself, it never stops.
I love photography but I’m not that skilled or anything, I just love nature and beautiful things. I also love space and stars because it is so calming and beautiful. I want to travel in the future and experience new things, and I’m hoping to get the chance to teach in a country less fortunate than mine later on in life. I also love acting and musical theatre. And have worked and performed in many different shows.

Honestly, I have a pretty broad range of interests that can range from show tunes to rock and span sci-fi and action movies to classic films. I’m really open to trying new things so if we don’t share interests don’t be put off, I’d love to chat.

Preferences: I would prefer to start out via online and then maybe progress to mail when we know each other better.
I’d prefer someone around my age, so 17-23 would be the age range.


George Hyde Pownall (1866 or 1876-1932, England/Australia)


Pownall was an English painter of the Edwardian period, His small, vivid paintings of London, the West End, and the Thames are often overlooked when people consider city painting in the early 20th century, and this has not been helped by inaccurate or lacking biographical information relating to the artist’s life.

An accomplished musician and landscape painter, Pownall was born in England in 1866 (or 1876) and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in about 1911. He worked as a conductor, composer, tenor singer and pianist, painting in his spare time. His paintings are in the plein air style of Impressionism, and the sketch-like fluidity also resembles artists of this school, though Pownall’s technique is recognisably his own.

ID #14507

Name: Tom
Age: 25
Country: Australia

Hi, I’m Tom. Actually, that’s a lie. Tom is not my real name. I like pseudonyms. Creating a pseudonym for yourself is like being able to tell your story as if you were a character in a long and complex book you once read, long ago. The name Tom appeals to me because of its simplicity. It conjures the image of a quiet, peace-loving farmer in an old fantasy tale who helps the more extravagantly named hero on their journey to defeat evil. I’m 25 years old, I work for the Australian government (in much less an exciting way than you’re imagining) and I’m doing a master’s degree. Should we become acquainted, naturally I shall disclose my real name.

I think it would be inaccurate of me to say that I am looking for a pen pal. A more accurate statement would be that I am looking for a person with whom I can form a connection — and that connection would necessarily exist via the medium of writing emails as pen pals. I use this distinction because I want it to make it clear that I intend on being relatively selective with whom I choose to write, not out of some misguided elitism or obnoxiousness, but because sometimes individuals are simply not likely to form a connection of this type with one another. Anyone who has had pen pals before will know that much of the time, these connections fall away after a few weeks or months. People have busy lives, and these connections can be hard to maintain, especially once you’ve gone over the basics of your life. Working out what to write can be hard and confusing.

If you’ve read this far without thinking “what a [insert expletive here] then: yay! Hopefully we can be friends. I like to write (very) long, often rambling emails (you’ve probably already gathered that) talking about everything and also about absolutely nothing. I like to write my weird thoughts and also about my life and what happens in it. I like to read about the same (although hopefully about your life instead!) I want to know what you like, dislike, love, and hate. I want to know what keeps you awake at night, and what puts you off to sleep. What do you think about when you’re on the bus, the train or stuck in traffic? What are you passionate about? Are you always thinking about something? Tell me about what makes you you. And I’ll tell you about me in return!

Preferences: 18+

ID #89333

Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hi! I am an aspiring artist and writer and am currently undertaking year 12. I have wanted to look for a pen pal for a while and it would be lovely to have someone with similar interest as me, which would be literature and studying, I know, what a nerd. I am hoping to become an English teacher for secondary students later on in life and possibly taking up Psychology. I also love music, opera to rock, to pop music. It would be lovely to find someone.

Preferences: I don’t really have any preferences, anyone’s fine really!

ID #61352

Name: Ren
Age: 17
Country: Australia

I’m your girl!

Hey! My name is Ren, I’m 17, and I’m from Australia. I’m an ambitious, driven and passionate young woman with a love of learning.

I’m still in school, so I spend much of my time studying -but I don’t mind. I enjoy it. When I’m not studying, I’m hitting the gym or reading the words of a nineteenth century German philosopher (Nietzsche or Marx? You’ll never know!)

I’m emotionally inept but have a knack at solving other people’s life problems. I would describe myself as intelligent, logical and a little bit stubborn. The combination of these traits creates a mess not many wish to tamper with, but I hope that some poor, lonely soul out there will be intrigued.

I love debating and learning new things. I’m very interested in politics, philosophy and psychology, but I’m also learning a few languages. My native language is English, but I’m also learning Italian and Japanese. I’m much better at Japanese than Italian.

Preferences: I’m looking for fellow intellectual. I don’t care what you look like, where you come from or how you identify. I don’t care if you’re 15 or 50. I’m looking for a mental sparring partner, someone who challenges my world view and encourages me to learn new things. I post this in the hopes that I will find someone that I won’t get bored of -relationships are hard to maintain when you have the emotional capabilities of a goldfish. I would prefer to email at first and then move on to an instant messaging platform. If I really enjoy your company, and you just so happen to live in Australia, I wouldn’t be averse to phone calls.