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Hockey players at restaurants

Waiter: so you wanted the salad?

hockey player: well ya'know, i'a think that the salad is a good choice and uh I think that the chef has just gotta make a real good effort and uh I uh trust the famer, he’s been doin’ a fine job growing the lettuce ya know he’s got a real good thing goin,he really cares and I uh just gotta do my part and uh finish that salad.

★ Request: Could you do an auston matthews pregnancy scare one? That maybe leads to talk of the future? And like you’re more freaked than he is?  Thanks so much! Love your writing!

★ Warnings: Angst

★ Note: Hope you enjoy it! :)

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Three pregnancy tests lined the counter, your fingers drumming against the porcelain sink nervously. This couldn’t be happening. The bad weather a few days earlier had turned date night into a cozy day in with your boyfriend. After 4 episodes of Stranger Things, 3 games of Scrabble, 2 takeout pizzas, and 1 broken condom, here you were. You took a deep breath, checking the time on your phone. Only 20 seconds had passed; this was going to be the longest 3 minutes of your life. You jumped when you heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Can I come in?” Auston asked timidly, his voice muffled by the wooden door.

You pulled the door open, revealing your boyfriend who smiled at you from the threshold. His presence alone was comforting, his dark hair falling into his eyes from his shower after practice. You tried to put on a brave smile, trying to match his easy grin. His gaze caught yours; immediately sensing your anxiety, he stepped closer to you, pulling you into his arms, steadying your shaking frame. 

“You could have waited for me, babe. No matter what happens, we’ll be fine.” he murmured, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.

“I still don’t know how you’re so calm about this.” you muttered. 

“I mean, we don’t really have a choice.” he said simply, shrugging his shoulders. “What’s happened, happened. We can’t do anything to change it now. It’ll be okay.” he added reassuringly.

You gave him a quick smile, before your mind raced through all the possible scenarios that could play out. You hadn’t meant for this to happen. You had career aspirations, places to travel to, things you wanted to accomplish before you had kids. Auston was leading the resurgence of the Maple Leafs; he had things to focus on other than being a dad. You could only imagine the things the media would say about him being irresponsible; about you being a distraction. You and Auston had just talked about moving in, maybe getting married down the road; the topic of kids had never come up. What if he didn’t want them? Fuck, even thinking about it made you sick.

Your shoulders slumped as you sat on the edge of the bath tub, staring at the floor, your leg bouncing up and down impatiently. Auston took a seat beside you, draping his arm around your shoulders, giving you a squeeze.  You sat in silence for a few minutes; jumping as the alarm on your phone buzzed. Digging it out of your pocket, you pressed the stop button.

Your nerves paralyzed you. You couldn’t get up to face the results on the tests. Recognizing your apprehension, Auston stood, picking up the first test comparing the symbols (or lack thereof) to the symbols listed on the box. His face gave away no hints of the results as he set it down, looking at the next test, then moving onto the last.

He smiled as he turned to face you. “We’re clear, babe. No babies yet.” It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off your shoulders; you were in the clear. You let out a relieved laugh as you walked out to your bedroom; leaning against the wall, you slid to the floor as relief flooded your body. Auston appeared in the doorway, he stared at you for a moment, a small frown playing across his lips.

“Auston, what’s wrong?” you asked as he walked over and stood in front of you.

“It’s just… Nothing. It’s nothing.” he said, trying to force a smile back on his face.

“It’s not nothing, Aus, what is it?” you asked, concerned.

“I know we’re not ready for a kid, but you just seem really happy you’re not having my baby.”

“Auston, no.” you said, grabbing his hand and pulling him down to take a seat beside you. “I love you, it’s just not the right time.”

“You’re sure that’s the only reason you’re so happy?” he asked, biting his lip nervously.

“I promise you, Austin. Part of the reason I was so freaked out was because you had never mentioned kids. I don’t even know if you want to be a dad.” you said as he leaned against the wall beside you, resting his hand on your knee.

“I do want to be a dad. Not right now, but one day.” he admitted quietly, his dark eyes scanning your face, at twinkle in his eye.

“You’d make a great dad, babe.” you conceded.

“You know, the past few days, just thinking that you could be pregnant… it made me realize how much I do want kids one day. But we should do it the old fashioned way, you know? Get married first. Maybe get a dog to make sure we can take care of a living creature.” he smirked.

You couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face, your heart thundering in your chest. “You want to marry me?” you asked, grinning. “You want to have babies with me?”

“I do.” He said, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you close. “I can’t think of anything I’d want more.”


[Refs call off Karlsson’s goal after an offsides review, Jack Eichel scores again the very next shift]

JACK EICHEL: Auston said before the next faceoff, he’s like ‘if we score here this next shift, point at the net.’ We all saw his goal the other night, and we thought it would be funny.


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