australasian tour

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Felix something's up with you the last few days , your totally trolling, he he he , do you know something your not sharing , come on , we are all friends now . Sharing is caring ❤️

No anon. I am just having a laugh with Skippy. It’s been boring and we want to keep you guys entertained because as you know Meghan is hiding under her dooner after the wedding which she wasn’t there at all as she promised us she would be and Harry is busy with his Royal Australasian tour at the moment.

Have a great day anon.



“I can with a very confident heart recommend it: if you come, you’re going to see WICKED”
“The best since the original broadway cast”
-Stephen Schwartz on the touring Australasian company of WICKED


Celebrating the witches of 2014!
In order: Broadway, West End, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour, UK/Ireland Tour, Mexico City, and Australasian Tour.