When Eric Thomason in Maslin Beach, Australia, looked out across the ocean, he saw - to his great surprise - how an object rose from the waves and started flying towards him. When the object came nearer, Eric took out his camera and started taking photographs.

The photographs are quite sensational, and there are really just two alternatives: either Eric Thomason’s photographs are the most astounding so far, or it’s just a simple hoax.


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Innovative Care Saves Endangered Tree Kangaroo at Adelaide Zoo

by ZooBorns staff

In a world first for conservation, Adelaide Zoo Keepers and Veterinarians saved the life of an orphaned Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, named Makaia, by utilizing a surrogate wallaby mother. It’s a technique never attempted before with a Tree Kangaroo!

In November last year, zookeepers arrived early one morning to make a horrible discovery. Overnight, a falling branch had crushed the zoo’s three-year-old female Tree Kangaroo, orphaning a five-week-old joey.

Zookeepers made the decision to try and save the tiny joey. Due to the young age of the male joey, hand rearing was not possible, which meant the only option available was to try and ‘cross-foster’ the joey into the pouch of a surrogate wallaby mother.

Find the rest of the amazing story, and see video:  ZooBorns.com