when your mom and sister drag you along to do a pap walk with your baby brother and they tell you to act natural but you’re 11 so you just pick up a home&land magazine, open it in the middle and smile at the pages

Submitted by anon - lol poor Austin. Free him too!

Makoto Tachibana: Remember what you told me that time when we went to the water park and I was scared to go down the giant water slide?
Haruka Nanase: Keep your mouth closed at the bottom, there might be pee in the pool?
Makoto Tachibana: … Yes, but you also said “no matter how scared you are, just push ahead and don’t look down.”
Haruka Nanase: Ah.


HD + small screen for the best quality! 

Fandom: Shadowhunters;
Characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood;
Pairing name: Malec;
Song: Armor by Landon Austin.

Friendship must be built on solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm,inappropriateness, and shenanigans. -Alan Garner

Rest In Peace, Brother - Multiple Band Imagine

do you think you could do a band imagine, where it’s like your album just came out so a bunch of bands are over at your place (ATL, OMAM, BMTH, PTV) having a bonfire and telling stories and stuff, and someone brings up something about Mitch (Lucker) and you get kinda sad and are like “I wish I would’ve known him” and the guys all say how much he would’ve loved you and would’ve been protective of you and stuff and… just very fluffy and cuddley? 

A/N: i absolutely mean to offend no one by posting this. if this shows any disrespect towards Mitch Lucker or his family or friends, i apologise deeply and will remove this story as soon as possible

Clinging your hands to your coat, your body shivered, goosebumps pricking at the hairs on your arms as your chin clattered against your teeth, your eyes moving around the circle created by band members who had surrounding the large fire crackling on wood in the middle of small logs that had been strategically placed out. 

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