I was always really shy. That’s why being in front of cameras like this is uncomfortable. I found that when I was a kid, I would hide behind playing pretend. That’s when I would come out of my shell. I would dress up as an old man or something and go out onto the street with my mom. I would come out of my shell that way. So I ended up stumbling into acting. It was the one thing that I found a passion for.


Austin Butler Chats Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles | Comic Con 2016 | MTV part 2 / part 1

@manubennett: #shannara#shannarachronicles #mtv is back in New Zealand preparing to film its second season starting with a cast dinner at #nonsolopizza with cast members #austinbutler #ivanabaquero#manubennett #aaronjakubenko#marcusvanco welcome new cast members #malesejow #vanessamorgan#gentrywhite