Reblog if you'll ALWAYS support Shawn. Magcon or Not. Magcon might just be a second choice to shawn...but it was a step to his success. Magcon has done its exact purpose. dont be worried. You'll meet Shawn..i mean..dont you think it was his dream to meet all of you? Keep Believing and never give up like Shawn's always told us. He might have to say goodbye but the boy oppourtunity comes worth a lifetime. some may never come back.

 I love you Shawn. Magcon or not. Through fans….I’ll always remember I supported you before you were signed, and that makes me feel so special. it makes me feel like I helped you. and you helped me. when no one else was there you would sing my tears away. I love you so much Shawn Mendes you don’t even know. ❤

“Shawn is going on tour for the summer…”

“Jack and Jack are off to college next year..”

“Cameron and Nash may become television stars….”

The only people im hanging onto now is Matt, carter and Aaron and Tay. This family cant be falling apart…not this quick or at all…. I love you guys so much and I never wanna lose you.