austin zine

Not filmmaking related, but this one of my favorite side projects. I help run a zine library in Austin, TX called the Sherwood Forest Zine Library (@SherwoodFZL) and we are helping to organize this really rad independent media fest in Austin on June 11th. 

I made this sick poster! Finally got to play with some halftone effects. (Yes, I’m not JUST an AD). If you know anyone interested, applications for vendors is now open and free to apply! Come on out and party DIY style with us! Support independent art in all its beautiful forms :)


Well, the ChingoZine release party was a grand success! Pinatas, estickers, los zines, tequila (Courtesy of our sponsor El Perrito Tequila), ChingoZine mujeres, and prints were there for all to enjoy. Cholas, cholos, gallerists, artists, performers, critics, engineers, teachers, chefs, and everyone in between bought our zines and enjoyed the festivities. The night turned out better than we could have ever imagined, and it all started with artists sharing their private sketchbooks and drawings amongst each other. We couldn’t have done it with out you, and from the bottom of our hearts mil gracias.