The Bella twins have a t-shirt

Brie Bella has her own t-shirt

Dean Ambrose has a t-shirt

Hulk Hogan has a fucking zillion t-shirts

Nikki Bella has her own t-shirt

Roman Reigns already has 2 t-shirts

Sting already has a t-shirt and he’s not even an active wrestler

Stone Cold Steve Austin still has new merchandise and he’s not even an active wrestler

Triple H still gets new t-shirts and he’s technically not even an active wrestler



Aaauugh, so. many. ASSIGNMENTS. All due at once too aaauugh.

I just got the linework done for my Drawing II final, which was of whatever we wanted in any style, so I’m doing this giant 72" long “poster” of my character, Miro, and my boyfriend’s, Austionous. Next to it in the photo is a small, colored version of it. It’s suppose to look like an hourglass kind of thing, since their story is timetravel based. Taken me like, five hours to do the linework of it. XDD

The mural thing on the other hand was done about two weeks ago and already turned in (with 100%~), but it’s really amusing. I rushed this so badly, a few things are off. We had to draw the view from an assigned point in the art building, and I got the crappy bus area. xD Two guys standing there though, oh my god, looked JUST LIKE KENNY AND CRAIG. One was in some orange hoodie and other guy had one of those blue peruvian hats. @___@;;;; SO, YEAH. SUBTLE FANART HAHA. <3 I didn’t even try to not make it obvious. XDDD

And then my Painting II final, I just started on yesterday and I gotta wait around forever for it to dry so I can add in details. |:D Oil paints. Ugh. But, for this we had to pick six old masters and combine them into one painting. I was avoiding having to draw portraits and people. |:DDD

SO, busy weekend. :’D <3