I was always really shy. That’s why being in front of cameras like this is uncomfortable. I found that when I was a kid, I would hide behind playing pretend. That’s when I would come out of my shell. I would dress up as an old man or something and go out onto the street with my mom. I would come out of my shell that way. So I ended up stumbling into acting. It was the one thing that I found a passion for.

below the cut you’ll find 80+ underused fcs with their linked instagrams. this masterlist was created with twitter rp in mind but these fcs can of course be used anywhere. everyone included has AT LEAST 45k instagram followers. if there is a problem with this masterlist or anyone listed has been deemed problematic, feel free to message me so i can correct it. even if you don’t use this, please reblog & like if you found this helpful

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