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“You are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had” 


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Today has been a somewhat productive day. Finished my notes for Chemistry and Further Mathematics and I managed to change next week’s bullet journal spread (´∀`) I also found out that BTS are to have a concert in Australia, but they’re not coming to Melbourne (´;︵;`) I was really looking forward to seeing them live. *sigh* Anyways, I uploaded a little preview of my weekly spreads for the next 4 weeks up onto my snapchat (@ttstudys). So add me if you want to have a look ;) 

Materials: Milan Cone-Tipped Water Based Fibre Pens in Grey and Light Yellow, 0.5 Black Gel Ink Pen, Muji Plastic Mechanical Pencil & Keji Correction Tape


Broadway superstar and Disney legend, Lea Salonga, just kicked off a series of five concerts in Australia, beginning with three sold-out shows at the iconic Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Cancer Crew preference - How they act at a concert.

Cancer Crew Preference - How they’d act at a concert.
A/N FUCK btw its my school’s Xmas meal tomorrow so no upload 😎

•It wasn’t your first concert but it was your first standing.
•Joji would be protective, if anyone pushed you too roughly he would turn into the terminator™
•"Can you see?“
• "Is he too close”
•He would turn to face you during his favourite song and sing to you
•f l u f f

•"Can you see? “ ” no “ "get on my shoulders”
•He would hoist you up on his shoulders, you sat above everyone else.
•A few people groaned which resulted in max yelling.
•When you accidently pulled his hair because he nearly dropped you he’d shout ‘Stop it cunt’.
• “That was fucking good.”

• “Ha, look at that faggot, what are you, fucking gay?”
• “Ian, he’s like 4.”
• So angsty all night.
•He liked to watch you get into the music though.
•He paid more attention to you then the actual concert.

• “Standing a little close there, aren’t you?”
• “This song reminds me of you.”
• “This lighting makes you look shocking.” “Thanks chad” “anytime cunt”

• “Sir, you can’t bring these eggs onto the premises.”


Trees speech 010417

Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia

(mine, sorry for crappy quality i was excited/sad)