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Ali Calder is currently the official Elphaba Stand-by in the Wicked Australasian Tour. This is the evolution of her Defying Gravity (NZ-SYD).

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Do you know how many Australasia/Oceanic-type tours there's been?

It depends on your definition of it all. :) If talking replica versions of the ALW musical, here’s a short overview: 

Canadian Far East Tour: 1995 (Singapore, Hong Kong) 

Original Australian tour: 1994-98 (Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaine, Auckland NZ, Melbourne, Perth - following the original Melbourne production who ran from 1990-93) 

(South Korean sit-down production 2000-01**) 

Original World Tour: 2004-09 (Pretoria, Cape Town, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, 2nd Australian tour*, Taipei)

*2nd Australian tour: 2007-09 (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland NZ, Perth, Adelaine) 

(South Korean sit-down production 2009-10**) 

Continued World Tour: 2011-15 (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Manla, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Daegu, Taipei, Hong Kong, Istanbul) 

It varies whether the English languaged South African productions are reckoned as a part of the World Tour or not. Originally they were labeled as such, but they quit doing that. I refer to them as World Tour here.

To add to the confusion, the World Tour is just as often referred to as “Australiasian Tour” and similar. But their original tag was World Tour. 

**There’s also been Korean languaged productions in South Korea; there are usually not reckoned as a part of the World Tour, but they do use the same sets, costumes, instrumentations etc. in between World Tour stops. The South African productions was in 2004 + 2011-12, and the South Korean ones in 2001-02, and again in 2009-10. 

And of course “Phantom of the Opera” has also been on repertoire in Japan since the opening in Tokyo in 1988. The list looks something like this: 
Tokyo, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sapporo

what happened during coldplays australasian tour 2012:
  • the title says “australasia” but didnt actually play in asia
  • in new zealand they were high as fUCK
  • they soundchecked in melbourne by playing violet hill
  • apparently some girls were crying because of guys handsomeness
  • they like sydney better than any other city in australia
  • they went on sunrise
  • sunrise interviewed chris martins dad
  • turns out his dad is a posh motherfucker
  • “how do you pronounce the albums name” “you dont”
  • chris sat down during hlh in the intimate show because his leg was sore
  • coldplay got an instagram
  • chris tweeted a photo of them in the studio
  • chris and jon went onto the kyle and jackie o and said ‘our next album is easier to pronounce’
  • two shows in sydney why not two shows in eVEYRUD STATE B OYS
  • remember the time people got upset when chris said during the brisbane show 'this is our last show for 3 years’
  • and then the whole world just assumed that he meant theyre taking a break al-fucking-together

i think this tour was a very defining tour