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“You are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had” 


180217 • Chemistry Notes • 🎧 : Zero - Dino 》

Today has been a somewhat productive day. Finished my notes for Chemistry and Further Mathematics and I managed to change next week’s bullet journal spread (´∀`) I also found out that BTS are to have a concert in Australia, but they’re not coming to Melbourne (´;︵;`) I was really looking forward to seeing them live. *sigh* Anyways, I uploaded a little preview of my weekly spreads for the next 4 weeks up onto my snapchat (@ttstudys). So add me if you want to have a look ;) 

Materials: Milan Cone-Tipped Water Based Fibre Pens in Grey and Light Yellow, 0.5 Black Gel Ink Pen, Muji Plastic Mechanical Pencil & Keji Correction Tape