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Had to remake my masterpost because I changed my blog url and Tumblr wouldn’t allow me to go into my original post and edit. 

 Also, this took me about three times longer to make than it should have because I was rereading all the asks that you all had sent from when I started and all throughout the entire AM story. And honestly it just made me emotional because I had been so terrified, and I mean TERRIFIED to put my writing on here and now I’m just like “I didn’t edit this before I posted it, message me if there’s a big error.” On one hand that’s just me being lazy af, but on the other hand, I’ve become so comfortable posting on here and comfortable with all of you that I don’t fear any negative feedback and I just never thought I would be like that in writing. 

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for these last six months (holy ef six months!)  I would write a lot more and get a lot more emotional and dramatic, but I’m really tired. Maybe another time. 

The Ties That Bind (Auston Matthews)


Part 1 Here.

A/N: Yes I’ve decided this will have a third part. I just couldn’t end it at two! Also I’m sorry for the long wait. Thank you all for your support on part one and for your patience on part two, and thank you in advance for your patience on part three!

Warnings: angst, cursing, cheating

Word Count: ~4k.

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Wholeheartedly /1/ Auston Matthews

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 A/N: Here is the long waited first part of the Dad Auston series. This entire series is basically made up of requests I got, that just so happened to flow organically and make up a great story. So, please enjoy my loves. Also this is 3.4K words, I got a tad carried away.

You literally ran into Auston Matthews one day while you were teaching a learn to skate class. The two of you hit it off, which turned into the two of you calling one another when you needed to blow off some steam. At some point in between the hook ups the two of you found yourselves falling in love with each other. You were well aware that your relationship was something out of a romcom, but was that such a bad thing

He proposed a year after your officially started dating. He didn’t propose in any extravagant way, because he knew you’d absolutely hate it. Instead he pulled you aside after they clinched a playoff spot. You’d all been out celebrating the win, drinking with everyone. It was the last thing that you’d expected, but when he pulled you away and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him, there was no way you could ever say no. You knew from the first official date, that didn’t include the two of you in a bed, that you wanted to marry him.

So, almost two years later, the two of you stood in front of all of your friends and family and promised yourselves to one another. Your wedding wasn’t flashy or over the top. You and Auston had decided to keep it plain and simple. Not to say that his team didn’t come up with a few shenanigans.

However, what caught the both of you, was when only five months into your marriage, a pregnancy test came back positive. You panicked, god did you panic. You weren’t ready to be a mom. You couldn’t even think about telling Auston, but he walked in on you, mid-breakdown. He dropped to his knees so he could be at eye level and promised that he was with you every step of the way.

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Don’t ask me why I made this

@igotthistoreadstuff provided the photos lmfaoooo I hate us


hello (a.m)

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a/n: I’m thinking of making 1 or 2 more parts for this, not sure yet. ps.I love this gif so it’s not funny also, I don’t even know what direction i’m taking this so please feel free to tell me how shit it is bc I know

part 1

word count:1,952

warning: lies, mentions of cheating, cursed words, i don’t even know anymore?? it’s pretty crappy

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Auston Matthews - Part 32

81440 words, 159 pages and countless followers later, this is my last post for my first story and I could not be more grateful. 

“Oh, come one! One more dance,” I beg Auston, pulling on his hand in a failed attempt to get him to stand. “Please,” I pout, giving him the full effect of my too big of eyes and pouty lip.

               “You’re a pain in the ass,” Auston grumbles at me before getting to is feet much to my delight.

               “If my parents weren’t here and watching us like a couple hawks, I could give you a really good dance,” I whisper to him and he makes a face at me.

               “Why you gotta do that? We are in the middle of a reception where I can do nothing to you,” Auston complains, letting my drag him back out onto the dance floor.

               “Well,” I start, putting my arms around his neck as a slow song picks up. “My parents are staying here in the hotel tonight… I told them that I would just stay at the house and go home early in the morning…” I cock my head to the side and give him a grin.

               “Are you saying that your childhood home is going to be vacant for an entire night?” Auston asks me, raising his eyebrows at me.

               “I am saying that,” I nod, licking my lips as he puts his hands on my waist.

               “So I get to take this dress off you a second time?”

               I laugh. “Technically you just unzipped it the first time,” I correct him and he rolls his eyes. “But yes, you can take this dress off for me. But I have something else in mind that I will need to put on,” I give him a smug look and his goes still.

               “What do you mean?” He asks and I can see the excitement in his eyes.

               “I guess you’ll just have to be a good boy for another…” I look at my pretend watch on my wrist. “Thirty-two minutes.”

               Auston sighs dramatically and starts swaying me to the soft music again.

               “I hate you sometimes,” he mumbles and I giggle.

               “Hmmm, I don’t think you do,” I say softly, leaning my forehead against him.

               Auston breathes in deeply and his brown eyes meet mine, glowing with affection that makes my heart ram against my ribs.

               “I think you’re right,” he whispers and goosebumps erupt all over my skin.

               “I love you,” I say, kissing his lips softly.

               “I love you,” he whispers back, moving his lips to my forehead as I rest my head against his chest, even as the song comes to an end and a more upbeat song pulses through the speakers.

               “Mind if I cut in?” My mother’s voice says behind me and I lift my head off of Auston to smile at her.

               “Be my guest,” I tell her, moving out of Auston’s arms as my mother takes his out stretched hand.

               I smile to myself as I back away from them and back into the maze of tables surrounding the dance floor. Watching them twirl around the dance floor and Auston’s cheek turn pink at something my mother says to him.

               “There you are!” A loud voice says making me jump. I look over to see Melissa barreling towards me, white dress billowing out behind her looking like a goddess.

               “Here I am!” I exclaim, taking her hands in my own as she reaches me.

               “Oh, Y/N, tonight has been so perfect,” Melissa says, her eyes aglow and her cheeks a pretty pink with excitement.

               “I know! Everything is so beautiful and everyone is having so much fun! And…” I raise her hand up so the lights above catch the ring on her finger. “I’m so incredibly proud of you.” I say and tears well behind her eyes.

               “You’re going to make me cry again!” She wails and I pull her into my arms, tears in my own eyes. “I’m just happy we both found someone, me a wife and you… that glorious boy wooing your mother right now.”

               I giggle and pull away from her to look over my shoulder to see Auston pull my mother up from a low dip, her face is cherry red and she’s giggling like mad.

               “I think she’s had a little too much to drink tonight,” I laugh and Melissa nods.

               “I think so too, but hey, at least she’s having fun and it hasn’t turned into Aunt Cassie’s birthday party yet,” Melissa smirks at me.

               “True, all the poles seem untouched,” I say.

               “There you two are!” Another voice says and I look over to see Emily, Melissa’s brand new wife sauntering over. “Keeping my wife from me I see,” she winks at me and pecks Melissa on the mouth.

               “My bad, she’s all yours Emily,” I grin, squeezing Melissa’s hand once more before releasing it.

               “Nonsense! I came over here to dance with my two favorite girls,” Emily exclaims, taking both Melissa and me by the arm and dragging us out onto the dance floor. I laugh as they dance around me, both a little uncoordinated due to the amount of wine both of them have had. Auston joins me once again after a few more songs of dancing with my mother before passing her off to my father. His hands slip to my hips, my back against his front and I wiggle against him making his hands tighten around my waist.

               “Y/N, don’t you dare,” he whispers in my ear and I bite my lip.

               “What am I doing?” I ask him and he scowls, tapping my nose with his finger.

               “You know exactly,” he says and then he smirks at me. “If I had known that sleeping with you would unleash this kind of attitude, I would have been more persistent a few weeks ago,” he whispers. I swat at him and push against his chest.

               “It’s just because your friends aren’t here for me to babysit, mama needs to let loose sometimes,” I grin at him and he laughs.

               “I can loosen you up whenever you want,” he says and then is interrupted by a commotion by the door and I know it’s time for the newlyweds to depart, which means Auston and I get to do that same shortly after.

               “Come on,” I say, taking his hand and tugging him to my rightful place as maid of honor and secure Auston at my side.

               We wave and throw the rice, kissing my favorite cousin and new second favorite cousin on the cheek as they make their way down the steps to their waiting chariot, or in this case their waiting Mercedes. We wind through the crowd and finally spot my parents who are already heading back inside to continue the party.

               “Mom! Dad!” I call after them, Auston and I hurrying up the stairs to them. “We’re going to take off, gotta leave early to get Auston to practice in the morning,” I huff at them, out of breath from the six stairs I had to climb to get to them.

               “Oh so soon?” My mom pouts and engulfs me in her arms. More tears well in my eyes, which has become a norm every time I talk to her on the phone or anytime that I caught a glimpse of her on the dancefloor.

               “Unfortunately,” I say, rubbing her back gently.

               She puts her hands on my shoulders and takes a step back, her hands going to my cheeks.

               “You really look so beautiful,” she whispers and I blush.

               “I look like you, mama, of course I look pretty,” I smile and she winks at me.

               “And you’re just as humble as your mama,” she kisses my forehead and hands me off to my dad, taking Auston into an embrace as well. I can see her whispering something to him but before I can make it out my view is cut off by my dad roping me in a hug.

               “Miss you, baby girl,” he whispers and I close my eyes, burying my face into his neck.

               “I miss you more,” I whisper back and raise my head, giving him an up and down look. “Forgot to tell you that you clean up good, dad.”

               He chuckles and pats my hair much to my dismay. “What can I say, you watch hockey players get to the rink every day, you learn,” he winks at me and I giggle.

               “Take care of yourself, kid,” he says gruffly and I throw my arms around him once more before taking Auston’s hand and leaning into his shoulder. My father and Auston shake hands, my dad gazing at him fondly but sternly.

               “And you take care of her as well,” my dad says and I roll my eyes.

               “Of course, sir,” Auston stammers, nodding at my father. I find it hilarious that Auston is intimidated by him.

               “Come on,” My mom says, rolling her eyes at me as she takes my father’s hand and drags him back into the hotel.

               Auston and I make our way to his car, complete with two overnight bags in the backseat. The second I’m buckled in, Auston roars out of the parking lot. I grab at my seat and give him an amused look.

               “Eager to go?” I ask sweetly and he throws a filthy look my way.

               “If you think for one second that your words left my mind once the last hour you are dead wrong,” he snaps at me.

               “Well that’s saying something given you were dancing with my mother half of that time,” I muse, fighting a smile.

               Auston just shakes his head and rockets towards my parents’ house. He had been there earlier to get ready, but I hadn’t allowed him to go into my bedroom. Instead, making him change in the spare room. Now it seemed I wouldn’t get a say in if could go in or not.

               Once we pull in the driveway, Auston grabs both of our bags from the backseat as I pull my dress up to step through the damp yard, all the snow recently melting. It feels odd walking in the garage door and not having two fur balls running like mad men towards me, instead they were home in Toronto, being babysat by Uncle Mitch and Uncle Morgan. I cringe just thinking about what my living room must look like right now.

               Auston wastes no time and goes straight up the stairs, though he hesitates by my bedroom door, allowing me to open the door for him and enter first. His eyes ravel around the room, most of my childhood things were still here, having bought mostly new bedroom furniture for my house in Toronto. I let him look in silence, though I do stand in front of the closet so he doesn’t go in there.

               “Good enough?” I ask him and he glances at me.

               “Lot different than Toronto,” he says and I laugh.

               “I was a tween at one time, and if I remember correctly, last time I was in Arizona a certain someone still had NHL sheets on his bed…” I smirk at him and he laughs.

               “Hey, it got me here didn’t it?” He asks, taking off his suit jacket and laying it across the chair to my vanity. I stare at it, it looks so odd. “So… what were you going to show me?” He asks quietly, not meeting my gaze and I laugh again.

               “Eager much?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow at him and he gives me a pathetic look.

               I walk over to him and he eyes me warily, standing up a bit straighter.

               “I wanted to thank you,” I start and he tilts his head to the side, confused. I take a deep breath and continue on. “That first week, I was a complete and utter mess, the only person not telling me how smart and brilliant I was, was you. You kept my head on my shoulders and didn’t try to put me up on a pedestal. Every time I cried, you were there, whether it was through texting or tapping on my wall…” I trail off, tears overflowing from my eyes as Auston stares at me.

               “When I came home after that week, my mom said that she thought there was something different about me. A new ‘air’ is what she said actually. She knew before I did, she knew I loved you…” I wipe at my face with the back of my hand. “And when they dropped me off at my house in Toronto, she told me that I was home, where I’m supposed to be, but she never said Toronto.”

               I finally bring myself to look at Auston and his face is slack, staring at me in awe.

               “She was referring to you,” I whisper, twisting my wrist and listen to the charms clink again each other.

               The silence in the room is deafening, we stare at each other, his eyes are red and I realize there are tears there, though none fall. After what seems like an eternity, Auston reaches out to me and I gladly step into him arms nuzzling into his neck.

               “You know I’m not the best with words,” Auston whispers into my hair, his voice crackling slightly.

               “I know. Sometimes actions are better than words,” I whisper back, squeezing him tightly as does he.

               “I love you,” he says.

               I pull back to look at him again. “Show me,” I whisper.

               Auston blinks at me and smiles slightly, leaning down and kissing my so sweetly that the silk of my dress is a mirror of my insides. His hand slowly goes to the zipper, he doesn’t have to ask where it is, and just like before, he takes his time pulling it low to my waist. Taking his hand, I let it fall to the floor and step out of it. Auston drinks me in before wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me, laying me on my bed.

We take our time, this is slowest and sweetest moment we have shared together, our bodies moving as one. And when we are done, we lay together fingers entwined and our breathing and heart rates settling down back into a regular rhythm. Auston drifts off to sleep and I let him for a short while, but my surprise is still sitting in my closet.

“Auston,” I whisper, gently running a hand down his back. “Wake up,” I say a little louder when he doesn’t wake and he jerks up.

“What? What?” He asks and I erupt into giggles and he scowls at me.

“What did you wake me up for?”

“You forgot about the surprise I had for you,” I say, slipping off the bed and making my way to my closet. His face instantly brightens up.

“Your coach made me think of it,” I tell him and he frowns.

“Babs made you think about something for the bedroom…” Auston asks slowly and I laugh.

“Just something he said, Auston,” I roll my eyes at him. “You have to close your eyes until I come out.” I demand, pointing my finger him. “Close them!”

Auston sighs and obliges, closing his eyes and raising his eyebrows high on his forehead.

“Good boy,” I say and slip into the closet, slipping off Auston’s shirt and putting on another thing that he once wore.

“Eyes still closed?” I call and he answers quickly.

“Yes ma’am.”

I peek quickly to just make sure and then step back into the room, walking to the front of the bed where he’s sitting and take a deep breath.

“Okay,” I say and his eyes open, focusing in on me and taking in the item of clothing I had chosen. A slow smile forms across his face.

“I thought you would never,” he quirks and eyebrow at me and I shrug.

“Well, when you happen to fall for a certain boy on a certain team with a few certain teammates, you learn to love… or dislike less,” I grin at him.

“And the name and number?” Auston asks, a smirk replacing the smile.

“I raided your closet, didn’t expect to find a number sixte-“ I’m cut off by Auston pouncing off the bed and silencing my words with a kiss.

“Better get used to that last name on your shoulders,” he whispers against my lips and I smile.

“I already am.”

Wholeheartedly /11/ Auston Matthews

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A/N: In honor of that damn overtime win. I give you part 11. 

“Are you feeling any better?” Auston asked you a few days later.

 You shrugged, “Yeah, I just feel off still.”


 “As in, not quite right,” You explained, “I think I’m still trying to bounce back from the season.”

 “Do I need to cancel our date night tomorrow?” He questioned.

 You could tell that he was still genuinely worried that you weren’t feeling well. Normally the two of you were a bit off and groggy for a few days after the season ended, just because of how intense playoffs could be. Add in the jetlag from coming back to Arizona, and everyone liked to sleep for a while.

 But it was unusual for it to stick around with you for a while. Normally you bounced back first, because you had to take care of the boys, and Auston. You survived off of coffee and other sources of caffeine, while the boys acted like zombies for a while. However, this year it was the opposite.

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Winning Bet 10.5

I was buried in the engine of a car when someone tapped on my shoulder, knocking me out of focus as my wrench slipped out of my hand and clattered to the ground. I swore under my breath and righted myself, turning to find Marco standing behind me with his brow furrowed. 

“You’re getting that.” I said, glancing to the creeper that sat tucked under a tool chest in the corner. 

He nodded and leaned over to see if he could reach it. “Sorry Shane, didn’t mean to scare you. There’s someone here for you.“

“Is it Dale again? I told him I’m not driving that car to Michigan for him.” 

“Not him, but he did call for you again. Nah, it’s some blonde girl. Sarah? Sydney?” 

“Sydney?” He nodded and pointed to the window, Syd lounging in one of the chairs against the wall. I moved to the glass and knocked until she looked up. “You care if she comes on the floor? I still have a lot of work to do.”  

He kicked the fender and sighed. “If it means getting this junker out of here, do what you gotta do.” 

I waved her in and he turned to go, holding the door as she slipped into the garage. The click of her heels echoed and I leaned back against the car with my arms crossed, whistling long and low as I took her in. 

“A bit overdressed for a trip to your mechanic, huh?”

 “I thought Auston was joking when he said you work on cars.” She took the room in with a smirk, reaching out to tug on my grease-stained jumpsuit. “Do you have girl clothes on under here or are you wearing this to lunch?” 

“I don’t have any clothes on under this.” 

Her eyes widened and I laughed out loud, pulling at a few buttons and giving her a flash of my bare chest. It was enough to make her blush and she giggled quietly as I refastened the suit. 

“You don’t wear anything under there?” 

I held up my oily fingers, dark gray and shiny, and shrugged. “What’s the point? I just get them dirty.” 

“Fair enough. Go change so we can eat. I’m starving.” 

“Sydney, I-” 

“Nope! We have reservations and we’re already late because it took me an hour to find this place.” 

I took a long breath and glanced at the Impala behind me. It had become my white whale in the past month, a huge project that seemed to grow after every day I’d taken off, and it loomed over my shoulder. She cleared her throat and I groaned, nodding after a minute of faux deliberation. 

“Let me get dressed.” 

She nodded happily and I slipped into the office, tugging my clothes on and giving myself a once-over. I stepped out and she eyed me warily, shaking her head. 

“Do you have any jeans without holes in them?” 

“Don’t think so. Why?” 

“It’s like, forty degrees outside.” 

“So?” I grabbed a sweatshirt from the hook by the door and pulled it over my head, shooting her a forced smile. “Happy?” 

“Whose sweatshirt is that?” She ran her finger across the Leafs logo on the front and pulled at one of the strings, grinning wildly as I dropped my eyes. “Is that ya boyfriend’s? You wearing ya boyfriend’s sweatshirt?”

“Shut up Sydney!” 

“Awww, someone’s blushing in her boyfriend’s sweatshirt.” 

“Syd!” I grabbed her arm and pulled her through the building, stepping into the bright sunshine with a scowl on my face. I shivered in the cold and she nudged me with her elbow. 

“You cold? Is your boyfriend’s sweatshirt not as warm as his lovin’ arms?” I stared her down and she giggled, reaching out to take my face in her hands. “You two are so cute together.” 

“I’m going back inside.” 

“No! Shane, c’mon-” she yanked me towards her car and I let her push me in, watching her run around to the driver’s side. She slid into the bucket seat and stuck the key in the ignition, both of us sitting in silence as she pulled out of the lot. We idled at a stoplight and she set her hand on my knee, sliding her glasses down the bridge of her nose and looking at me. “Seriously though, how are things going between you two?” 

“They’re… great actually. Things are going pretty well.” 

“Yeah? I heard you’re officially signed on as his plus one.” 


“You excited? Got a dress yet?” 

I chewed on my thumbnail and stared out the window as we pulled into a parking garage. “Where the hell is this restaurant, Syd?” 

“In the mall.” 

“You’re taking me to a food court? You pulled me out of work for food court food?” 

She squeezed her SUV into a corner spot and turned to look at me, turning the car off and shaking her keys in my direction. “Shane, I watched you eat like, sixty buffalo wings at the game the other night. Are you really too good for five dollar Chinese?” 

I thought it over and grumbled, slipping out of the car and shoving my hands into the pocket on my sweatshirt. It was warm and smelled like Auston, his cologne fresh on it from before he left. I’d pinched his butt as he was getting ready and he turned to catch me, nuzzling his face in my neck as I squealed. 

“Now I’m gonna smell like you all day!” 

“Are you complaining?” He’d asked, pulling the hood over my head and tugging the strings tight.

“Shane, you coming?” Sydney was perched at the doors of the elevator, holding them open and looking at me expectantly. I nodded and followed her in, soft music settling over us as the car began to move. The doors opened to a scene of soft white and chrome, racks of luxurious clothing as far as I could see. 

“What the- where are we?” 

“Don’t be mad.” She tucked her arm in mine and we stepped onto the marble tile, her heels tapping with each step. I looked around in awe and she let me go, watching as I reached out to brush my fingers over a velvet gown, quickly pulling back and wiping my hands on my jeans. “You can touch it, Shane.” 

“I don’t wanna… I’m gonna ruin it.” 

“You’re not- Shane, we’re gonna try them on.” I turned to look at her and scowled, a pit in my stomach at the idea of a day of shopping. She eyed me nervously and took my hands in hers, smiling wide as I shook my head. “It’s gonna be fun!” 

“N-no, Sydney! I’m not- no.” 

“Why not?” 

“Well I’m covered in grease and sweat for one.” 

“You are being so dramatic right now. Let’s just try on a few, see what we like and then we’ll grab a burger on the way back, yeah?” 

“I told the guys I’d be back in an hour.” 

“I asked your manager and he said it’d be fine if I stole you for the day.” She smirked in triumph and I groaned, stamping my feet in frustration. A consultant passed by and Syd cleared her throat, catching her attention before she could slip away. 

“Can I help you ladies?” 


“Yes, please.” She shot me a glance before turning back with a smile, “We’re looking for dresses for a wedding next month.” 

“Oh that’s great. Do you two know if it’s indoors or outdoors? The theme? What do you want your look to say?” 

I cleared my throat and stepped forward. “I’m hoping my look says ‘I really want to go home and never talk to Sydney again’. Is that doable?”

“It’s outdoors.”  

She looked between us and shrugged, turning on her heel and waiting for us to follow before she picked up speed. Her ponytail swung side to side and I watched it as we made our way through the store. The dressing rooms loomed ahead of her and I dropped back a bit. 

Sydney pinched a satin dress between her fingers and grinned. “I think you’d look great in something li- Shane? Where’d you go?” She turned and found me cowering behind a row of jumpsuits, my hands shaking as I shoved them back in my pocket. 

“I don’t want to do this.” 

“Why not?” 

“I just… I don’t.” I shook my head and she stepped close, rubbing my arms and leaning in. 

“Shane, what’s wrong?” 

“I’m not a dress girl, Sydney. I don’t have the body for these clothes and I- nothing’s gonna look good on me.” 

“What the hell are you talking about? Every body is a dress body, dumb-ass. Put on a dress and boom, dress body.” 

“It’s not-” 

“Don’t bullshit me, Shane, and don’t bullshit yourself. Give it a chance, yeah? You may find something you like.” 

Her grip had tightened a bit and I stared her down, her eyes set on mine and her confidence in this undeterred. The pit in my stomach felt like a rock now, heavy and unmoving as I mulled it over before letting her pull me along. 

“Just try on a few, okay?” She walked on confidently and left me standing alone, watching her and the sales girl chat for a minute. I moved to drop down on a bench but they both stopped me, the latter of the two whipping out a tape measure and stepping close. 

“Do you have to?” 

“It’ll be quick and painless, I promise.” 

I raised my arms as she measured my bust and waist, sitting back and whistling after a minute. “Your body is… insane.” 

“Yeah, right.” 

“I’m so serious babe, you’ve got curves.” 

“I’ve got a Burgernator two blocks from my house, that’s what I’ve got.” 

She snorted a laugh and shook her head, her eyes sparkling when they met mine. “Same here. I live two doors down from the Donovan Bar, best food in the city.” 

“The Donovan? Off of Rhodan?” She nodded and I beamed with pride, my cheeks warm at the praise. “That’s my bar.” 


“Yeah, I own it- well, co-own it with my friend Joanie.” 

“Joanie Davita? I love her! She’s in my spin class.” 

“No way!?” 

“Yep. She’s such a great girl, funny as hell. Swears like a sailor though.” 

“Oh, imagine driving cross country with her. Louisiana to New York, New York to Toronto… it was like sharing a car with Sam Kinison.” 

She shook her head slowly and raised an eyebrow before stepping back and turning to Sydney. Her name tag read Heather and she tucked her tape into her pocket, grinning wide. “Well I’ve got what I need. I’m going to grab a few dresses to try on and we’ll get started.” 

“Thank you so much!” 

“Absolutely! We’ll take great care of you two.” 

She disappeared and I smiled, slipping my sweatshirt over my head and hanging it over my arm. Syd nodded to an open dressing room and I stepped into it, dropping my stuff as Heather reappeared. 

“Ooh, that red would look incredible on you.” 

“Yeah, right? With her dark hair and her warm skin, a million bucks, huh?” 

I shook my head and the two frowned. “Too bright. I don’t want all that attention.” 

“Too fucking bad, you’re trying it on.” 

Sydney took the hanger from her hand and pressed it into mine, pushing me into the dressing room and pulling the door shut. I groaned loudly and shimmied out of my jeans before tugging the dress over my head. It hugged my body like a glove and I tugged the fabric as I reached for the handle, avoiding the mirror when I stepped out. 

“You guys-” 

“You look fucking hot.” 

“You do.” Heather agreed, turning to Sydney with a smirk. “And you may be worse than Joanie.” 

I turned to the mirror and shook my head, studying my reflection and picking at the waist line. “Nobody’s worse than Joanie. She yelled at a baby one time.” 

“She what?” 

“Later. We’ll talk about that later. Are you getting it?” 

“I don’t think so.” 

“Well why not?” Sydney whined, tossing her bag on the floor and stomping once. I took in her tantrum and bit back a laugh, tracing the neckline with my finger. She studied it and shrugged, stepping close and turning me back to the mirror. “It’s a little booby but c’mon, look at your body Shane! Look at your waist-” 

“It’s tiny!” 

“And your skin!” 

Heather stepped up and watched both of us, pulling at the short hemline and letting it fall against my thighs. I moved around a bit and watched the way it sat against my body, tilting my head to the side and mulling it over. 

I saw the flash of a camera and I jumped, turning to Sydney and frowning when she looked up. “What?” 

“Did you just take a picture?” She nodded subtly. “Why?” 

“No reason.” I heard the whoosh of an outgoing message and my phone rang a minute later. She dove for my purse and pulled it out, answering it with a happy hello. “Shane’s phone, Sydney speaking.” 

“Give me my-” 

“Do you mind? I’m on the phone.” She returned to her conversation and Heather stifled a laugh, rifling through a few dresses and sorting them between Sydney’s dressing room and mine. “Yeah, yep. I know, that’s what I’ve been telling her. She- she’s saying no.” 

She’d dropped her voice to a whisper before turning to me, holding my iPhone out with a sheepish grin. 

“Who is it?” 

“Auston. He wants to talk to you.” 

I took the phone and slipped into my dressing room, shutting the door behind me before I said anything. He said my name a few times as I stole a glance at myself in the mirror before answering him. “Hey baby, I-” 

“Get the dress. Dear god Shane, get that dress.” 

“Auston, I don’t-” 

“Please? For me?” 

“I don’t think it comes in your size honey.” He let out a breathy laugh and I smiled, pulling at the tag and nearly choking as I saw the price. “It’s… I can’t Aus.” 

“Why not?” 

“Well for one, it’s four hundred dollars.” 

“Baby, I will give you my card numbers right now if you buy that dress.” I moved to protest but he cut me off again, his voice strained this time. “You look incredible in it. Seriously beautiful, and I’m saying that from the picture Sydney took.” 

I wrinkled my nose and thought about it for a minute before nodding to myself, sighing heavily as I gave in. “Fine, I will.” 

“Good. Good. Perfect.” He sounded relieved and I bit my lip, recognizing the way his breath caught and how distracted he sounded. 

“Auston, are you… touching yourself?” I dropped my voice and blushed when he confirmed, mumbling about how tight the bathroom on the bus was. “Well I’ll leave you to that.” 

“Wait! Shane, will you…” 

“What do you want, Auston?” 

“Can you send me another picture?” 

I cleared my throat and relished in the neediness I heard. “You want Sydney to take another one or-” 

“You. You take it.” 

I agreed and hung up, turning to the side with my camera open. The floaty skirt was soft on my skin and I flipped it up to reveal my panties, a cheeky smile on my face as I snapped the picture and sent it off. My phone buzzed as I slipped out of the dress and I picked it up, my heart flipping as I opened the message. 

“Fuck…” It was a shot of his hand wrapped around his cock, dress pants around his ankles in the background. My mouth watered as I swallowed the fact that I did that, the way I turned him on still shocking sometimes. A knock on the door shook me from my trance and I looked up, clearing my throat and poking my head out. “What’s up?” 

“Are you done sexting your boyfriend?” She nodded to the options hanging next to me. “We’ve got dresses to try on.” 

TTHG Masterlist

I finally made a masterlist! If you don’t think this is updated, you can find all my work under “tthg masterlist”

Some of these are little one sentence gifs, some are series, some long headcanons. Just click around until you find one you like.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads, requests, send me the sweetest comments.

Last updated: 08/03/2018

** = some of my absolute favorites, not including series

Morgan Rielly

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Frederik Andersen

Morgan Rielly & Frederik Andersen

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Mitch Marner

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William Nylander

Multiple Players

  • Now That It’s Off Season(Auston Matthews, Connor Brown, Mitch Marner, Matt Martin)
  • Skin Tight(Frederik Andersen, William Nylander)(Smut)
  • Cute Thing (Auston Matthews, Frederik Andersen, Morgan Rielly, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Kasperi Kapanen, Travis Dermott)**
  • Meme Post(Auston Matthews, Frederik Andersen, Morgan Rielly, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Kasperi Kapanen)
  • Taking Care Of An Injury(Frederik Andersen, Auston Matthews)

Olli Maatta

Josh Anderson

Carl Grundstrom

Leon Draisaitl

Winning Bet 8.5

When I slipped back into the booth, Donnie had his phone out looking at Auston. I grabbed a fry off of his plate and nudged him with my elbow as I chewed, earning a glance in my direction. 

“What are you two doing?” 

“We’re playing golf tomorrow.”

 I looked at Donnie and snorted a laugh, leaning into Auston’s side as he scowled at me. “You suck at golf!” 

“I do not!” 

“Yes, you do. The one time we played you hit dad with a golf club and then ran the cart into the lake.” 

He rolled his eyes and looked around, shaking his head before defending himself. “That was like, ten years ago. I’ve practiced a lot since then.”

“Good to know but nobody’s worse than Mitchy.” Matt chimed in with a smile on his face, taking a big bite of his burger as Mitch scoffed. Steph stifled a giggle and met my eyes a second later, nodding to Auston’s arm around me. She looked down at her phone and picked it up to shoot me a text. 

You two are looking pretty cute together. Lunch tomorrow while they guys are out?

I read it and nodded, watching as she mouthed a silent ‘yes’ to Sydney. She beamed in my direction and I wiggled in my seat. 

“What are you so happy about?” I looked up at Auston and stole another fry, shrugging and taking a bite. “Do you want some of my fries?” 

“Do you mind?” 

“Maybe I do.”

“Well what are you gonna do about it?” I asked, taking another fry.

He leaned in and pressed his nose to mine, his eyes shrinking into a squint as I stared him down. A smile pulled at his lips and I puckered my lips for a chaste kiss. I heard a groan from across the table and slipped my middle finger up, scratching my eyebrow subtly. Matt and Auston laughed and Aus turned to whisper in my ear. 

“You wanna get out of here?”  

“More than you know.” 

He waved the waitress over for the check and slid a few bills into her hand, reaching for mine as we stood. The rest of the group looked up at us and Donnie raised an eyebrow. 

“Heading out?” He stood and pulled his jacket on. “Well, I guess that’s my cue.” 

I froze and my stomach dropped, Auston’s hand tightening around mine. He shot me a pleading look and I looked at Donnie with a tight smile. 

“That’s right, you’re staying with me this week.” 

“You forgot?” I shrugged an apology and he smirked, looking between us with eyebrows raised. “You want me to uh, find someplace else?” 

“No, gosh, of course not! You’re welcome to stay at my place.” 

“Sweet. I’m gonna use the restroom and I’ll meet you at the car?” 

I nodded and pulled Auston towards the door. He followed, rubbing his eyes as we stepped into the cold air. As soon as the door shut behind us I turned and wrapped my arms around his waist. 

“I’m sorry Aus.” 

He leaned down and kissed my forehead, sighing into me as he did. “Don’t apologize Shane. Another night, yeah?” 

“But you leave in two days. For a month.” I felt him stiffen in my embrace and I leaned back to look at him. “And you’re spending all day tomorrow with him…” 

“Is he really that bad at golf?” I nodded solemnly and he let out a soft laugh. The quiet night fell over us and I saw his eyes light up after a long moment. “What if we get a hotel room?” 


“Tomorrow night. My flight doesn’t leave until eleven and we have no morning practice. Think about it… room service, champagne, a bubble bath. And it’ll just be the two of us.” 

My skin warmed at the thought of him in a warm bath, skin on skin with the taste of champagne on his lips. He was grinning down at me with a knowing smile and I nodded excitedly. 

“You guys ready?” 

I jumped at Donnie’s voice behind me and buried my face in Auston’s shoulder, not wanting to let go yet. He looked at Donnie and cleared his throat. “You mind if I give your sister a ride home?” 

“Does that mean I get to drive the Rolls?” 

I looked back at him and nodded, pointing to the keys he held up with a stern glare. “Be careful, Don. And don’t lose those, my house key is on them.” 

“Yeah yeah, I got it.” 

“Leave the door unlocked.” 

“Copy that boss.” He turned on his heel and sauntered down the street, whistling an unfamiliar tune as he went. 

We listened to it fade before Auston hoisted me over his shoulder, carrying me off towards the car as I squealed in his arms. I slapped his ass until he moved me, setting me on the trunk of the car and settling between my legs. I threw my arms around him and pulled him into a hot kiss, the cool air burning my skin. 

His tongue slid over me as his hands ran down my back and I scooted closer until my core was flush against his stomach. Lost in him, I swore the world started flashing by us until a loud voice broke us from the moment. 

“Excuse me. Sir? Ma’am?” 

We parted and I opened my eyes to red and blue lights, a police officer leaning out of his window across the street from us. He dropped his gaze as I looked at him and Auston tightened his grip on my waist. 

“Yes officer? How can we help you?” 

“I uh, I just wanted to make sure everything’s alright here. You two heading home anytime soon?” 

I buried my face in his shoulder again and laughed, slipping off of the trunk as he stepped back. He clicked a button on his fob and the doors unlocked behind us. 

“Leaving now sir. Thank you.” 

He mumbled a goodnight and drove off, leaving us in the dim streetlight of downtown Toronto. He sauntered over and opened the passenger side door, leaning against it as I moved to sit down. I stopped to kiss him one more time and he stopped me, a hand on my cheek as he looked down lovingly. 

“You’re gonna get me in trouble.” 

“Is that such a bad thing?” 

Future Leaf: Matthews Edition

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Babies (Toddlers?)

POV: Second

Nylander Edition

Originally posted by mapleloafs

For the umpteenth time, A.J. fell on his cheeks, crying out and waving his arms up in the air. 

You blew hair from your face and shook your head, watching as Auston picked up your baby boy and stood him up on his legs again. However, your little three-year-old was smart enough to not put any weight on his legs, resisting to stand. 

Auston chuckled, attempting to straighten your son out again. “Come on, buddy,”

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anonymous asked:

I'm new to hockey/Leafs tumblr. what's one smut/imagine I need to read in your opinion? I'm trying to get into this but theres so many options

okay. so it all depends on who your favorite player is.

if you’re a morgan girl, literally anything by @morganfrederickrielly, but particularly this one and this one. also, haven’t read this one yet, but it keeps getting sent me so it’s gotta be good.  (self promo: this one)

if you’re a auston girl, there’s this incredible, incredible series by @matthewshoney(it’s so much angst omg) and i’m in the middle of reading this one by @nhlinfluenced(who also has a smutty auston mini series). (self promo: this one and this one)

if you’re a freddie girl, @squilliamnylander has the best smut of all time right here. (self promo: this one aka my favorite i’ve ever posted)

if you’re a willy girl, i only know of my own, which is a freddie/willy/reader smut so enjoy that right here and my categories post.

if you’re a mitchy girl, here is this one by the biggest mitchy girl i know aka @gingergoaliefreddie. (self promo: this one)

if you’re a kappy girl, here’s this one by @andremarcusburky, but also anything by @kisskisskapanen(duh, she has a lot of good smuts like this one) (self promo: this one)

some other masterlists that you’ll definitely love: hockeywritingcollective, juiceboxmatthew, mapleleafstrash

but because i can only read so much, @hockeywritingcollective has a masterlist of just blogs upon blogs who write hockey imagines, so here’s that!

also, just great smut blogs in general: @hockeysmut, @naughtyhockey, and @thesmutbin

this took me seriously so long to make and i know for a fact i’m missing so many people. please add to this list if you know of anyone i’m missing!! kiss kiss

Wholeheartedly /9/ Auston Matthews

Originally posted by werenski


A/N: Happy birthday Auston, my present to ALL OF YOU is a nice smutty chapter. Hence why it’s late, because, as I’ve warned you many times, it takes me forever to write smut for some reason.

“Mama! When can we go skating?” B asked you.

 “I don’t know baby,” You told him, “We’ll have to ask Daddy.”

 You were just about to say something else when Auston came downstairs holding Jakey. He smiled at you before setting Jake back on his feet. You watched as both boys ran to the mini hockey goals you had in the living room and started fighting over who got which goal.

 “What is he supposed to ask me?” Auston questioned.

 “He already wants to go back to the rink,” You laughed, “There’s no denying he’s our son.”

 You continued to watch the boys, only because you wouldn’t allow them to play mini hockey anymore without someone watching. They always had a tendency to get a little violent with one another, which was kind of funny to watch given how small they were. No doubt about it though, Jakey was going to be a tough hockey player when he was older. You knew he wouldn’t take any shit from anyone.

You flinched when Jakey wacked B with his stick. You didn’t think it was hard enough to really do any damage, because B instantly wacked him right back before taking the little puck away from him. You shook your head as B did a modified version of Auston’s celly.

 “Daddy! That was wrong! Bubby should get a penalty!” Jakey cried, “Throw him in timeout!”

 “Jake, you hit him first,” Auston said calmly, “Would you like timeout?”

 “No,” Jakey grumbled.

 “Okay, then keep it clean, okay?” Auston told him, “No more cheap shots.”

 “Fine,” Jake groaned, slouching down.

 “Well done,” You joked, looking over at Auston.

 He shrugged, looking rather proud of himself, “I’ve gotten good at this parenting thing. Or at least I have when it comes to them playing hockey.”

 You laughed and leaned back into the couch, “Just wait until we have another one. Then see if you think that.”

 “Wait, are you?” He looked at you with uncertainty, like he didn’t know if he could ask.

 “Not yet,” You shrugged.

 “Are you sure? Because with the way you’ve been acting-”

 “Aus, honey, I’ve taken three tests since we left Toronto,” You informed him, “All negative. So yes, I’m sure.”

 He grinned and pulled you closer, “Well then, I guess we’ll have to keep trying.”

 He leaned in to kiss you. You knew where he wanted it to go based off of the look he was giving you, and you were completely fine with it. However, the sound of your boys still playing hockey managed to snap you out of it. You put your hand in front of Auston’s face to keep him from getting closer.

 “Not with the boys here,” You warned.

 “I can fix that,” He offered, reaching for his phone.

You gave him a look, narrowing your eyes at him. You didn’t want to pawn your boys off on someone just so you and Auston could have sex again. He just cracked a big smile before opening his mouth to say something. However, before he could say anything, the front door swung wide open and prancing in was Auston’s youngest sister.

Both of your boys shot up and went running towards Bree. She laughed and bent down to hug both of them. The boys laughed and clutched onto her. There was no doubt that they loved their Aunt Bree. However, you couldn’t help but question her timing, it seemed fishy to you.

 “I swear I had nothing to do with this,” Auston swore.

 “Hope you don’t mind,” Bree said sheepishly, “But I still have the spare key, and I figured I might take the boys out for a bit?”

 “Bree you really don’t have to,” You quickly stated.

“Look, I only get a few months of unrestricted access to these two,” She laughed, “So it’s either I actually steal them right now, or I spend the entire day here.”

 You glanced at Auston who had a grin on his face. You already knew what he was going to say, and you had to agree with him. Everyone was supposed to be coming over for dinner tomorrow night, so you knew you’d get to spend lots of time with her and Alex tomorrow.

 “You know what, if you want to take them for the afternoon, you are more than welcome,” You shrugged, “Just have them back by dinner. Please, I’m planning on making one of their favorites.”

 “Mama! You’re going to make poutine?” Jakey asked loudly.

 “Only if you behave for Aunt Bree,” You told him.

 “OKAY!” Jakey and B took off running towards the door to put their shoes on.

 Bree shrugged and handed B his baseball cap that Ema and Brian has given him the other day. You got up and grabbed Jakey’s little hockey stick, knowing he’d have a meltdown if he left without it. Bree laughed when you handed it over to Jakey.

 “If he starts acting up, just threaten to take it away,” You informed her, “B is old enough that he should be alright. But the hockey stick trick works every time with Jake.”

 “Really?” She questioned.

 “I am not joking,” You replied, “He’s Auston’s son, you threaten to take away hockey and he’ll do anything.”

 “Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!” B yelled as the three of them walked out of the door.

“Bye Bubby! You behave for Aunt Bree, and watch out for Jakey!” Auston called after him.

 B turned around and gave Auston a thumbs up before climbing into the back seat of Bree’s car. Auston laughed as he watched the Bree drive off. You walked over to shut the door, since both boys had failed to do so. Auston had made his way to the kitchen to start cleaning up from where you’d made lunches not long ago.

 While he did that, you started on trying to clean up the various toys the boys had left scattered all over the living room. There was always a trail left behind by both boys, you didn’t mind though. You just hated having to clean it up when it was all said and done. But that was a part of being a parent.

“And you’re sure you had nothing to do with Bree just showing up here?” You suddenly asked Auston.

 He laughed and walked out of the kitchen, “I promise, I had nothing to do with it. She just has impeccable timing.”

 You shook your head, still not fully believing that he had nothing to do with it. But you had to admit, Bree did have good timing, but you weren’t about to admit that. So instead, you continued to put the boys’ toys away. You knew he was watching you from the doorway of the kitchen. He was probably even leaning against the wall, just waiting.

 “C’mon Y/N, you’re the one who said not with the boys in the house,” He reminded you, “They aren’t here.”

 “I can see that my boys are gone Aus,” You laughed, looking over your shoulder at him, “But I also know that I need to clean the house because we’re having people over this weekend.”

 “Babe, you have days to clean the house,” He laughed, “And the ‘people’ you’re talking about are just a few childhood friends, I don’t think they’d care if the place was spotless or not.”

 You knew he’d caught on. Especially when he walked over and spun you around to face him. You liked the way his already dark brown eyes seemed darker. You loved the grip he had on your hips, it was firm enough that you kind of had to stay put, but not hard enough to leave any bruises.

 You cleared your throat and raised your eyebrows in an almost questioning manor. You knew though, of course you knew what he wanted. You couldn’t deny the aching between your thighs either. You could feel yourself starting to get wet. Just the way that he was looking at you was enough to turn you on.

He pulled you closer to him, close enough that you could feel his erection against you. Your breath hitched just enough for him to take notice. His face broke out into a sly grin before he slipped his hand under the back of your shirt and trailed up towards the clasp of your bra. You couldn’t help but shiver at the feeling of his hand slowly dragging up your back. You held your breath when he popped the clasp.

 “Auston,” You half moaned when he moved his hand around to the front to slip into your bra, “I’m not- We’re not doing this in the living room again.”

 He leaned forward and started to leave a trail of kisses along your neck, you weren’t really sure if he’d gotten the message, but then he mumbled against your skin, “And why not?”

 You couldn’t form a coherent thought once he found your nipple and started to pinch it. It wasn’t unusual for your boobs to be sore around this time of the month, with your period only two weeks away. But this felt different. You dropped your head on his shoulder and tried to think and form words. You were positive that you were almost dripping now.

 “Bed,” You forced out, “Please.”

 He hummed against your neck before pulling away from you. You almost whined at the loss of contact, which made Auston grin even more. He gestured for you to go first, you rolled your eyes but ultimately started making your way towards the stairs. You knew the sooner you got to the bedroom, the sooner the ache would go away. He grabbed your ass as you started to climb the steps. You glanced back at him in just enough time for him to say an innocent sounding, oops.

 You grinned and started to run up the steps. You only got up one or two before you reached up to grab your boobs, which were now bouncing freely thanks to Auston undoing your bra. They were already sore, and having them bounce and swing around was not helping.

 You could hear Auston laughing from behind you as you started to run down the hallway. You knew he’d catch you before you could reach the bedroom, simply because he was much faster than you. You screamed when he grabbed you from behind and spun you around.

 “Why are you holding your boobs?” He laughed.

 “Because some asshole undid my bra and running without support hurts,” You rolled your eyes, “And they’re already sore.”

 He was still laughing at you though, which in some way started to piss you off, “Stop laughing!” You demanded.

 “Well, stop holding your boobs,” He countered, wiggling his eyebrows.

 “Fine,” You stated, instead you pulled your shirt over your head, bringing your bra with it.

 You watched as his eyes widened once you dropped your arms. However, he didn’t move towards you, but you could see his pants getting visibly tighter. This was an odd position for you, you didn’t often have control over the situation like this. But you liked it. So, you decided to have a little fun with it.

 Your lips brushed his year as you whispered, in the most seductive way that you could manage, “You know, I’m soaking wet right now.”

 “You really are trying to kill me,” He groaned.

 You smirked as you pulled back from him, “Hmm, no, you have to get me pregnant first.”

 You slowly started to back away towards the bedroom. Auston took a clumsy few steps toward you. He mumbled a low curse as you turned around and started to walk a little quicker. By the time you made it to the bed, you were trying to tug off your pants as best you could without falling. Auston had discarded his shirt somewhere in the hallway and was now working on his jeans, which given the size of his growing erection, looked almost impossible to get off now.

 You slid back on the bed, drawing your knees up to your chest. You almost laughed due to the triumphant look Auston gave you when he finally got his pants off. You reached out to grab his arm and pull him towards you. You tilted your head just enough so you could kiss him.

 He slowly pushed you back on the bed. His body hovered over yours as his hands roamed every inch of bare skin that he could reach. You were so lost in the kiss, which was more than either of you had gotten since you’d left Toronto, that you didn’t even notice where his hands had gone. Until you felt his fingers at your entrance.

 He groaned when he actually realized how wet you were. Even you could hear it, which made you moan. You tried to grab for his wrist to either make him stop, or encourage him to keep going, but your body wouldn’t cooperate with you. But you somehow managed to grip his cock and slowly started to drag your hand over it. He made a sound almost like he was choking.

 “Shit, Y/N.”

 His fingers started to pump faster. You tried to breathe, but you had nothing left when he started to curl his fingers upward. You wanted to tell him to stop, because you didn’t want to cum without him inside of you. But you started to feel everything building up. Your eyes squeezed shut.

 He seemed to understand that you were close. He started to put pressure on your clit with his thumb. You tried to force air into your lungs, which ended up in you heaving. Auston started mumbling things into your ear that you couldn’t quite make out, over the sound of your heart hammering. You were pretty sure you were whining and begging him not to stop, but you weren’t even sure anymore.

 You could feel your whole body starting to spasm and lose control. You could feel Auston smiling as he kissed your neck. You knew you were going to lose it, you felt like you were absolutely going to explode. He knew it too. Sometimes you thought Auston knew your body better than you did, he knew exactly what to do to bring you over the edge.

 You let out a high-pitched sound as your whole body seemed to erupt. You held onto his arm, because it was the only thing you thought might keep you grounded. When you finally came back down, you rolled over. You reached down to wrap your hand back around Auston’s cock, you knew he had to be painfully hard.

 His whole body shuttered when your thumb grazed over the tip. You started to pump your hand up and down, causing him to let out a low groan. You were just settling into a rhythm when he grabbed your wrist and pulled your hand away. You were about to question it when he rolled on top of you and started kissing you again. You could feel him at your entrance. He pulled away just long enough for the two of you to try and catch your breath. You automatically wrapped your legs around him to try and get him to do something, anything.

 The ache was back, you wanted to blame being this turned on on the fact that you and Auston hadn’t actually done anything in a while, due to playoffs and preparing to come back for the offseason, but this was new. But then again, the stubble that he was finally growing back wasn’t helping either.

You gasped when he finally filled you. Your fingers dug into his shoulders. All you could focus on was how you could feel every inch of him inside of you. He slowly started to thrust in and out, setting a slow pace that was enough to drive you almost insane. Your nails dug into his back, you needed more. You wanted to tell him to go faster, harder, but every time you tried to open your mouth, no sound would come.

 You were completely at his mercy, but somehow that only made you want it more. Your whole body was tingling. You were practically writhing. You whined and bucked your hips, trying to get the message across. Auston however, wasn’t going to settle for just that.

 “Words, Y/N,” He grunted, “I need you to tell me.”

 “More,” You somehow forced out, “Please I-I need more.”

 Your whole body started lurching forward with each thrust. You knew you were probably drawing blood from where your nails were digging into his shoulders, but that only seemed to make him fuck you even harder. He gripped your leg and pulled it higher, allowing him to fuck you from a different angle.

 You cried out at the feeling of him somehow fucking deeper into you. He was slamming into you so hard that you practically started to see stars. You could feel your release starting to build again. You clenched around him. As if he was already in tune with you, his thrusts started to get sloppier.

 You were both letting out curses and moans. You couldn’t form a single thought, other than the fact that you didn’t want him to stop. But when his trusts slowed down slightly, you were afraid he’d do just that. But you were so close, and you knew he wasn’t far behind you.

 “Don’t stop,” You begged, “Fuck, just- don’t stop.”

 You pulled one hand away from his shoulder and dragged it down your body. Your pussy clinched again the second your fingers came into contact with your clit. Your head fell to the side. Your whole body seemed to tense up. You were so close, you knew you wouldn’t last much longer. Your toes curled as you dropped your other hand from Auston’s shoulder to grip the sheets.

 “Fuck, c’mon babe, cum for me,” His voice sounded so rough and when his next thrust hit you in a particularly good spot, you couldn’t help but come undone.

 Your orgasm slammed into you like a wave, and then another and another. Somewhere through it all, you felt Auston cum inside you. You were both breathing heavily, you could hear your heartbeat in your ears. He carefully lowered himself so he was directly on top of you, resting his head on your boobs. You wanted to tell him that they were still sore, and him laying on them wasn’t helping, but you were too blissed out and comfortable to even try to tell him to move.

 Just like you didn’t care that he was still inside of you. In fact, you found it oddly comforting. The warmth and the weight of him, coupled with the way that you felt so full, in some way was soothing to you. You wrapped your legs tighter around him so he wouldn’t move.

 “Babe,” He mumbled.

 “Can we just, stay like this for a little while?” You quietly asked.

 He slowly nodded and wrapped his arms around you. You were both more than exhausted. You started running your fingers through his hair, because you knew it was the quickest way to get him to fall asleep. You’d found that trick out just two weeks after you’d met him. Although, it wasn’t that hard, Auston was pretty much an open book if you knew how to read him.

 You soon fell asleep to the feeling of his heartbeat and the sound of his steady breathing.

“I hate you” “no you don’t”-Auston Matthews

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So I don’t know if you guys watch Anne with an E but it’s such a cute show and the Anne/Gilbert dynamic is my favorite. So this  prompt inspired me since it’s very cute I have to admit, so enjoy this Anne with an E type of thing I wrote just now at like 2 am lol.

“(Y/N) please stop” one of your friends, Anne, said as she tried to pull you down with no avail, you were in an argument with a boy in your class once again. “Yeah (Y/N) listen to her” Brady, a boy in your class and in your school’s hockey team taunted. “Fuck you Brady I’m glad you don’t take slapshots too much because you miss every single time” you argued back before your friend finally pulled you down. 

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Just Watch pt 2

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, slight language, major cheese!

POV: Third Person

Summary: A sleepy and woozy (Y/n) leads to Auston confessing some things

NOTE: Here’s part one!

Originally posted by mttymrts

Your name: submit What is this?

It had been a couple of weeks after (Y/n)’s breakup, and nothing much had changed. She still went over to Mitch and Auston’s from time to time, still fought with the latter of the two boys, still cried a lot and still did everything she could to erase her memories of her past relationship. 

It wasn’t working though. 

No matter what she did, she didn’t feel right. Sleeping in her own bed was hard, instant feelings of regret washing over her whenever she got under the covers. The emptiness next to her, a constant reminder of what had happened. She was losing sleep as well as her mind. 

That’s when Marns asked her to spend a few nights, try and get some rest and try to relax. 

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Wholeheartedly/8/ Auston Matthews

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A/N: I HIT 400 TONIGHT SOOO SURPRISE…I was actually able to finish most of this during the drive back home earlier. I’m also getting really excited about what’s happening in the next new parts. 

The boys ran and jumped on Brian and Ema as if they hadn’t seen them in years. You weren’t sure either of them could breathe based off of how tightly your boys were clutching them. Auston couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his parents being attacked.

 The two of you were somehow able to pry the boys off of Brian and Ema long enough to say hello to them. But after that, the boys were right back on them. You found it adorable really. It didn’t matter how many time they saw their grandparents, B and Jakey always did this.

“Well, welcome home,” Brian told you and Auston.

 “It’s good to be back,” Auston replied.

 “Can you cook for us?” Jakey asked Ema.

 Ema glanced over at you and Auston, “They’ve been begging for it since you left,” You told her.

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Preview for Winning the Bet 12

“Auston, stop staring at me.” 

I shook my head and leaned in to kiss her, catching her lips as she turned to scold me again. Her perfume was intoxicating as it washed over me and she ran her hands over the lapel of my suit. 

“Ugh, get a room!” Mitch groaned behind us and I reached out to shove him away. Sydney chided us through a giggle and we finally parted, her cheeks pink and her lipstick smudged. My head spun as I studied her again and I stood, needing some air. 

“Where are you going?” She asked, taking my hand in hers. I swear any touch from this girl could knock me out, and I pulled back to push my hand in my pocket. 

“I um, I need some air.” I leaned down to kiss her cheek but whispered into her ear instead. “You’re making it very hard to focus and I can’t get my mind off of taking you right here in front of this crowd.” 

She let out a breathy laugh and leaned in herself, lips brushing my jaw as she spoke. “Not sure I’d be opposed to that, Big Guy. We may have to wait though, maybe between the ceremony and reception?” 

“Will we have time?” 

“We’ll make time.” She kissed my cheek with finality and I righted myself, looking around the vineyard slowly. A small bar was set up overlooking the valley and I watched the line dwindle for a moment. 

“Champagne?” She nodded and I slipped out of our row, Matt following and falling into step with me. “What’s up man?”

He shook his head, tugging at his bow tie as we approached. I ordered Shane’s drink and looked to Matt, laughing when he ordered two glasses of Rose. 

“Syd loves it, it’s all she drinks. Shut up!” I shrugged and turned to look at Shane, watching her talk to Mitch as people milled around. Matt followed my eyes and grinned, slapping my shoulder. “She looks gorgeous, Matts.”

“Doesn’t she?” 

“You two seem pretty happy. How are things going?” 

I nodded and turned to grab our drinks as the bartender finished them, waiting a second for Matt before I spoke. “Pretty great, actually.” 

“Really? That’s awesome!” 

My cheeks warmed as I approached and her eyes met mine, her fingers brushing my hand as she took the champagne flute. Mitch sat back as I reclaimed my seat and I felt her watching me. 

“What’s up?” 

She moved to speak but music filled the air, a quartet playing as the crowd stood. We all followed suit and watched the bride make her way down the aisle, Sydney leaning forward to whisper in Shane’s ear. 

She nodded back at her and I reached for her hand as we sat, the group feeling tense and awkward. I squeezed her palm and she looked at me, glancing over my shoulder with a sour frown. Mitch mumbled under his breath behind me and I turned towards him, noticing him avoiding my glance. 

“What? What’s wrong?” 

Shane shook her head and pointed towards the altar, crossing her arms over her chest. She’d downed her champagne in one long sip, the flute hanging empty in her hand as she turned away from me. 

I turned back to Syd and she shook her head, mouthing the word ‘later’ before she also pointed forwards. Nodding, I turned back to the ceremony with a pit in my stomach, stuck between two people with palpable tension. Every time I reached for her, She shrugged me off, and my hand finally settled on her knee. 

By the time the ceremony ended, my whole body felt heavy with dread, the thoughts in my mind racing. Had Mitch said something? Had I said something? Shane stood and made her way through our row without a word. Steph and Syd rose to follow her, mumbling about the restroom, and I caught Sydney’s hand on the way out. 

“What the hell happened?” 

She eyed Mitch over my shoulder and nodded towards him, biting down on her lip. “Ask him.” 

Auston Matthews Fic (Part 1) Surprises

For the past few weeks Toronto’s weather appeared to be absolutely unpredictable. With that being said, I do not live in Toronto, however, my best friend does and the amount of times he has complained to me about the temperature is absurd. The weather in Toronto is currently almost 60 degrees but just a couple days ago it was nearly 20 with freezing rain. I was nowhere used to the frigid weather of Canada, being from Scottsdale, Arizona. Normally, I would not choose to spend my winter break in Toronto, but my best friend, Auston,  was drafted to the city’s hockey team last summer and I figured I should probably take some time and visit him.

My schedule was nowhere near free, I am a senior in high school and have been utterly stressed out due to studying for finals. As soon as the bell rang signaling it was winter break, I rushed out the doors to my freedom of relaxation. If I think my schedule is busy, Auston’s is 10 times worse. Luckily, the Maple Leafs are going to be on a three week homestand so I figured if I am on break and Auston will be free a little bit, then why not go in to visit?

Auston has had no knowledge of me even considering coming in, hell, he probably did not even know I was on break yet, but here I am standing at his door. I take a deep breath in and connect my fist to the cold wood in a light knock.

After a few seconds of muffled rustling coming from inside, a brown haired boy who I do not exactly recognise, yet looks slightly familiar,  answers the door, “Can I help you?”

I frown slightly, maybe I have the wrong address? “Does Auston Matthews live here, by chance? I might have misread the address his mom sent, I’m not sure.”

I begin to back away from the door when the boy’s voice stops me in my tracks, “He lives here, he’s was just too damn lazy to get the door. I can go get him.”

I let out light laugh, that most definitely sound like the Auston I know. “Go figure,” the boy smiles at me, “Thank you.”

He shrugs, “Not a problem at all. I’m Mitch.”

“Oh, Auston has told me quite a bit about you! It is so nice to meet you,” I say, offering my hand out for him to shake, “I’m Olivia.”

“About damn time we meet, you are all Auston ever talks about. He goes on and on and on about you.” Mitch chuckles while shaking his head.

“Mitch, how long does it take to answer the damn door?” a voice yells from inside the apartment.

I roll my eyes at Auston and turn my attention back to Mitch who yells back, “You could have answered the door yourself.” There is no sound from Auston. “Follow me,” Mitch says leading me into the room.

As soon as we were able to see Auston a huge smile grew on my face, “Hey there.”

Auston’s eyes light up, “What the fuck are you doing here?” He jumps to his feet and rushes to me, immediately engulfing me in a hug.

I squeeze him back, “I figured I would come and surprise you over break. I mean, I can leave if you would like.”

He thinks for a second, “Yeah, I think you should go.”

I playfully shove him, “Too bad, Matthews, you’re stuck with me.”

“Aw man, that’s unfortunate,” he teases.

I grin up at him, “Very.”

“I missed you,” he nuzzles his face into my shoulder.

A cough interrupts our reunion. Auston backs away from me, “Sorry Mitch.”

“I’m glad I could finally meet you Olivia, but I think I should get going,” Mitch gives Auston a slight glare, “Nice meeting you Olivia, hopefully we can get to know each other sometime.”

I nod, “I think we can definitely make that happen.” With a grin, Mitch walks out of the apartment.

“Are you coming to our game tonight?” Auston asks as we walk to the couch. Surprisingly, his apartment is a lot cleaner than I expected it to be. He takes a seat and pats the empty spot next to him, “Don’t be a stranger now.”

“Never,” I shake my head and move beside him to sit down, “Nope, I figured I would fly from Scottsdale to Toronto just to sit in your apartment and stare at the wall.”

He chuckles, “To each his own,” I smile at him, which he returns the gesture almost immediately. “So how long are you staying?”

“A couple of weeks, maybe until the end of break,” I think for a few seconds and finally realize I never asked if I could stay with him, “Would it be okay if I stayed here? I mean I can get a hotel room if you want me to, I don’t want to intrude. I know I came out of nowhere and-”

“No,” Auston hushes me, “Of course you can stay here, did you even need to ask?”

“Thanks Aus, you’re the real MVP,” I joke and wrap my arm around his torso, giving him a tight squeeze.

“I know, don’t you forget it.” he says cockily, making me shake my head in a joking disapproval. “Wait,” he continues, “I have to deal with you for three whole weeks?”

“How unfortunate, right?” I lean back into the couch and stretch my legs out onto his lap.

“Oh god,” he mutters with wide eyes.

He looks down at me and it is the first time that I have gotten a good view of him since I got here. His hair looks slightly longer than it used to be and there are dark circles under his eyes, he looks absolutely exhausted. I turn my attention to the room, there’s a large tv that is in on the wall with a few pictures hanging around it. I recognize one to be of Auston and I on the day he got drafted. That day we had taken many pictures, mostly all serious, but as the day come to a close Auston got more and more giddy, resulting in him pulling me onto his back and us standing there laughing for a good five minutes. We hadn’t even known his mother, Ema, had taken the picture until days later. I never would have guessed Auston would hang this picture up, let alone kept it.

After a few minutes of silence and enjoying each other’s presence, Auston is the first to speak up, “Y’know I’m really glad you came in. I missed this.”

I nod, “Me too, things just aren’t the same at home without you.”

“I know how it feels. I mean sure, I have the team and stuff here, but it just feels lonely without you and my family,” he pats my leg as he stands up, “If you’re hungry you can help yourself to whatever I have in the kitchen. There probably isn’t a whole lot, so we can go to the store tomorrow.” Auston motions towards the kitchen.

“Sounds good. I can’t wait to see the incredible Auston Matthews back in action, live again.” I exclaim with a small laugh.

Auston checks the time, “I need to leave soon, but tomorrow we can go explore the city if you want.”

“Sounds good, Matthews.”

With a smile playing on his lips, he disappears down the hall.

Fist Fights || Auston

Originally posted by brandoncarlo

Gif credit: @brandoncarlo

Requested by: Anon

Word count: 6.2k(holy fuck, can we talk about this)

Side note: I’m literally begging for feedback

Warnings: Drinking, cussing, mild smut


*this is also a prequel to Heavenly - so read that after!

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Wholeheartedly /4/ Auston Matthews

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You had to hold both of the boys back when they heard the front door open. They both wanted to attack their uncles the second they realized that they were coming. They loved when your brothers and sister came to town. Your whole family lived in Windsor, just a couple hours away, but even still you didn’t see them very often.

“Where are my boys?” Lucas yelled, walking into the house.

“UNCLE LUKE!” B yelled, duking under your arm to run to him.

“Brian Lucas!” He laughed, picking up B, “Dude, you need to stop growing, you’re almost as tall as me.”

Jakey was next to break away when Peter walked in behind Lucas. Much to Peter’s surprise, Jake almost knocked him flat on his ass. Both boys switched and attacked the opposite uncle. You laughed when Lucas actually did end up on the floor when Jake jumped on him.

“Alright you two, let your uncles breathe,” You laughed, extending a hand for Luke.

“Hey big sis,” Lucas laughed, “You look good.”

“Can’t complain,” You shrugged, “Hey Pete.”

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