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If you could have any of the characters that you played or their female versions to be your best friend, your sibling or your date, who would pick for each and why ?

Updated Masterlist- March

Any title not underlined, has not been written, needs to be completed, or not posted yet.

Character x Reader                                                  

Like Father Like Son(Ron Anderson)

You Still Have Family(Carl Grimes)

Let Me Love You(Daryl Dixon)

Don’t(Ron Anderson)- Request

It Could’ve Been Worse(Carl Grimes Smut)-Part 1 – [Part 2]

I Have To Be Strong For You(Ron Anderson)- Request

Alone Time(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request Part 1[Part 2]

Don’t You Knock(Enid)- Request

My One Eyed Lover Boy(Carl Grimes)- Request

Not Bad Grimes(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Baby Girl(Glenn & Maggie Rhee/Carl Grimes)- Request

You’re Mine(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Old Scars(Carl Grimes)- Request

Forever and Always(Enid)- Request

Good People(Paul “Jesus” Rovia)- Request

You’re Cute When You’re Mad(Enid)- Request

Family Matters(Carl Grimes)- Request

Be Careful(Paul “Jesus” Rovia Smut)- Request

I’m Here For You(Ron Anderson)- Request

Sex Jokes(Paul “Jesus” Rovia)- Request

Simple Days(Carl Grimes)- Request

Dirty Tricks(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Wasn’t Meant To Be(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Papa Rhee(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Other Senses(Carl Grimes)- Request

I’m Back(Ron Anderson Smut)- Request

Change In Time(Glenn Rhee Smut)- Request

I Don’t Hate You(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Help Me Find You(Maggie Greene)- Request

Her Or Me(Chandler Riggs)- Request

Childish Antics(Carl Grimes Smut- Request

Got The Wrong(Carl Grimes)- Request

Announcement(Carl Grimes)- Request

Before And After(Carl Grimes)- Request

I Love Him(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Hey Dad(Carl Grimes)- Request

Bad Dreams(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Don’t Break Her Heart(Carl Grimes/Rosita Espinosa)- Request

I Won’t Tell(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Private Discussion(Negan Smut)- Request

Sex Ed(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Another Language(Carl Grimes)- Request

My Girl(Chandler Riggs)- Request

Do Something(Enid)- Request

Haircut(Ron Anderson)- Request

Misunderstandings(Chandler Riggs)- Request

Don’t Cry(Carl Grimes)- Request

No More Fighting(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Behind The Scenes(Chandler Riggs Smut)- Request

The Enemy’s Kid(Carl Grimes)- Request

Fun and Games(Carl Grimes Semi-Smut)- Request

Dance Practice(Chandler Riggs Smut)- Request

Reunited(Carl Grimes)- Request

Sleepovers(Enid)- Request

Girls Like Girls(Enid)- Request

Flatter Me(Carl Grimes)- Request

My Angel(Rosita Espinosa)- Request

I Do Care(Rick Grimes)- Request

I Love You(Daryl Dixon)- Request

Bittersweet(Carl Grimes)- Request

Pillow Talk(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Birds And Bees(Carl Grimes/Glenn Rhee)- Request

Catching Feelings(Enid Smut)- Request Part 1Part 2

Always(Rosita Espinosa)- Request

Scared(Austin Abrams)- Request

The Work Place(Chandler Riggs)- Request

You Hurt Her, I Hurt You(Carl Grimes/Ron Anderson)- Request

Other Senses(Carl Grimes)- Request

Tipsy(Carl Grimes)- Request

Kinky Anderson(Ron Anderson Smut)- Request

Daddy(Paul “Jesus” Rovia Smut)- Request

Strict Grimes(Carl Grimes)- Request

Protector(Rick Grimes)- Request

I Thought I Lost You(Carl Grimes/Ron Anderson)- Request

Player(Carl Grimes)- Request

A Black Eye(Ron Anderson)- Request

Not Afraid(Mid-season Premiere Special)

Accomplishment(Carl Grimes)- Request

Cute Jealousy(Ron Anderson)- Request

Friction(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request

Parental Guidance(Carl Grimes/Maggie and Glenn Rhee)- Request

Trust(Ron Anderson)- Request

Unsaid Words(Daryl Dixon)- Request

Wrong Love Interest(Katelyn Nacon)- Request

Me & You(Ron Anderson)- Request

Three Way(Carl Grimes/Enid) -Request

Past Mistakes(Ron Anderson Smut)- Request

Coffee and Smiles(Austin Abrams)- Request

Pretty Blue Eye(Carl Grimes)- Request

Fine Trade(Carl Grimes Smut)- Request


She gets up from the table and walks into the kitchen, which technically is not even a different room and doesn’t even have a proper wall separating it from the rest of the apartment, but the only really private place she could go would be the bathroom, and of course that would be just too awkward and completely inappropriate.   

Anita: I’m at a friend’s place. Having dinner.
Joël: I’m sorry. I was just- it doesn’t matter. Where’s Jared?
Anita: At Harry’s place with Saffy. Is everything okay?
Joël: Yeah. Everything’s great.
Anita: You were just what?
Joël: I dunno. Thinking. About stuff.

At the table Austin places his knife and fork very slowly on either side of his plate. 

Anita: Really? What kind of stuff?
Joël: You’re not alone, are you? It doesn’t matter.  
Anita: It does matter. And it’s okay. I can talk for a few moments.
Joël: Well, one of the things I was thinking about was how beautiful you looked last night.  
Anita: Beautiful? 

Warmth radiates through her body like a sudden flame. Then she glances at Austin and her smile fades, the glow extinguished.

Anita: I’m going to have to call you back.