Top Shot: Monochrome Crocs

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Two crocodiles cruise around a lake in North Queensland, Australia. The photographer was drawn to the juxtaposition of the two powerful creatures and the delicate reflection of the trees above them. Photograph by Amy Shire


managed to catch Years & Years performing King on Sunrise in Sydney this morning :)

“Mikey you’re Australian! How do you go from Australia to the UK and end up in such a huge band?”

Mikey: “It’s a 23 hour flight.”

*whole studio explodes in laughter*

“How did you become so famous in the UK?”

Olly: “Yeah Mikey, how’d you do it?” *laughing*

Mikey: “I just uh, winged it. It’s all luck!”


Nike Kyrie 1 “Australia”

Retail: $110

Colors: Teal-Green Strike/Metallic copper

Release Date: July 26, 2015

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More information on the new update! (Which, you likely already know…)

First up, the update will be launched in Australia and New Zealand on the 6th of August! Whoo! If it’s like any other update, you’ll see it in game around 12pm AEST.

There is a tonne of new content coming out in this update:

  • Two new Matchmaking modes!
  • New weapon types!
  • Increased weapon cap and rank!
  • More than 40 pieces of new gear!

For a little more info on this sweet junk, click the read more below!

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