australia christmas


Some of the fun shots from my Overwatch Xmas cartoon,
 How the Reaper Stole Christmas!

Very grateful to Yoav / The Living Tombstone for doing the amazing audio and music for this piece. We got it finished and uploaded on Christmas Day, both in the US and Australia!

Christmas may be over now, but I hope people still enjoy it!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to ya!


A Peacock Spider Christmas

(Turn the sound on for this one!)

idk if y’all americans and that know this, but in Australia instead of snow at christmas we get these lil shiny bugs everywhere and they’re attracted to the christmas lights and we call them christmas beetles

and despite being australian they don’t bite or anything they just crawl around on your hand and it’s such a good and pure feeling and yeah


Merry Christmas everyone!