australia christmas

lol the concept of dan and phil referring to the place they share together as ‘home’ and where their parents’ live as ‘my parents’ place’ or ‘my parents’ house’ is something that fucks me up every day because they say it so off-handedly and so naturally like…they made a home out of shitty furnitures that they haven’t bothered to change since 2012 and candles and houseplants and plushies and dvds and videogames and photos and paintings and little cracks on the floor and countless of mugs and colorful bright decoration and things that remind the other of each other like what the fuck dan and phil have a home together in london dan and phil have each other as a home what kind of government bullshit is this 


Some of the fun shots from my Overwatch Xmas cartoon,
 How the Reaper Stole Christmas!

Very grateful to Yoav / The Living Tombstone for doing the amazing audio and music for this piece. We got it finished and uploaded on Christmas Day, both in the US and Australia!

Christmas may be over now, but I hope people still enjoy it!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to ya!


A Peacock Spider Christmas

(Turn the sound on for this one!)

idk if y’all americans and that know this, but in Australia instead of snow at christmas we get these lil shiny bugs everywhere and they’re attracted to the christmas lights and we call them christmas beetles

and despite being australian they don’t bite or anything they just crawl around on your hand and it’s such a good and pure feeling and yeah


Merry Christmas everyone!

The 13 Hour Flight - A Calum Hood Imagine

“How am I supposed to relax and get comfortable if you’re dancing around with your ridiculous headphones on?” Calum asks, poking me in the shoulder.

“Sorry, what?” I ask. Couldn’t hear a word of what he said over the thumping tune in my ears.

“You. Dancing.” He points at me. “Me stuck here for another 13 hours on this flight. Me not being able to rest because you are throwing elbows while dancing around.” He furrows his brow and pretends to close his eyes to sleep.

“How can I sleep when you made me a playlist for the flight? You put my favorite song first in line, you should expect nothing less.” He peeps one eye open and yawns.

“I know but you’ve got the whole flight to listen. Why not sleep right now while it’s night time and do it after?” He picks up the blanket that’s only covering his lap and tries to shuffle it on to mine.

“Cal, I can’t sleep. I’m too excited and nervous all at once. I’ve never been to Australia at Christmas, let alone Australia at all! And now we’re flying first class and I’m meeting your parents for the first time and I’m just a bundle of nerves! What if they hate me?” I clutch my head and then cover my eyes while I try to calm down the internal breakdown.

“Hey, come here.” He stretches his arm over my shoulder and brings me in to his own. “They’ll love you, don’t worry.”

“How do you know?” I ask, looking up at him.

“Because I love you, and that’s enough for them.” With a kiss on the forehead he turns off the overhead light and I close my eyes, trying to find a sleep that’s escaped me for the last week in anticipation.