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Go Get Your Hart

Nonnie asks: can you do one of lucas realizing he has feelings for maya and it shocking him

Yes. Yes I can Nonnie. 

I love it when you guys give me prompts like this because they give me so much room to play! Thus:

The CollgeAU that no one asked for in which: everyone at Lucas’ school genuinely believes that Lucas is/was dating Maya Hart and that he is/is still in love with her. This belief is born from nothing but the way that Lucas reacts to Maya when she isn’t there, and no matter how many times Lucas denies it, they all call bullshit.

Or also, let’s see how many Disney characters I can fit into a fictional college

Y’all ready for this?! *space jam theme starts blaring loudly*


“I will say this one more time.” Lucas says evenly, jaw clenched tight as he looks at the girl sitting across from him. She doesn’t even bother to take her eyes off her cell phone,just continues tweeting as if he isn’t even speaking. “I. Am not. Dating. Maya.”

Missy snorts spectacularly, “Yeah, oh-kaaay, Friar. You keep telling yourself that. Maybe you’ll convince the freshmen.”

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  • Therapist: "Now, Ezra why don't we start with you... what brings you here with us today?"
  • Ezra: "Well i just really met this Sith guy for the first time like five days ago."
  • Maul: "I'd been stuck on Malachor for presumably my whole life."
  • Therapist: "That is beautiful that you could admit to that!"
  • Ezra: "So he comes up to me and wants me to be his apprentice!"
  • Maul: "But Ezra, who's going to take over the galaxy when I die???"
  • Therapist: "So, what DO you want to do, Ezra?"
  • Ezra: "Idk I seem to be pretty in tune with animals... maybe I could be a vet!"
  • Maul: "An evil vet?"
  • Ezra: "no. Maybe like work in a lothcat petting zoo."
  • Maul: "An evil petting zoo?"
  • Ezra: "YOU ALWAYS DO THAT!!"

get to know me meme — [2/5] favorite movies » pitch perfect 

So, what’s your deal? Are you one of those girls who’s »all dark and mysterious, then she takes off her glasses and that amazingly scary ear spike and you realize that, you know, she was beautiful the whole time?

  • Maul: hello, Ezra
  • Ezra: Hi...
  • Maul: I'm your new master.... Darth Maul.
  • Ezra: I've known you for like a few minutes and then you blind my master and expect a relationship?...pttf I HATE you.
  • Maul: *hold out hands*
  • Ezra: what.
  • Maul: .....can I have a hug?.....
  • Ezra: no.
  • Maul: give me a hug
  • Ezra: no way.
  • Maul: come here
  • ezra: I'm not going over there
  • Maul: let's go
  • Ezra: forget it.
  • Maul: pronto
  • Ezra: what r u doing.
  • Maul: I'm with it. I'm hip. *proceeds to dance the macarena*
  • Maul: well don't look at me like I'm fricken Jabba the Hut give your master a hug
  • Ezra: don't touch me!
  • Maul: hug...hug...hug...hug