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Teen Titans Dream Cast

Finn Wittrock as Nightwing

Jake T Austin as Beast Boy

Liz Gilles as Raven

Sinqua Walls as Cyborg

I honestly couldn’t think of anyone for Starfire, I’m hoping they’ll get a fresh face for that character anyways, you guys can leave comments on who you think should play her or who else you will be apart of the Titans. I am hoping for Donna Troy, Garth, maybe Speedy and Bumblebee.

Dream Cast Part 2

A Victory in Austin, but the Texas Legislative Session Isn’t Over Yet

Moments ago, a majority of the more than than 20 pieces of anti-LGBT legislation before the Texas Legislature failed to be considered by the House as time ran out at the stroke of midnight Thursday. 

Most importantly, the House failed to hear HB4105, which is now dead for the session. HB4105 was Rep. Cecil Bell’s last-ditch effort to shamefully try to stop marriage equality in Texas as the Supreme Court considers a case that could lead to nationwide marriage equality.

HB4105 attempted to prohibit state or local employees from recognizing, granting, or enforcing a same-sex marriage license or any funds being used for an activity to license or support these marriages but with the clock running out at midnight it can no longer be considered by the House of Representatives. 

Yesterday, the House passed SB206/HB2433 after Rep. Sanford pulled his discriminatory amendment, which would have added anti-LGBT language regarding adoption to an important child welfare bill. HRC worked with child welfare organizations and distributed a letter from them opposing this harmful amendment. This amendment could still come up in the future and we will monitor any desperate attempts by Rep. Sanford to pass his hateful bill. 

We congratulate and thank our partner organizations in Texas, which worked for months to oppose these bills. We are proud to continue to work alongside Texas Freedom Network, ACLU of Texas, and Equality Texas in coalition this legislative session. The session is not over yet and our work will continue until every single piece of discriminatory legislation is finally dead in Texas. 

Since the beginning of the legislative session in Austin, HRC supporters in Texas have generated over 40,000 emails or phone calls to state lawmakers. HRC also worked to mobilize corporate supporters of equality. 

While we celebrate this victory tonight, the Texas legislative session is not over yet and later this morning we will be back in the Capitol working to defeat any last minute attempts to legislate hate in Texas.


This week for Austin While Black History Month, we’re exploring Victory Grill, a juke joint established in 1945 to provide a safe space for Black citizens, soldiers, and performers to gather.
SANDRA BLAND: a candlelight vigil
The date was July 23, 2015. Hundreds of friends from all over gathered at Austin, TX prominent Victory Grill and silently walked to the Capitol in remembranc...

The date was July 23, 2015. Hundreds of friends from all over gathered at Austin, TX prominent Victory Grill and silently walked to the Capitol in remembrance of Sandra Bland.

Immediately as we began our journey, you could feel a powerful spirit amongst all of us…one of love, empowerment, and solidarity. All shades of people, all ages joining each other for a greater purpose; building community for a better future. “Getting justice for Sandra Bland, and everyone else”

shot and edited by: Cammrynn Stith


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Hey Jeff! I might be a bit late but i just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on winning in Mario Sports Mix Hockey against PBG :D I was rooting for you throughout the series and just in general for you to win at a sports game ^-^/)

We can never let Austin forget this victory. This great victory for the people.

Wake Me Up (Chapter 34)

This is going to be a triple update in 24 hours for 2 reasons. First, my classes got canceled today. Second, I’m leaving the country again on Thursday so I wont be updating for about 10 days. Also, this is another story based around a single song. It pretty much mirrors it so let me know if you like this approach. With that said, here is chapter 34.


Ed Sheeran- Wake Me Up

Karlie had to compose herself before returning to the living room. After her shaky breaths turned into steady ones the model finally entered to see Austin and Taylor debating something.

“What’s going on?” Karlie asked.

“I want to watch a movie and he wants to play videogames,” the blonde explained with a frustrated tone. “What do you want to do my beautiful girlfriend?” Taylor said trying to persuade her girlfriend to be on her side.

“Humm,” Karlie said sitting down next to the singer whoes arms wrapped around the model.

“Depends, what movie are we watching?” Karlie said.

“Umm…” Taylor said kissing the model’s neck, “I don’t know,” she kissed again. “I was thinking,” another kiss, “maybe the Fault in Our Stars?” She finished with a kiss to the taller girls collarbone.

“Oh” Karlie said trying to sound unfazed by the kisses that had run the full length of her neck.

“You cry every time at that movie though!” Austin finally protested.

“Yeah, so!” Taylor snapped back, no longer in her adorable, innocent façade.

“Babe, I like that movie but I really hate when you cry,” Karlie explained.

“You’re taking his side!” the singer exclaimed leaning back.

“I just don’t like seeing you sad.”

“Fine, I wont cry this time!”

“You will, you totally will. That’s why I’m voting for the video games.”

“Yes!” Austin cried.

“I thought you were on my team,” Taylor said taking her arms away from the model and moving to the other side of the couch so they were no longer touching.

Karlie rolled her eyes and moved over to the singer.

“I am on your team. Always. But I hate when you cry even when it’s over a stupid movie,” she tried to explain.

Taylor sighed.

“Fine, but you better beat him.”

“Done and done,” Karlie replied with a grin.

They had been playing for nearly an hour and Karlie had won maybe twice.

“This is ridiculous, how are you so good?” the model complained.

“I got talent,” Austin mocked. “Shouldn’t you be better at video games? I mean you do coding and all that stuff.”

“I can make real drones work not these stupid virtual ones,” the taller girl said, now visibly frustrated.

“You got this round,” Taylor encouraged.

“Damn it!” Karlie said as her screen went red. She tossed the controller in the direction of the TV. “I give up, I’m done.”

“Victory!” Austin cried raising his hands above his head.

Karlie cuddled up into Taylor.

“Want to go back to my house?” Taylor whispered sweetly, rubbing the model’s head.

The younger girl nodded, feeling defeated.

“Ok, lets go then.”

The girls got up.

“Where are you going?” Austin asked.

“Home, you’re a bully,” Taylor said jokingly.

“It’s fine, I’m a big girl.” Karlie said extending a hand. “Good game.”

Austin shook it. “Nice playing with you Kloss.”

Karlie smile, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye guys!” Austin replied turning back to the TV.

The girls said goodbye to Andrea and Scott and drove to their Nashville house.

“Getting tired yet?” Taylor asked as they entered their bedroom.

“Yeah, I was thinking about taking a bath and then heading to bed actually.”

“That sounds ideal.”

“Want to take one with me? I mean the tub is big enough.” Karlie asked with a smile.

Taylor matched her smile and nodded. “That would be perfect.”

Karlie was now in the bathroom filling up the tub while Taylor did some unpacking.

She was supposed to be watching the water but her thoughts began to wonder specifically in the direction of marrying Taylor.

‘Would I have to change my last name? Is that even something that we would do? If I did I would have to get my passport changed and that would be incredibly inconvenient. Would we have to sign forms and send them in with an express request because we’ll probably be traveling for work.’ Karlie thought.

“Karlie!” Taylor voice brought the model out of her thoughts. She then realized that the tub was overflowing.

“Shit!” Karlie cried. She ran over to turn off the taps and drain the tub a little. However, the tub was already half bubbles.

“What were you doing?” Taylor asked trying to mop up some of the spit water with a spare towel.

“I looked away for like a second!” Karlie tried reasoning.

“Whatever, it’s cleaned up now,” the singer said throwing the wet towels into the hamper.

“But I mean look at those bubbles though,” the model joked.

“True, true, they are epic,” the blonde said turning to light some candles she kept in the bathroom.

“Ok now this is super relaxing and romantic,” the taller girl noted.

“I know, I love it,” Taylor said smiling.

They both undressed and sat in the tub at opposite ends facing each other.

There was the most comfortable silence between them as they popped the bubbles surrounding them.

“Your eyes are super green today,” Taylor noted out of nowhere.

Karlie grinned. “Thank you.”

“They can sometimes get grey in the winter but right now they are super green.”

“I like that you know that,” Karlie said still smiling.

Taylor bit her lip and flicked her wet, shoulder length hair off of her collarbone.

“I like your hair that length,” the model noted.


“Umhum,” Karlie confirmed. “It’s cute.”

“Well you inspired it.”

“Maybe that’s why I like it so much,” Karlie giggled.

“Shut up,” Taylor said splashing the model a little.

Karlie shoot her head and smiled.

“Come here,” she said.

Taylor spun around and lay in between the model’s legs. They linked fingers and Karlie played with the singer’s hands. She looked down at the empty space on Taylor’s ring finger on her left hand. She couldn’t wait to fill that space with the ring that was in the other room.

After their bath the girls cuddled up in bed. They were both exhausted. Taylor’s head was rested on the model chest and she could hear her heartbeat. It was like a lullaby. She found it almost impossible to fall asleep without.

“Are you home next week?” she asked the model quietly.

Karlie hummed signaling that she would be. “Why?”

“I just like falling asleep with you and it’s nice to know I have at least a week full of that.”

“You have a lifetime full of that,” Karlie replied.

“You’re adorable, but I meant like week by week. I don’t know if you’re going to be out of town so when I get to be with you for a long stretch of time it’s nice.”

“I like falling asleep with you too,” was all Karlie could say.

Taylor picked up her head to face they model.

“I love you,” she replied.

“I love you too,” Karlie said with a warm smile. “Oh, you have an eyelash,” she said taking it off of the singer cheek and placing it on the tip of her finger.

“Make a wish,” the model encouraged.

“No, I already have everything I want,” Taylor said with a smirk.

“Everything?” Karlie questioned.

“Ok I have one,” the singer said and blew off the eyelash.

“What did you wish for?” the model asked.

“I can’t tell you because it wont come true,” the blonde said snuggling back into the taller girl.

“I guess that’s true.”

There was silence in the room.

“I have everything I want too,” Karlie said into the dark. She felt the singer’s grip tighten around her waist as they fell into a much deserve sleep.    

Taylor was awakened when the bed next to her sank in.

“Morning sleepy,” Karlie said.

“Morning,” Taylor replied with a rough voice.

“Got you some coffee.”

The singer sat up to see that Karlie indeed had 2 cups in her hands.

“Did you go out and get this?” Taylor asked.

Karlie nodded. “I woke up and was craving it so I took a quick trip to Starbucks. Skinny caramel latte right?”

Taylor nodded and took a sip of her cup.

“You are the best girlfriend in the world. This is my favorite way to wake up.”

“Good, because from what I remember we have a pretty full day.”

Taylor took another sip.

“You promised you would show me around a bit and then we’re having an early dinner with your family. And it is currently…” Karlie said taking a look at her phone, “almost 1.”

“Really?” Taylor wined. “How is it already so late?”

“I don’t know but lets get some brunch.”

“Ok, ok I’m coming,” Taylor said rolling out of bed to face the day.

Taylor spent the rest of the day showing her girlfriend her favorite spots in Nashville. The model had been there before but they never spent the day really exploring. It turned out to be perfect because there were hardly any paparazzi in Nashville so they could walk the streets freely. After, they joined the Taylor’s parents and brother for a dinner out.

“What now?” Taylor asked as the waiters took their plates.

“I’m exhausted,” Karlie stated.

“But the night is still young!” Taylor complained.

“Not all of us wake up at 1 in the afternoon.”

The singer pouted.

“Fine, I get to pick where were going now though,” the model said.

“Do you have some where in mind?” Taylor said skeptically.

“Actually I do. We just have to stop at home which is on the way.”

“Ok, lets go then,” Taylor said, still with a questioning tone in her voice.

They pulled into the driveway and Karlie put the car in park although it was still running.

“No stay here,” the model said when Taylor reached for the door handle.


“I’ll be back in a second,” Karlie called as she hopped out the door and ran into the house. She grabbed the ring from her suitcase that she had hid and put it in her coat pocket. She also picked up a blanket, some pillows, and a bottle of wine that they had opened but never actually drank any of. She put it all in the back seat and jumped back in the car.

“Picnic?” Taylor guessed.

“Kind of,” Karlie said pulling out of the driveway.

“Where are we going?” Taylor asked.

“Well, it was going to be a surprise but you’re just going to hound me until I tell you so…remember that lake you showed me the first time I visited?”

“Yeah,” the blonde recalled.

“Well I remembered that you told me that you like to go out there to watch the stars sometimes so, I figured we could go there.”

“Awwww,” Taylor cooed. “I love that!”

“I grabbed some pillows and a blanket and a bottle of wine.”

“That’s so cute!” Taylor squealed looking at the back seat full of goodies.

Karlie smiled at her girlfriend’s giddiness.

They had been looking up at the stars for about two hours just talking and snuggling. The bottle had long since been finished. Taylor had most of it because they were drinking straight from the bottle and she couldn’t quite figure out how much a glass was and because Karlie would be driving home.

“How you feeling?” Karlie giggled.

“Honestly, kinda drunk,” Taylor laughed.

“I figured,” the model smiled. “Want to walk it off a bit?”

The singer nodded and tried standing up but stumbled and fell back to the ground.

They both laughed.

Karlie stood and offered a hand to her girlfriend, “common.”

Taylor grabbed her hand and stood up much easier this time with the help.

They walked down the edge of the lake, which had a tiny beach although it was mostly rocky. The girls intertwined their fingers and walked in silence.

“Oh my god, look!” Taylor exclaimed bending down to pick up a rock.

“What?” Karlie asked.

“This rock is in the shape of a heart!” the singer said, far to excitedly.

“It does kind of,” the model replied taking the rock.

“Keep it,” Taylor said, “you already have my heart anyway.”

Karlie smiled. “You know what you do to my heart?”

“What?” Taylor asked matching the model’s smile.

Karlie stepped back and flicked her wrist so that the rock went flying and it bounced several times off the surface before landing in the water. She turned back to look at the singer.

“You make it skip,” Karlie said with a smirk.

Taylor didn’t even try to hid her smile. She walked over to her girlfriend and kissed her hard. When their lips parted Karlie was certain that asking Taylor to be her wife would already be the best thing she would ever do.
“How are you feeling?” she asked the singer.

“Still a little drunk but a bit better,” Taylor responded.

This would be the perfect moment to ask Taylor but Karlie didn’t want to do it when the singer was even a little drunk. She wanted both of them to remember every second of it and she didn’t want the alcohol to affect the singer’s response. If she said yes, the younger girl wanted to know it was because that’s how she felt not because of the alcohol in her body.

“Let’s get you home then,” Karlie said wrapping her arm around the singer as they walked back in the direction of the car.