I can’t really express how thankful i am to have these amazing boys and how much these two beautiful dogs have helped me though some really hard times as strange as it is! there therapy for me they know when I\m sad or stress over if my anxiety is bad and they comfort me they just know and for that I’m so grateful! and i will always make sure thy live a the best life they can they are for sure spoiled little brats heheh

Is He Okay?

Request// Could you do a Scott Imagine where you guys meet at the animal clinic and some fluff!!!

A/N// Thank You For Your Request. We Think This Is Super Cute, Hope You Like What We Have Wrote.

It was a glorious Saturday morning. I had no homework, because I only moved to Beacon Hills a few days ago. I had no plans for the weekend, so it was all mine. To just relax and do nothing. I didn’t bother to get dressed, I just pulled your duvet off you bed and wrapped it around myself. I waddled downstairs, then into the living room.“Nothing could spoil this day” I said thinking out load, but I spoke to soon. My mom walked though the door and saw me on the sofa wrapped up.

“Ohh sweetie are you feeling okay?” My mom asked with a concerned look on her face thinking that I weren’t very well. I gave her a small smile and laughed.

“Yeah mom i’m fine. Just being lazy” I replied.

“Oh well that’s good to hear, because your dad and I are going to work now, so you will have to take Max to the vets, to get his monthly check up.” And right on queue, My Australian shepherd  Puppy came strolling in and sitting right in front of me. “The card for the vets is on the side in the kitchen, so don’t forget to take that with me, The appointments at 1 pm.” She said in a hurry while leaving the house, with my dad running behind her.

“Well that just leaves me and you now pup, you be good when I go and get ready” All for my day watching TV and catching up on the my current TV show Supernatural. I wanted to see more of Sam and Dean hunt more of the supernatural. But guess that would have to wait till I get back from the vets.

I pick up Max and Carried him stairs. I let him down when I got into my bedroom and went for a quick shower. When I got back into my bedroom, It looked like a snow storm. Max had ripped up all 4 of my pillows and there were feathers everywhere. Max came running up to me like nothing had happened. It was already 12 pm so I had to ignore the mess and get ready. I throw you hair up into a bow, when it dried, then I did your make up, then got dressed. By this time it was 12:40. 

I picked Max up and held him like a baby, raced down stairs and grabbed my car keys and the card what you mom insisted that I don’t forget and headed straight for the car. I placed my pup onto the passenger seat, then put my belt on, then started the ignition. Max gave me the puppy dog eyes and he probably get the hit of where you were going. I hated when he gave me the puppy dog eyes because I would all ways give into them ocean blue eyes. But not this time.

I parked up and hopped out of the car and grabbed Max. When I opened the door of the vets a bell rang signalling my entrance. No one was at the desk so I waited. After a few minutes a boy with the dreamiest brown eyes, Spiked up brown hair walked over to the desk, he had the sweetest smile ever.

“Hi, my name’s Scott, what can I help you with today?” The teen, who looked around my age asked.

“Um, hi My name is Y/N, and i’m bring this one for his monthly check up” I say with a smile on your face. He gave you a smile back.

“Have you got his card?” He asked.

“Oh yes” I say while grabbing the card out of my back pocket and handing it to Scott while my hands touch as I passed it to him, which gave me butterflies. 

After he scanned the card he handed me it back and asked me to follow him. When I got into the room, Scott grabbed Max off me and placed him on to the table.

“I love these types of dog” He said breaking me from my day dream.

“Me too, I wanted one since I was little and my mom and dad finally gave in a couple of weeks ago, They said they thought it would be good to get him now because we just moved here a couple of days ago” I claimed

“I thought I haven’t seen you around before, I couldn’t forget seeing a pretty face like yours” Scott said making me blush, and putting an even bigger smile on my face.

While Scott was checking Max out he looked confused, which made me worry.

“What’s up, is he okay?” I asked nervously

“What’s this?” He replied picking a feather from Max’s tail.

“Stupid” I laughed playfully slapping his arm. He started laughing at my reaction.

“You got me all worried then, I thought something was up with him, and the feather is from my pillows” I said beginning to laugh.

“What happened to your pillows?” Scott asked.

“It was my fault, I left him in my bedroom when I got a shower, and well when I came out of my bathroom, I can say 1 little puppy can make a hell of a big mess with 4 feathered pillows” I told Scott the story. Which made him burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny, I have to clean all of that up now before my mum and dad get home from work. Which means I get less time watching supernatural” You say

“You like stuff about supernatural?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I love the show and I love the supernatural, sometimes I would love it all to come true, well not the demon’s” You chuckled, Scott laughed and gave me another sweet smile. I could look at that smile all day if I could.

“Well his doing well and everything seems to be in order, and Y/N can I ask you a quick question?” Scott asked.

“Yeah sure” I said

“How much of Beacon Hills have you seen?” Scott questioned.

“Not much, like I said I have only been here for a few days” I claim

“Could I take you out sometime, like take you out and show you some of the best places in Beacon Hills?” He said giving you the puppy dog eyes.

“Oh don’t do those eyes, Max always does them, and the answer to you question would be a yes, I would love to.” I say, Then Scott gave me the biggest Smile.

He handed me his phone and told me to put my number in and he could ring me when he was free. When I handed him his phone back I gave him a quick hug and thanked him for the kind gesture. But I got cut short from Max barking at us both. Scott turned to him then looked at me.

“I don’t think he like’s the thought of me stealing his girl” He laughed.

I picked up Max and carried him back to my car. As I put you belt on my phone started ringing. It was a unknown number. 

“Hello?” I asked

“Just checking you gave me the right number, not a fake one like to a Mexican take out” It was Scott who was ringing me

“Oh my god Scott why would I do that to you, Jerk.” Scott was silent for a second and I thought you said something wrong. Then..

“Bitch” Scott said Laughing down the phone

“You watch it!” I shouted in excitement

“Yeah sorry I took awhile to answer not watched it in a while and I remembered that if Sam called Dean a Jerk he would call him a Bitch, Glad you got it, or that would of gone horribly wrong and I was thinking maybe after I show you around Beacon Hills, We could watch it together.” Scott says

“That’s a great Idea” I replied

“Then its a date” Scott end the phone call and I was the happiest girl in the world. I turned to Max and said.

“Thank you for needing your monthly check up”.

My family has been rescuing dogs non stop lately. My sisters house has 3 rescues currently, and my mom couldn’t be outdone, so she rescued her 3rd now. Meet Joey, the tiny Blue Heeler/Austrailan Shepard adorable ball of bork