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Fandom: Austin & Ally
Pairing: Austin x Ally
Song: Good to You - Marianas Trench ft. Jessica Lee

So I first heard this song yesterday.

Already in love <3

“I’m sorry. I don’t think that this is right but I don’t want to loose my daughter so if Austin makes you happy and this baby is healthy then that is all I can ask for, but you do know that you two are going to get a lot of hate for this right?”

Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do if I were Ally’s dad, but if I’d suspected that my daughter was in a relationship with her teacher, I would alert school authorities and the police.

That’s still probably the right thing to do now.  Ally’s father was worried about Austin leaving her, right?  Who’s to say that if he does, he won’t go off and do this to another girl?  People who do things like this to their minor students are sick.


This is my first auslly video, I think this song is perfect for them and I’m really proud of it! Please comment on the video on youtube to tell me what you think! :D