austin zines


If you’re in Austin, TX or the surrounding area, I’m requesting your help!

If you have or are dying to write a piece about music– either a critique, a review of a show you attended recently, musings, etc.– please pass it along (especially if it’s pertaining to punk/hardcore/rap/hip-hop)! I’m looking to compile a zine-like thing that can start to fully develop and take shape into something more solid and steady in the next year.

Let’s start doing cool shit please! :-)

edit: feel free to pass them along thru email to

What is a zine, and why do we need a Latino art zine? ‘Cuz I said so.

A zine –pure and simple– is a shortened form of the term “magazine” and is usually an inexpensive, self-published periodical. Even in the alternative culture of zines there is little content related specifically to Latino art; forget about major art publications. Latino artists face the grim reality of constantly fighting for recognition and content space in all facets of the art world. Faced with these obstacles, the creators of ChingoZine decided to create their own outlet to promote their artwork, drawings, sketches, and developing concepts.  Although it is a small gesture in the history of art and zine-making, we will smile now, cry later have chingos of fun later.