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Like I genuinely think if the girls had stuck to the R&B direction on Reflection then it would've blown us all away. We only got two snippets of Who Can I Run To? and one snippet of What More Could You Ask For and Boyfriend and yet all three of those songs blow the majority of their discography out of the water. Like I just know so many ppl would've been impressed with 5h

dudeeee those snippets were fire; the album was supposed to sound like that but after the austin mahone tour someone new took over the overseeing of the album and that’s why they went back to the studio and redid everything / that’s why the album got delayed 200 times because they were forced to go back to the studio and redo everything. the original tracks were so good sounding but whoever was responsible for choosing the tracklist fucked everything up

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Say something…. Cause you driving me crazy and you driving me wild 😻 – Preview it on Path.