australia and his freaky wildlife

Every nation is proficient at some sort of martial art:

Japan is good at Kendo and Karate,

China is good at Tai chi,

Germany knows German ju-jutsu,

Prussia is proficient in kampfringen,

Russia knows Sambo,

Ukraine does the combat hopka,

Italy is good at fencing,

Romano is surprisingly good with a staff,

Australia does coreeda,

America knows MCMAP (Marine Corp. Martial Arts Program) and after he saw Batman Begins went to Spain to learn the Keysi Fighting Method,

Spain does the juego de palo, knows how to use an axe and is a master of the Keysi Fighting method,

France practices Savate,

Canada practices Defendo

and England is a master at Shin Kicking.

Each nation can actually see their respective legends. Eg-
Australia can see drop bears and has a pet rainbow serpent.
Scotland has the Loch Ness monster and unicorns.
England can see faeries and other various creatures.
And so on and so forth. The only people that can actually see everyone’s creatures are England, Norway and Romania.

Established nations aren’t the only ones with personifications. However, they are the only ones who appear as human, because they consider the human population the most defining feature of their nation. Unestablished or uninhabited areas might be personified by an animal or an insect, until they are colonized. (There’s a running joke going on in the Allies that Australia was originally a tarantula.)

After the Lip Gloss incident, Australia started finding little lip gloss piles in his seat at the following meetings. One of the other joker nations, such as Prussia, America, or Denmark, would always end up bursting out laughing soon enough and he’d chuck the pile at their head. He always gets them back by leaving some creepy crawly from his country in their seat the following day. Last time he did, America shrieked so loud he made England jump and drop his tea cup, breaking it. Both America and Australia got a stern talking to after that.

Once Australia, Wy and New Zealand invited Hutt River along to spend the day with them as a family.

…He saw a spider and freaked out and ran away, screaming they were ‘uncultured’ and 'filthy’.

Wy made payback by forcing him to join her at the phony nation table, much to his displeasure.

Ever since visiting Australia’s house, the micronations keep coming up with ideas to use his wildlife to gain recognition. These never get past planning, because Hutt River and Wy refuse to go anywhere near a redback unless they absolutely have to.